Is The New LeapFrog Tablet Epic? *Giveaway*

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This is a review for LeapFrog

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know my husband and I very carefully consider our children’s screen time. While we’ve chosen not to completely eradicate it from our household, we keep it limited. We have a strong belief that technology is a valuable aid to education BUT It’s not the complete  answer to learning and it’s important to remember that. It is an incredibly valuable tool, and one we should use moderately, in conjunction with many other things to provide the most ‘whole’ type of teaching and learning we can.

Last year, we gave Tom the LeapPad Ultra and it’s been a household favourite. LeapFrog asked us to trial their new, android-based Epic tablet and it sounded like a big step up from the Ultra. It coincided with Tom’s birthday so we thought we would give it a go!

Tom oprning epic



It sounded like it would be more tablet like, so I was worried it would be thinner and not as sturdy. However when it arrived I could see it was much thicker than the ultra and with a super strong screen and skin. I knew this was built with toddlers and older children in mind. The screen is a good 7″ too.


The Ultra is great but the Epic has an obvious increase in speed. That’s because its based on an Android Operating system. Its loading time is shorter, and swiping is smooth and not as clunky as other children’s tablets.


The dashboard is very cool! It’s a far cry from the regular screen of icons. There’s their own little world they can create and customise by adding characters and vehicles. Push the upward arrow and it will bring up all the apps in grid format.

leapfrog world


You get a great deal of games (20+ apps) and the usual apps included like camera and drawing function. All the games are educator approved so you know what you’re getting is jam-packed with learning. The graphics on the games are awesome and the speech is nice and clear. The videos are great too! The Counting on Lemonade video provided is a great, animated episode about selling lemonade to fund new library books. The episode has so many catchy maths songs I find myself singing them at random times myself!

Tom playing leapfrog


The price is SO worth it. At $199 and found exclusively at JB-Hi Fi stores, it’s really good value for money. You can purchase extra games as you go along but I honestly think it’s going to be a good 6 months of Tom using it as it is before we need to put anything else on there! LeapFrog runs sales from time to time so you can snag games for cheap if you keep an eye out.


It’s aimed at ages 3-9 and I think it fits in well within that age range. I certainly wouldn’t recommend it for any younger.


The LeapFrog Epic is excellent and a great price. I can see Tom having this for years to come. It even has a Kidsafe internet browser that you can add to as your child matures. The entire thing can be adapted and built upon as he /she develops. It really is one of a kind. You can check out all the information here.


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31 thoughts on “Is The New LeapFrog Tablet Epic? *Giveaway*

  • This would be epic in my house with my almost 3 year old son . My son is into bright colours with noices . It would be a educational for him to learn ABCs and counting numbers .

  • Living on a remote outback cattle station,
    We’re about to begin Distance Education,
    Leapfrog into learning with an Epic innovation,
    SOM,s trusted recommendation.

  • Our household would be epic with this amazing tablet. With our 3 crazy boys a sturdy and strong design mixed with a new and exciting way to learn would bring so much happiness to the kids. Please, please, please. My boys would be ultra excited with this EPIC new tablet. Thank you LeapFrog and School of mum

  • This would be Epic in my household with my 2 kiddies aged 6 and 3. They are always trying to hog my touchscreen, especially when it’s time for tea! Awesome apps and educational games built in for them to play. This Mummy would be singing along, hip hip hooray. Perfect and a valuable learning tool, leap frog products are so exciting and ultra cool. ???

  • oh. my. god. NEED! My son loves playing Apps. It would be dead quiet in my house (or out and about) and suddenly my boy finishes a level of Angry Birds. He screams. YESSSSS!!! ..scares the crap out of you. Although, it’s not so good when you let him play at a restaurant and he’s losing. The bad guys are these cute and chubby little piggies and he’ll scream “Oi! STOP THAT YOU BIG FAT PIGGIES!”. Sure, there are parenting questions here that might need to be raised HAHA! But, Apps are a fantastic learning tool for over-active kids. My boy is highly strung and always on the go. Anything educational like the Leapfrog would be fantastically EPIC in my house for his learning, but also a dream for Mum and Dad to keep him quiet at dinner (well, mostly quiet HAHA!).

  • This would be epic in our household as I have two very active outdoor children who probably need a little more indoors time to assist with their educational development. They aren’t the most conventional kids and sometimes getting them to sit still inside the house on these hot days would be a huge help. Looks amazing!!!!

  • A group of frogs is called an ‘army’
    A group of toads is called a ‘knot’.
    Frogs don’t drink water they absorb it through their skin.
    Frog bones form a ring when the frog is hibernating, just like trees do and can be used to figure out the age of a frog

    All epic facts my kids could learn about frogs …. on the LeapFrog Epic!

  • I try to limit screen time as much as possible too. It’s not always easy, and some days I honestly feel like giving in but when I see my kids reading, happily imagining characters, I know I’ve done something right. This would be a treat in our household. Something to work towards building up time spent playing.

