I work with Brands and I Like It

brand imageSo this has been simmering for quite some time. I just need to get it out there – for the non-bloggers, the readers, family and friends…and for myself.

There seems to be this underlying thing that I just ‘get stuff’, and in the blogging community, there’s a little bit of ‘selling your soul’ feelings if you work with brands. Reservoir Dad wrote about it here in his decision to end writing sponsored posts.

I love writing. I love personal writing and corporate writing. I like spinning words and it doesn’t really matter who or what my purpose is. They all bring their own, unique challenges.

When I get sent items or cash to review products or write sponsored posts, it makes an income. Sometimes I am not given payment – but an experience we would not receive had it not been for the blog.

Things that some don’t see is that I turn down opportunities a lot and for a number of reasons…Sometimes the brand or PR don’t want you to disclose that you were paid. Sometimes they want you to write about a 20 dollar product for nothing more than that 20 dollar product. And sometimes it’s just a product that isn’t suited to family/education.

The other thing is the website costs money. Minimal but money nonetheless. Monthly hosting fees and a fee for security to stop the endless spam. And then cash spent updating themes or designs. Time spent blogging, liasing, running giveaways.

And I really like running giveaways and giving people things their family might not have or just something to treat themselves.

My blog is work. I would love to have time to just blog, or write a book, or be precious about it. But at the moment I don’t. I like the fact that I can contribute to my family, that we can receive products that will save us money in the long run, and that I can provide competitions to my readers.

It’s business. Working for brands might be selling your soul to some, but I just see it as an extension of PR. That’s all. What I make is comparative to the time I can spend at the moment – and I’m happy with that. Anything that benefits my family and the readers is a good thing to me.

In saying that though, I’m really looking forward to combining my networking with brands I’ve worked with for some causes for charity in the future and there’s been some fantastic discussion on School of Mum’s Facebook page about some of the options available. I can’t wait to get stuck into that.

3 thoughts on “I work with Brands and I Like It

  • As you know I have done a lot of work with brands in the past. Not so much any more – but that is more because my life has moved on than anything. Working with brands was such a wonderful way for a small time blogger to make a little income while being home with children. I am so grateful I got to do it. It also opened up some wonderful experienced and friendships to me. There will probably always be those who do and those who don’t and that’s okay. As long as we are all opened minded and support each other to achieve at our best 🙂

    • Totally agree Caz! Some fantastic friendships for sure. I think we all just need to get off our high horse and be on even ground together 🙂

  • I hate how theres a notion that we’re selling out by working with brands. I think thats only true if you’re being disingenuous on purpose to make money which I’d like to think most bloggers aren’t. I only ever work with brands that I already use or would use and that fit with my blog and where we’re at in life (because my blog is a personal one). I love writing posts for brands as I have a marketing degree and it makes me feel like I’m still utilising my degree even though I’m a SAHM now.

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