In my Head

Yes it’s one of THOSE type of posts…but I’ve got to get it out of my head. It’s dancing around in circles all day, every day, and driving me a little bit insane. It’s keeping me awake at night.

The Blog has kind of morphed into something I’m not quite sure about lately. Room for writing about children’s learning, issues close to my heart and just personal reflection on parenting has been wiped out this week due to the number of sponsored posts going on.

I’m so so so aware of that. Even if most people aren’t (or are you?). The thing is…

a) Giveaways and competitions are going to be on the low after this, as I get the business up and running.
b) When I do get the business running, the blog will be morphing again, in a big way, and I’m not quite sure how it’s going to shape itself, but I don’t really want ‘sponsored’ posts getting in the way of that.
c) I really want to launch the business when I hit 1000 likes on Facebook, because I never thought I would hit that in my right mind, and it just seems like the right milestone to coincide with it.

I’ve been reading, GOMI. I can’t help it. I think I’m addicted to it as much as they are hooked on their ‘hate reads’. Like a car crash you can’t turn away from. Some of it I take on as good advice, and some of it I think is personal and hateful and awful.

Sometimes they make people who write sponsored posts and reviews seem like the biggest idiot sell-outs around. I haven’t been blogging long enough to have a hang-up about ‘what blogs used to be’….I just started blogging because I thought it would be a good way to get out of my headspace for a bit, and yes, I thought if I could make some cash one day, then that would be fantastic. I’m not ashamed to say that.

I review products I like. Sometimes I get paid, sometimes I get product *shrugs*. Advertising is the way of the world. Everywhere you go people are endorsing products whether it be in the media or on their personal Facebook page. They could be doing it consciously or not. They could be getting paid or they might not be. I turn things down if I want to and I say yes if I want to.

That in itself, was a learning process for me. There are some things I would take one look at now, and say ‘no way’. I’ve been used in the past – that’s not to happen anymore. This is my space, and I am learning to get picky about what I am providing to my readers (and myself). I can’t afford for it to be a space I run for free though. It just takes up too much of my time.

So my blog is not purely for pleasure. I’m trying to earn some kind of income. I’m not earning much of one at the moment, but I hope to one day. I’m not afraid to say that. I’m not a sell-out. I’m just trying to make something of it because the circumstances I’m in aren’t allowing me to go to work right now and I need to make some money.

So the blog is full of sponsored posts this week. There’s still a couple more to go. I’ve failed at the balance I had hoped the blog would have. And that is really bothering me. But it is what it is. New and exciting things will be happening soon, and I can’t wait! I hope people are willing to stay on the ride, even if it’s not perfect.

I’m still learning. Sometimes I get the balance right, sometimes I don’t. And the new business will have me trying to find it all again. But I hope to get it right.

What do you want to see more of on the School of Mum blog?

14 thoughts on “In my Head

  • Oh I hear you Angela!! I’ve been doing this for a few years now and in the end I decided only do what I want to do. (Write my own rule book!) I never intended for my blog to be a business but i have appreciated the small income it’s given me while I’ve been at home. I support my fellow blogger to handle their blogs exactly as they want too. If they want to make money – awesome. If they don’t – awesome too. What i hate is when others try to make you pick a side in all of the debates that whirl around in cyber space. I write to my ethics and simple don’t care about the politics!

    PS – I love the sound of what you are doing and would love to hear more about your business 🙂

    • I agree…I don’t think I want to pick a side either! But I’m still wading through, finding out what I want this blog to ‘be’ exactly.

      The business has been in the works for months. It’s getting closer now. The anticipation is killing me! Hoping to have it launched the week after Mother’s Day, if I can hit 1000 on FB that is!

  • It’s hard isn’t it. You don’t want to be stuck in a whirlpool of sponsored posts but then you find yourself that you are. You do have to limit yourself though i think and pick what you want not just because this person is gona give you somthing that you have to write about it.

    On my blog I have been just doing sponsored posts on the things that I really like and would use. I’malso no the type of blogger who gets call outs or pr companies coming to me all the time so i can pick and choose and still have my thing on the blog.

    I like that I have one day a week where I have the Wednesday review where if I have a review I can post it only on those days and i tell companies now that it will be posted on this day on this date. So I am limited to one sponsored post a week. Some weeks i have some weeks I don’t. I still put my own words to a post because i like the product or company.

    • Thank you Salz. I must remember to link up to your Wednesday Review!! *bangs head*

      Maybe it will become a weekly thing on my Blog too one day, who knows what the business will want to do and which direction it will go in! It will have a mind of its own and will be steering the website along with it 🙂

  • I think there is a way to write sponsored content well and if you can do it and keep the client happy then go for it. It’s up to you and your readers what the best balance of sponsored content is. My sponsored opportunities have dried up lately, so I don’t have that problem any more. Appreciate it while it lasts.

    • Oh don’t get me wrong…I’m not ungrateful. I appreciate it and it has really helped get the Blog off the ground and therefore will hopefully help the new venture as well 🙂

  • Hi there..oh yes, I know what you mean. However, as I am working of sorts as a consultant to some pre schools and getting some paid work with Uni as a prac supervisor the blog is not an income stream or source. BUT…in a few weeks or so this may change. The second of my blogs, really more of a website is and I started it after noticing just how little some new teachers are aware of as are trainee teachers. I am not sure how any money will be made but I am full of ideas. Keep your head up. Seriously, do you “have” to get 1000 likers first? Denyse

    • Hi Denyse, I can’t wait to see where you’re headed with ReadySetTeach! I’m happy to help out in any way I can, just shoot me an email! I graduated in 2007. I love teaching, really I do…but I love being with Tom too. Also I live in a very small country town miles away from anything. I’ve been teaching in a school of around 40 kids for the last few years, so ET work is not that frequent.

      This is something new for me, it might not be very ‘teaching’ related but I’m OK with that, for the time being 🙂

      Don’t need to get to 1000 first it would just be nice if it all happens around the same time I’m ready to go!

      All the best with your new venture!

  • Just go with what feels right. Sometimes you’ll get it wrong, but just know that’s OK. It’s all part of the learning process.
    I talked about customer avatars on my business blog tonight, that might help you.
    Also, if you want to figure out exactly what your readers are thinking and what they want, maybe look at doing a Survey Monkey questionnaire and send out via your blog and newsletter. It’s an easy and anonymous way for people to give you some quick feedback or let you know what interests them and what doesn’t. And just know you’ll never please all the people all of the time. 😉
    Hope that helps. x

    • Thank you so much Kellie. You are full of good advice. I’m so nervous about this new direction I’m in. I like to hold the steering wheel with both hands. The unknown and feeling ‘out of control’ doesn’t suit me well! But I’ll get there 🙂

  • Sometimes its a balancing act and not something that will keep everyone happy!
    I actually started charging more for our guest sponsored blog posts because I was getting asked to host too many in one week (at least 10 a week was coming in!!)
    Now I have more of me stuff, and products still to giveaway.
    I think blogging is like a “Personal Online Diary” where people can share from the heart. So maybe School of Mum is whatever you want it to be!!

    • Thanks Lisa. Wow 10 a week that’s amazing. Yes, I think I’m just battling with where I’m at in life at the moment…so I kind of took it out on the Blog haha.

      I was always such a career girl. This is a big change for me and I’m trying to find my feet 🙂

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