  • We have an epic Christmas trip to the USA to visit Grandparents. It evolves an epic road trip so this would be amazing! (And epic). A prefect educational distraction that is Epically FUN

  • This would be EPIC in our household for my 4 and 6 year olds. EPIC as they love all their leapfrog products from over the years. EPIC for me as it has kidsafe internet access. EPIC as each of my children can have their own profile with games that adjust to their own learning level.
    EPIC in size,
    EPIC in speed,
    EPIC in price
    It’s all that we need

  • We would really love to win the Tablet. It would help kirb the EPIC tantrums by my 2 year because he is to little to use my phone or his sisters IPOD. It would also help close the EPIC gap in learning between my kids and the EPIC boredom in the School Holidays

  • Educational Practical Informative Creative this would be EPIC for my daughter, especially as she is about to become a big sister next year!

  • Epic’s features are fantastic;
    To motivate kids to be scholastic.
    Combining games with education;
    Epic gives children learning inspiration.
    With functionality for different profiles;
    My kids will be challenged in age appropriate styles.
    Mr 5 starts school next year;
    Games that help him read will make me cheer!
    Mr 6 wants me to answer questions I don’t know;
    Epic’s web browsing will give him an informative place to go.
    Setting a parental control to limit the time spent playing;
    I don’t need to yell at them, there will be no disobeying.
    There’s no doubt it’s my pick;
    There’s no doubt, this tablet is EPIC!!

  • EPIC it would be to have a Leapfrog Epic to give to the kids this Christmas. Giggling with glee they all will be. Over the moon that their they have their hearts desire.

  • The LeapPad Epic allows my 8yr old the opportunity to Explore his interests with the safety of the parental control.
    My 4yr old will Play and learn from the 20+ educational games which will help in her preparation for school.
    My 6yr old can let her Imagination run wild and together their Creativity is endless.
    The LeapPad EPIC will be a very exciting treat in our home. It will encourage and motivate my children to learn through their own choices, interests and self expression. And whilst their minds are engaged I know they’re in a safe advert free environment. Watching your children succeed on their own initiative is one of the most rewarding things for a parent. LeapPad will make our household EPIC!

  • Our 4yo currently has the Leap Frog 2 power which has been great.
    His currently having quite a few hospital trips which means he misses out on Kinder Sessions.
    So this would be epic to help continue his learning and an extra activity while in hospital as days seem quite long to a 4yo

  • This tablet would be epic in our house with our 4yr old as he loves our ipad and playing some of the games on there. He love learning about numbers and lettera and the games on this would be great to keep that learning going on a kid friendly tablet!

  • If we were to win a Leapfrog EPIC for our home it would create EPIC conflict between our 3 children over who gets to play first and when. So much so that it may result in EPIC christmas budget with requests for 2 more Leapfrog EPIC tablets. It is giving me an EPIC headache just thinking about it. But we would also have EPICly excited children who could have EPIC fun and learn EPIC new things using their Leapfrog EPIC.

  • This would be epic in our household as mum would get back her iPad back and her 3 girls would be able to access educational games rather than watching YouTube all the time. Yay, for Leapfrog Epic, says this mum.

  • This would be epic in our household, as mum would her iPad back! Her three little girls could all play educational games, instead of watching YouTube all day. Yay for the Leapfrog Epic.

  • My 2 year old would love this! I know she’s a bit below the recommended age range but she’s the daughter of an IT professional and pretty advanced for her age. She already turns on our computer in the morning, opens the web browser and starts up her music play list from the favorites list in about 2mins which scares the heck outta me! I think I need something like this that is not open to the net unless we customize it and it is a great learning tool. We limit her screen time to 30 mins a day but it is hard at times as she wants to be just like her father.

  • I think the leap pad epic would be epic in my house because it would mean no more lost cartridges and more control over how and how long my child plays, and the new design is awesome!

  • Our boys are allowed to use media (ipads, computer, wii etc) on the weekend after all of their chores are done and our just turned 4 year old loves to watch and tries to play with them. But I am concerned about him dropping them or damaging them. The Epic sounds perfect for him. There is a lot of pressure on the 4th child to keep up with his big brothers and this will certainly make him feel he is one of the big boys.

  • Epic is absolutely how this gift would fit into our household.
    My son is almost 2yrs old and is super keen to learn.
    He has a huge vocabulary for his age and has already almost outgrown his Leappad 2.
    The Epic tablet would make his year and years to come!! It would provide him with the extra stimulation and knowledge he yearns and thrives for.
    His birthday is only a few weeks away and seeing his face opening this gift would be nothing short of Epic!

  • My daughter is 3 and incredibly switched on. We are look8ng for some doet of technology to help her progress academically eith. This looks amazing and something she we ould value.

  • This would be an Epic addition to our household as Master 12 has a severe neurological impairment & relies upon his iPad for most things including communication. Initially it was cute to watch Miss Two sneak up and spirit it away to play games on, now it’s a tiresome battle, one that recently ended in a tussle that cost around $400 in repairs! Needless to say there goes the Xmas budget! We need an Epic win! 😉

  • Tech time is a rare treat in our house,
    but it keeps them as quiet as a mouse.
    Three kids, two older than one,
    Means they get to have all the fun.
    A tablet to play for the little man,
    Will make me be the me be his biggest fan!

  • I think it would be great to use as a reward for my 4 year old son. He’s starting Kinder next year so it would be nice to give him a few minutes here and there when he gets home and wants some quiet down-time.

  • Ooh la la!
    My household would be epic with one of these because: It is something both fun and educational my sons can both play with!
    Mr 2yo loves to learn and this flashy new edition looks like it would be a winner- both easy to use and stimulating.
    Thank you for your review and the chance to win our own!

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