LeapFrog – Bringing imaginations to life *GIVEAWAY ENDED*

Congratulations to the winners!

Lil Phone Pal: Jenna

Farm Mash-up: Stacey Shailer

I’ve been lucky to have played with so many LeapFrog toys now, that I find myself stopping in the aisle where their products are located and seeing what learning activities and opportunities are found within their toys.

In the last few weeks the little man has had the opportunity to explore 2 of their latest products, which I am going to be giving away on the Blog. Both of them encourage imaginative play for different age groups.

LeapFrog Lil’ Phone Pal (RRP $17.99, suitable for 6-18 months)

The Leap Frog Lil’ Phone Pal is the perfect addition to your baby or toddler’s toy box. When you think about it, the phone is one of the most timeless children’s toys out there. It encourages language development and using greetings and this one also encourages motor skills with the moveable counters at the top.

The Lil’ Phone Pal plays music, has pretend greetings and sings. It also has the cutest little moveable monkey on the ‘screen’ that talks back.

This is one of those perfect, portable toys. I take it when we go shopping, or I pop it in the car for long trips. I also find Tom reaching for it when I’m on the phone and we have a great long conversation together! Sturdy, classic, excellent.



LeapFrog Farm Mash-Up (RRP $29.99, suitable for 12-36 months)

From classic to new and innovative, this is such a fantastic toy for chuckles, curiosity and of course, introducing children to farm animals!

I love that while this toy tells you when you have logically placed two halves of a farm animal together correctly, it doesn’t tell you when you haven’t done it ‘right’. It just laughs and says “A sheep pig! That’s a bit silly!” and so the child can laugh along and realise, that while it’s not logical, it’s not ‘wrong’ it’s just a bit funny! With 36 combinations too, there is plenty to explore!

With older children you could actually do some follow up activities with this game eg. draw the ‘silly’ animal you made, give it a name, talk about what special attributes they might have (the horse-pig might be fast at running AND like to roll in the mud!) and they could even write an imaginative story with their creation as the main character.

The little man is practising so much in this one toy – there is tactile coordination as he tries to piece the animals together, he is visually identifying the way farm animals look and he is also listening to the animal names and the farm tunes that the game plays.


Click here to see where LeapFrog toys are stocked.


School of Mum is giving away 1 LeapFrog Lil’ Phone Pal and 1 LeapFrog Farm Mash Up! All you need to do is:

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47 thoughts on “LeapFrog – Bringing imaginations to life *GIVEAWAY ENDED*

  • My little nephew seriously needs his own phone 🙂 His mum said she can never use hers he is always pretend talking and laughing on hers!!!

  • I think my children would love the farm mash up. My boy loves animals, whenever we are driving he makes animal sounds when he sees them, so cute

  • I would love The Leap Frog Lil’ Phone Pal for my baby granddaughter as we live in different States and “talk” to each other by phone. Would be lovely for her to have her own phone to play with!

  • ooh the phone would be great for my nephew but my son would love doing the farm one with his cousin more so the farm mash up would be a great giggle.

  • Love the Farm Mash Up! because it encourages imaginative play as well as being fun. A great toy from LeapFrog.:)

  • The LeapFrog Lil’ Phone Pal would be ideal to keep my Mr Moo entertained.
    He’s always getting ‘bossed around’ by his big sister for trying to play with her toy phone – poor thing! This way he’d have his own phone and maybe they could have conversations together instead!

  • Being from a farming family, a fascination for animals and farming life is in the blood. Our little one would love to explore her great interest and be able to relate to something she finds so exciting. A perfect learning tool, hand/eye co-ordination toy; allowing her to decifer the correct choice and enjoy music and fun all at the same time. How exciting for her having something in common with her Daddy and share their joys together.

  • I love the look of Farm Mash-up, so many possibilites for learning with this game and opportunities for continuing that learning once the game is over (love your idea for the horse-pig that rolls in the mud). I haven’t seen this leap frog product in the shops but will be looking out for it now as it looks like a great birthday gift.

  • My mister 18 months old loves the phone and will even grab tv remotes to “talk” on. He would love to win the lil phone pal

  • The Farm Mash-Up, my little man loves all the animals at his Nan and Pop’s farm and is still learning all their names, so this would be perfect for helping him to learn them all!

  • My little girl would love the Farm Mash-Up. She adores animals and loves to wave and say hello to them. This would be great for her to learn more about them!

  • My 9mth old grandson, is just coming to the age when this will be a great fun learning tool, not that he will know that of course LOL

  • LeapFrog Farm Mash-Up for my gorgeous niece who loves to have fun and learn at the same time 🙂 love her heaps! xx

  • I would love the farm mash up. My son is going through the stage where he’s very aware of his surrounding and different noises. We don’t see animals much so he gets really excited when he hears all the different noises.

  • The Farm Mash Up to take the pressure off me singing Old McDonalds Farm with every animal sound sung about, every time.

  • Looks like a great prize. I would love one as my son turns 1 on Mothers Day…and we would be happy with either toy

  • Ooooo…… We are absolutely totally in love with leapfrog in our household!!! Love both the toys – soooo hard to pick!!!! But if we must must pick – I’ll have to go with the Farm Mash-Up. I think it will just be perfect for Charlotte at her age – she is loving and learning about animals now and loves to sing to Old McDonald – this will be an absolute priceless learning tool / toy for her!

    Thanks for running such an awesome giveaway!!!

  • We love anything leapfrog in this house, so would be happy with either, but I’m predicting the farm mash up would be the biggest hot as we all love making up silly animals!

  • Living on a big outback farm, the farm mash up would be entertaining, relatable, educational, fun – all that a toy should be.

  • Either would be good for my little 8 month old or 23 month old, but if I have to pick which one is my favourite based on your review then the farm mash up sounds hysterical!

  • Would love the baby one for my youngest daughter. She is ending up with all her big sister’s old toys and it would be nice for her to have some brand new fun things of her own 🙂

  • The LeapFrog Farm mash up would be perfect for my duaghter, she loves farm animals. This would make learning so much fun for her and me 🙂 I also love that there isn’t a wrong answer just a funny animal. I love love love it

  • I’d love either at my house but the LeapFrog Lil’ Phone Pal would be perfect for the age of my precious lil’ pal.

  • The LeapFrog Lil’ Phone Pal would be great as I’ve just recently caught bub with a toy to her ear like a phone.

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