I’ve Been a Bad, Bad, Blogger

This is a review.

Let’s be honest. In the world of blogging, I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. I’ve been careless. I haven’t done the things bloggers are supposed to do – rankings, conversions, analytics, keywords, SEO, RIS, LFG…ok the last two acronyms are fake, but the lingo just leaves me throwing it in the too hard/no time basket. Before I know it this is what I get.

no seo

To be honest, I rarely find time to blog, let alone anything else. The ‘extra’ stuff, I just didn’t have time to learn or do. I needed a boost, or for better terms, a kick in the bum. So I signed up to Blogger Bootcamp run by an SEO chief who knows her stuff so hard you wish you could just learn everything she knows by osmosis.

What is Blogger Bootcamp?

There might be blood, sweat or tears but it’s for your own good. No, not really. It is for your own good, but there shouldn’t be too much of the other stuff. Blogger Bootcamp by Dana Flannery of Talk about Creative is a 4 week course run completely on Facebook and teaches you the nitty gritty of what you need to know about optimising those blog posts, analysing current data and figuring out how to get more readers. It’s blog to business. It’s a lot to cover, but thankfully it’s done at night, after the kids are in bed and you can catch up later if you miss chunks. You just refer back to the group page and read over what you missed. Dana also sets you ‘homework’ tasks each week to keep the momentum going and will chat to you if you need extra assistance.

What did I learn?

By entering an obligation, it really helped me to get motivated and DO something about the blog. It helped me see how much further I could go if I put time and effort into it. I still need to put into place a lot of what Dana taught us, but I’m hoping to set myself TINY monthly tasks, and I mean tiny – (h tags on my headings) for instance. Hopefully, next year, when time is a little more flexible I’ll be able to tick off more and more things. A lot is ongoing too, so it’s things that I can do all the time to ensure I stay on top of it (and on top of Google would be nice – a girl can dream)

Is it worth it?

Yes, it’s worth it. I probably did the course when I had too much on my plate. I could almost do it again when I’m SUPER ready to give my blog the time of day it deserves. Evidently that isn’t 11pm at night. Parts of it are tech-y and fiddly so if you flounder at technology or have no idea what Google Analytics is, you might want to teach yourself that before you sign up for the course. It’s mostly biz talk, too, so probably don’t go there if you’re going to say “I don’t sell on my blog” That’s not what it’s about.

How do you sign up?

The blogging bootcamp is usually $399. If you’re a blogger there could be an opportunity for you to review the course and do it for free! Check out more information on Talk about Creative’s website.

I’ll be bringing you more as I delve deeper into all the new things I know and how to put them into action.

Have you been a naughty blogger, or did you get on top of all this stuff when you started blogging?

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