Just a Load of…Treasures (GIVEAWAY ENDED)

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Ohhh nappies.

I had never changed a nappy before I had children. The ones you do in those parenting classes when the baby is a forgiving, non-wriggling doll do NOT count.

Practice makes perfect though and before you know it you have changed one after the other, sometimes literally seconds between each one. And on top of that you’re having multiple conversations about them too – “How was it?” is a normal question to ask or be asked in this household after a nappy change. With 2 kids that love to EAT (well one is still exclusively drinking), that question is asked often.

So having tried and tested plenty of brands on the market I was keen to give the new Treasures nappies a go. Treasures nappies have been wrapping around kiwi baby bums for more than 30 years now but have just recently landed on Aussie shores.

HM Crawler std_200

With one semi-toilet training toddler and a newborn, I put Hairy McLairy on the butt and here is the verdict!


I think if nappies are going to be based on a character then I’m going to like the fact that they are based on one that is from a book and not a TV show. Tom was super excited as Hairy McLairy is his long-time favourite character.

I really like the thick tabs as some of them can be so thin and rip all the time. They are also really stretchy so you can make sure it is tight around the back.

DSC_0968 (2)


We had no issues with rashes or the texture of the nappy itself. They are slim but expand easily to store plenty!

DSC_0963 (1)

Do they leak?

It’s the milion dollar question isn’t it. I mean that’s what you really want to know about a nappy. I had absolutely no leakages when using it with Tom (17-25kg) both during the day and overnight. During the day he averages 1-2 nappy changes and overnight no changes. I found the elastic around the edge of the nappy great for holding everything in!

Jeremy’s has had no leakages during the day which is HUGE for him as he has had a huge problem with poo explosions going right up his back after long sleeps. I have tried so many brands and they have all failed in that department.

I tried him without a change overnight a few times as he usually only wakes for one feed overnight and I try not to wake him further by changing his nappy! He is quite content to have a big feed and go back to sleep until morning.

I did have one leakage from the sides one time. But on average that is pretty good! And it’s much easier to clean than all up the back and through a jumpsuit and snap singlet.


Their price is decent considering the cost of leading brands! I live nowhere near anything except for an IGA so it suits me to buy from there which is where these nappies are stocked.


Want to win $75 worth of Treasures Nappies? You CAN!


COMMENT below using the #sleepingtreasures and state your best tip for helping children sleep through the night. Be creative, funny, whatever as this competition is based on creativity of the comment.

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11 thoughts on “Just a Load of…Treasures (GIVEAWAY ENDED)

  • Using pixie dust is my personal favourite for ensuring children sleep through the night. I wish!!
    I do think you just have to be lucky, every child is so different, but you can help things along with calm before bed, little ones clean & dry and a full tum.


  • Having 4 kids under 8 I have plenty of tips for #sleepingtreasures – every child is different. But the all rounder is “monster spray” lavender in water sprayed all over the room!

  • #sleepingtreasures

    My top sleeping tip is being loving and responsive. Lots of love and cuddles during the day, then gentle settllkng and cuddles overnight. I believe that all kids will sleep when they are ready. They are only little once!!

  • My toddler said the best way to get kids to sleep through the night is to give them fairy bread in the morning! Being 3 years old now means that he can get rewarded for sleeping through the night!! For my 22 month old though it’s about keeping our fingers and toes crossed!! Regardless of how long they take to do that awesome miracle called sleeping through they are all amazing, it’s just heavenly when they are #sleeping treasures!!

  • Consistency consistency consistency. Routine and consistency have made my life liveable with 3 kids under 4 at one stage! My kids have been decent sleepers and I put it down to my strictness in routine and a fair amount of good luck mixed in there too. But other than that…

    My advice for any new mums,
    Is for bub to go to sleep with a full tum!
    A calm and happy babe he will be
    (unless of course he is a she!)

    With a bath, a massage, a cuddle or book
    in a lovely warm and cosy nook,
    Baby will drift off quietly and simply
    so you can contemplate if your skin has been a bit pimply.

    BUT WAIT! What’s that noise?
    Is it one of those musical toys?
    It sounds like a baby wailing
    is this the sound of a mother failing?

    HELL NO, please don’t despair,
    you will soon learn of these affairs –
    to do what you feel is right,
    (at whatever the time of night.)

    And most importantly of all to that no babe is the same,
    just as different as each one of their names,
    and that most of these #sleepingtreasures tips are miss and hit
    and just a load of…. TREASURES

  • Oh to have a magic wand for a good sleep every night,
    I know that I would use it and it would stop the daily fight!
    Instead I concentrate on enjoying the late night snuggles while I can,
    For he will grow up soon, and be my ‘ big, little man’!
    As for sleeping through the night my best tip would be,
    Ensure a relaxed, consistent night routine- and a dry nappy!
    #sleepingtreasures (definitely!)

  • For a while I tried keeping him awake during the day so he’d be tired at night but he just became grumpy earlier.
    I then tried to tire him out with physical activities during the day, again it just made him tired and grumpy.
    He is guaranteed to fall asleep within 5 minutes of being in the car at night – sometimes this is not ideal, for example when we go out to dinner with friends.
    There is no “trick” to it – consistency is the key I think.

  • #sleepingtreasures
    Being a first time mum of a high per active 15 month old boy . I hang out for bed time
    The bed time routine we use that works for us
    Feed play/unwind bed
    Play involves 2 books been read and cuddles
    Then off to bed
    I don’t use a set routine as such as in his not in the exact time every night . I notice when he is tired then bed time it is . There is fine line between tired and over tired . Which I am still learning about . But learning from my experience is constancy and a rough routine works for me.

  • I make night times boring, if they want to wake up during the night, I turn off the lights and sit in the dark not talking and soon even bed seems fun I think!!!

  • Tips for sleeping, put a baby to bed when they are tired, before they are overtired & not when they want to play. Just go with the flow, best advice from another mum to me for #sleepingtreasures

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