I’m not a fashion blogger but…*GIVEAWAY ENDED*

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I am not a fashion blogger. Or a fashionista…or fashion anything. I’m just an ordinary person who likes certain things but is mostly swayed by price and quality. I don’t really look at brand names or the store I’m buying it from. I just want it to look good, feel good and be the right price. That’s not too much to ask is it?

I’ve had a few fashion disasters in my time. I went from Primary school frills, to highschool tom-boy (jeans and hoodies anyone?), and then for a while it was fashion over pain as I froze to death in dresses outside pubs in freezing country Victoria weather. Such was the life of a uni student.

After not teaching for a while now, I’ve kind of slipped into the ‘whatever isn’t in the dirty clothes basket’ phase, and am going up and down the children’s aisles, way more than the womenswear aisles. I barely ever buy a new item of clothing unless I really need it.

However, with blogging bringing me its new adventures, I recently needed to attend a QV skincare event for Bub Hub and discovered I really didn’t own anything nice and wintery. I had a look online at Myer and saw some nice winter dresses by Leona Edmiston and that’s where this all began! I have never owned a dress with sleeves and they all looked so pretty and the price was right too. I had my lovely husband pick one up for me the next time he was in town and I was ridiculously happy with it.


After that, I ventured forth and checked out Leona’s website and I found myself falling in love with her style. What I like is, so many of Leona’s dresses are kind on the curves. Childbearing and being at home has brought me plenty of curves. A lot of the dresses emphasise what they should and minimise what they should…and I like that!

After chatting to their lovely marketing manager, I was thrilled to try out another dress from their range for the blog. The print drew me in immediately. The birds, butterflies and colour are so unique. I love that this Vivienne dress doesn’t look like ‘just another dress’. It’s different, and something to be noticed. I decided it would be perfect for my birthday dinner party!


The skirt is A-line which is really flattering and the pop of pink is so quirky and beautiful. It’s also super comfy! I didn’t want to feel awkward or not be able to move around properly seeing as I was the host. This dress allowed me to don an apron and keep moving about.


I was also able to keep up with my energetic little man who was loving all the hustle and bustle in the house so much you couldn’t take the cutest grin of his face…


I get dressed up so rarely these days. It felt so nice to wear something that was comfortable, fitted right and looked amazing. I know I can wear this again and again. I teamed it up with some comfy heels, nothing high for me!

So, like I said, I’m no fashionista, but you WILL find me heading over to the Leona Edmiston website about a once a week to check out their sales…and the Myer website too…I’ve become a little addicted.


leona logo

I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to give ONE lucky person the chance to win their favourite dress from the Leona Edmiston website, valued at up to $200!

Winning is so easy! Just head to the unique link below and sign up to the Leona Edmiston newsletter.


COMMENT below saying which dress you would choose and why

Also feel free to head to their Facebook page and let them know I sent you 🙂

Here’s the fine print:

* Entry is open to Australian folk only (sorry!)
* Winner will be posted on the Blog.
* One entry per person
* A valid email must be provided in the comment so we can contact you if you are a winner.
* Entries close 12pm Tuesday, 2nd July, 2013
* Winner has 3 days to respond before another is chosen

Good luck!

49 thoughts on “I’m not a fashion blogger but…*GIVEAWAY ENDED*

  • Beautiful dresses! I really love the Savannah Dress in Midnight Blue – gorgeous for work or that special occasion. The Harper Dress is another one I could see myself wearing over winter, such an uplifting print. How sweet is the Little Leona collection too!

  • The Tatum Dress in black and white
    The sophisticated style really does delight
    A V-Neckline to show just enough
    The tailored waistline, flattering much
    The soft flow of the skirt
    The material falling beautifully to assert
    Your inner charm, defines a fashion expert
    This gorgeous dress has such appeal
    The $200 voucher would be ideal.

    (I have signed up to Leona Edmiston’s newsletter but am unable to post on her facebook page that you sent me – I am having facebook issues which is preventing me from commenting on pages. Grrrr!!)

  • Leona’s gorgeous ‘Drew’ dress,
    Is sure to turn heads & impress!
    A colour and style so sublime,
    The flattering cut is divine!
    Cleverly hiding my mummy-tummy,
    Making me feel like a yummy mummy!

  • So many dresses
    It’s hard to choose.
    One thing’s for sure
    There’s nothing to lose.

    In any Leona Edmiston dress
    We can all look a sight.
    But my favourite is BESSIE,
    A teal delight.

