Launch Party! Plus a $120 Leap Frog Giveaway – ENDED

Did someone say party? Bring on the cake!Photo by Nadia Hall

Did someone say party? Bring on the cake!
Photo by Nadia Hall

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Josefa! Thanks to all those who entered, and keep an eye out for School of Mum’s next giveaway!

Well, my eyeballs are so dry they are itchy and watering. my brain hurts too, but I’ve gone from knowing absolutely nothing about programs to blog with to designing my own site and I’m thrilled!

You might notice the Blog is no longer on the Home Page. That’s because as the site builds, I am hoping it will continue to become ‘more than a blog’. I’m working on a business idea that will mean creating a shop on the site, as well as turning the website into a valuable resource for parents that features only quality brands, businesses and products related to children’s learning and well being!

Starting now, I will be looking for those quality businesses and brands to feature on School of Mum. They can be businesses big or small and I can tailor package to suit your needs. I’m really excited to be able to incorporate a Monthly Business Feature that can appear in the very cool slider on the Home Page and have its own link explaining a business and its story!

I couldn’t have come this far in a mere 6 months of blogging without the help of my family and friends (you know who you are) who endlessly like, share and tweet my posts. My husband, especially these school holidays, has put up with me talking constantly about trying to get this site up and running and has been more supportive than words could explain.

Salwa from Salz Dummy Spit has been the closest blogger friend I’ve made and has helped me from day 1. She created my ‘.blogspot’ page for me and taught me a lot! Check out her page.

Little Hero Hosting is hosting this page and helped me purchase my domain. Michelle is very patient and amazing to work with so if you ever need a website check her out!

So to kick off I’m pleased to announce that Leap Frog is giving away $120 worth of goodies to one lucky reader!



Leap ahead of the game with Tag for fun learning. The Tag Reading System brings book and maps to life. With just one touch, Tag makes words talk and pictures sing. With a cool library of learning fun like the Tag Lets Explore Things That Go interactive activity book where kids can gather facts, learn about science and increase their vocabulary, or the Finding Nemo book where you can read the story aloud and touch the characters to hear what they’re thinking. There’s great reading and learning fun for everyone with Tag. For more info on LeapFrog’s Tag products, visit


You could be the lucky winner of:

1x Tag Reading System, RPR $69.99 21206_jpeg_out of pack_3

1x Tag Lets Explore Things That Go, RRP $24.99

1x Tag Finding Nemo book, RRP $24.99

All you need to do is: comment below saying what’s your favourite part when reading with your little ones?

The most honest and creative answer will win!

Here’s the fine print:
* Entry is open to Australian folk only (sorry!)
* Winner will be posted on the Blog ONLY.
* One entry per person
* A valid email must be provided in the comment so we can contact you if you are a winner.
* Entries close 9am 29th January, 2013
* Winner has 3 days to respond before another is chosen.

22 thoughts on “Launch Party! Plus a $120 Leap Frog Giveaway – ENDED

  • I love the joy they get from the stories, the cuddles I sneak in and watching their language skills grow ith each book

  • My favourite part, is when I sometimes skip a page, my daughter tells me “no mummy you missed the best part of the book – Go back and start again!”

  • my favorite part of reading with my twins is when they start arguing over what a word could be………..and they’re both wrong!

  • My favourite part of reading with my kids is when they get stuck on a word, teaching them how to sound it out and pronounce it, then they know for next time, then them be able to read a book to me before bed time!

  • Mu favourite part of reading is when all five snuggle up, one either side of me, one on each thigh and one in between my legs, makes me feel so loved and blessed

  • I’m loving it now that even though he cant read the words Hayden can tell me the story!

    also the website looks great – goodluck!

    Thanks for Linking up with #TUST

    Annaleis – Blogs and PR Team

  • I love that my nearly 5 year old is sounding out words, he is great at phonics. I am so proud and love his cute little voice.

  • Thanks for the shout out Ang. The place looks amazing and like I told you before you have made me want to change my blog now lol. I got the itch.

  • my favorite part when reading to my boys – is the silence, the suspense, the anticipation – the absolute belief that the story is real – being completely immersed in their own imagination of what might happen next – the perfect way to end each and every day xx

  • I love when my daughter actually lets me read a whole page without interuppting the story 10 times haha. The constant questions and off topic discussions during a book are endless and although she’s learning alot i just enjoy the days i can read without it all. 🙂 🙂

  • My favourite part is when my 20 month old son anticipates what is coming next in a book and starts to do the actions. This can be seen in his favourite book, ‘Goodnight Sleep Tight’ by Mem Fox, when he pretends to be the bed bugs biting, or when he fills in the words at the end of a sentence. So precious and always reminds me how important it is to read to children from a young age!

  • You know I always wondered what those Tag books were like – my daughter has a really short attention span so that’s why I’ve never really bought one. Good on you also for going so far with your blog in such a short time! I need someone like Salwa to help me 🙂

  • Congrats on the website-fantastic work. I didn’t realise you had only been blogging 6months!
    The best bit about reading to my kids is when I change the book characters names to my kids names do they are in the story. Hubby makes up stories about the kids. The kids always want him “to tell the story of us” xx

  • Right now each night I am reading the Lonely Planet guide to Cambodia to my kids aged 7 & 4. They love learning about different cultures and travel as we plan for our holidays this year together xx

  • It’s the cuddles and the closeness for me! After a busy day with 4 kids sometimes I worry that they haven’t enough cuddles so a time of reading together before bed usually helps us re-connect!

  • My favourite part of reading with my Little Miss Two, is when she reads the story ahead of me. She knows her favourite books off by heart and loves being able to tell the story before Mum. She definitely thinks she’s pretty clever!!

    I just found your blog/site…great stuff 😀

  • It’s a great excuse to say things in silly voices. It’s somehow cathartic and a great way of expressing the ridiculousness of the day. Better to read a book in silly voices than to get all Monty Python in the supermarket.

  • My favourite part is the absolute joy and excitement on my kiddies’ faces when I change my voice to suit the characters. They’re shocked at my growls, they giggle at my silly voices, and squeal when I pretend to me a monster. So cute!!

  • I love when my son (4) is listening so intently and watching the words as I read. He gets excited when he sees a word he recognises (like hat) and even more excited when he ‘finds’ a word he says is hiding in the big word (tHAT). I love experiencing that learning with him and encouraging him to know that there are hidden things to learn every time we read a book (even when it’s the same book over and over again!)

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