Jurassic Creatures Melbourne – Review

This is a review
On Saturday we headed to Jurassic Creatures under the big top in Melbourne (next to the Big Star and Harbour Town Shopping Centre)

If you’ve been to Santa’s Magical Kingdom you’ll be able to relate to some of the things you will see at Jurassic Creatures. Like SMK, it is a complete sensory explosion. Think lots of music, lights, movement and activity all under one, big tent.

Initial Impressions

The line moved rather quickly and it definitely has a huge WOW factor as you walk through a dinosaur’s mouth to get inside the tent.

Tom compressed

The creatures are amazingly life-like and their movement is pretty incredible. The session we had was from 10-12:30 and we were wondering how we were going to cram seeing everything and doing the activities, but that was ample time, in the end.


The activities

Activities included kinetic sandpits, fossil dig, make a sand picture and some junior art/craft activities (which we personally didn’t see although it says on the website there are some). The kids loved the kinetic sandpit and the fossil dig was great too. They can also get their photos taken in a giant egg which was a bit of fun!

fossil dig kinetic

The rides

The rides were outside and were the tea cup, the pirate ship and a train. There was also a jumping castle inside. I felt that they were mostly for a younger age group. It’s all included in the cost and kids can go on them as many times as they like.

The Dinosaur Train Stage Performance

We had no idea when this was going to start. We walked past the performance area and couldn’t see a starting sign anywhere. By the time we made it back it was full and we only stayed for part of it. As we were leaving towards the end of our session we heard another performance starting up so we wish we had known that one was on because our kids would have loved to see it at a quieter time and at a time when they needed to sit and rest. There were plenty of kids having a fabulous time, but I felt the performance was drowned out by everything else going on under the tent. I would have loved to see the stage performance put at a distance from the rest of the loud music and very loud dinosaur noises that were happening in the background.

dinosaur train

Is it worth the cost?

If you have a child or children who is completely MAD KEEN on dinosaurs then you are most likely going to get your money’s worth. If it seems like a lot of money to you ($105 for a family ticket)  and your kids aren’t all about dinosaurs, then you may walk away unsatisfied.

What to watch out for

We couldn’t find any toilets and ended up needing to take the kids to harbour town to go to the toilet (which is right there, but not exactly ‘on site’).

We didn’t explore food and drink options as we brought our own but there was plenty there. It’s at your usual price for these sort of events though so take food if you can.

There are amusement games for kids and souvenirs sold, so bring some loose change if you can.


Our boys had heaps of fun, no doubt about that. The visual representations were truly amazing. The  fake snow where the ice age creatures were, the massive fossil dig and the jumping castle was very cool too! The Dinosaur Train Show was probably a bit of a disappointment because we would have loved to know what time it was so we could plan those 2 and a half hours out. Like I said, if you have dinosaur lovers in your house then absolutely go for it!

Jurassic Creatures runs from the 12th of March to the 17th of April. You can buy tickets here.

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