  • I would choose the Paulette Dress, I love the old fashioned look, beautiful colours. Would be perfect for both summer and winter when dressed up with stockings, boots and a jacket.

  • So many gorgeous dresses to choose from. I’d have to say I like the Ingrid. The colours are so in for Winter and I love how they’ve mixed it up a little with the black arms and collar.

    Great site you have, by the way. I am going to subscribe so I don’t miss out on anything 🙂

  • I would get the Evelyn dress, I would choose it because it’s something I would wear- love it! This would be great for when hubby and I finally get out alone- our youngest is 6 weeks so not going too far at the moment.
    Thanks for the chance 🙂

  • I dont know which one to chose! I adore the Hazel Dress but its a little out of my price range. The Natalie dress, is funky, classic and would be a great standout piece in any wardrobe. I also adore the Bessie dress, flattering and a a gorgeous colour.

  • They are all gorgeous dresses, there are many I would love to own if only the purse strings weren’t pulled so tight. I love the look of the blossom dress.

  • I love Leona Edmiston dresses. I have a few, all in dark prints and gorgeous fabrics that hang in the right places. Though I do like the turquoise “Abigail Dress” online…very Kate Middleton looking. I work in an admin job a couple of days a week and like to dress up in the office. The Abigail is a beautiful, classic dress.

  • My favourite dress is the Savannah,
    because it is perfect for any extravaganza.
    My size can be considered as ‘panorama’,
    but your sizes make me cry “hosanna”.
    I wish this dress could be mine by saying ‘Abracadabra’.
    Because in it I’d look perfect whether at a cabana,
    or perhaps under a veranda,
    or maybe attending a BBQ bonanza,
    or even a fancy gala.
    The days of decent dresses would no longer be nostalgia,
    and never again would I listen to fat and skinny propaganda,
    For my beauty will match inside and out – this will be my new mantra.

  • I love finding something on sale, AND on the 50% off section I have found and love the Paulette dress – price $198 and they have it in my size. Is that a sign…?
    There is also 75% off section which I will have check out often, because that will be an amazing find

  • I would choose The Blythe Dress as it is very pretty and I feel that its a must have dress in every girl’s wardrobe…

  • I am in love! I’ve always coveted Leona’s designs but the Drew Dress is simply divine!
    So classically elegant, it would surely become my ‘go to’ dress when I wanted to impress.
    The flared peplum is uber flattering and would help hide my tummy (which will sadly never be the same again after a jumbo second bubba! Ha ha, or should that be sob sob! Lol)

  • Jenna- how sweet! I use to borrow a few of my friends Leona dresses before I started working as a teacher, now I splash out at the sales. I have a few key pieces but mainly dresses! There is a little Leona in all of us, but Jenna is all mine xxxx

  • I love the Olivia dress in the giraffe print.

    Why? It’s gorgeous!

    I love the cowl neck, the funky giraffe motif and the waist defining belt. If my waist is defined, hopefully there’s less focus on the areas of my body I’m not fond of, i.e. my bottom and thighs. ;o)

    I love that this dress would suit both my personality and my lifestyle. I like to look nice, but dress simply. This dress is so elegant there is no need for a fancy hairstyle or jewellery. Plus, being a black dress, I don’t need to fear sticky finger stains from my little boys hugging me on my way out the door to the cocktail night I’m dreaming of hubby taking me to when I wear this dress ..

  • I had trouble picking out One Dress that I liked!! They sure have a lot of designs on there that would be ideal for Mums.
    My all time favorite is “Cameron Dress 1531SG” – one of my son’s name is Cameron 🙂

  • I’m already signed up so I couldn’t fill out the form – hope that’s ok!

    I would love love LOVE the Taylor dress because I’ve been having a Mad Men marathon with my mum and I need a bit of swinging sixties style in my life!

  • I will finally be graduating from university in December of this year… only ten years after starting my degree as I took time out to have my two gorgeous little girls. Anyways I plan on wearing a Leona Edmiston dress to the ceremony, as I just recently discovered her gorgeous designs, they really appeal to me especially as I love pieces that have lovely classic shapes, that show off a womans’ curves in all the right places while allowing us to remain comfortable at the same time. My current favourite dress is Tania and Beverly runs up as a close second choice 🙂

  • I love them all! But I’d have to choose the Little Leona “Jen Dress” for my 3 year old daughter – the perfect treat for her after spending a lot of the year in hospital.

  • Leona has created so many amazing figure-friendly designs to suit all bodies. The Tatum frock would definitely help my ‘apple’ shape look more streamlined.

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