I’m the chick with the Thermos (and other budgeting ways)

Somewhere along the line  a week ago, I became the chick with the Thermos.

We went away to Hall’s Gap with friends and those with kids (just us) became the Thermos, snack, nappy, wipe and baby carriers.

I bought the Thermos from Aldi on one of their Wednesday special days for $6.99 and it pretty much paid for itself in 3 days as multiple coffees, teas and hot chocolates were consumed.

Actually, when we go away, whether it be for long drives or a few days away, there are certain things I do to save a few dollars. I don’t even think about them anymore, they are just things that we do as a family to ensure that we don’t blow our non-existent budget.

Take food everywhere

I have hungry men in my family. I am surrounded by hungry men. If I didn’t have food on hand the random food purchases in small, expensive towns on the middle of the freeway would be plenty. Petrol station stops would cost as much as a weekly grocery shop.

I make sandwiches and I carry them for fussy toddler, hungry man and me. I carry snacks and ‘treats’ just in case someone is getting a bit ratty and needs something to be enticed to hop back into the pram. I’m talking about the toddler, not the man in this instance.

We still enjoy a hot bite to eat from time to time, but we don’t need loads of it because we already have something with us.

Share orders

Sometimes if we are out as a family I like it when pizza and pasta is on the menu. One orders pizza, the other a pasta. Mix and match and you are ready to go. More for less. And man, I really like pizza and pasta anyway.

Spend on experiences/items to take home

I would much rather pay to go out and do things like go to a Zoo or hit up an amusement park. Sometimes I see pretty items of clothing and I can’t bring myself to spend money on it, but then walk into a restaurant and spend $50. What’s with that?

me and tom deer

Take alllll the medicine

Without a DOUBT, if I do not bring my stock of Panadol, Nurofen, Teething Gel or otherwise, I will need it while we are away. Suddenly someone will decide to catch a cold or pop a tooth.

And of course…

I take a thermos. That Cadbury drinking stuff tastes as good as any bought hot chocolate, and you can have as many as you like without spending multiple dollars. The only thing you will be doing x2 is trips to the bathroom.

How do you save money on family trips? Are you a crazy thermos and snack carrier like me?

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