How we Ditched Co-sleeping

You can dress it up how you like, waking up to cuddles, making things easier, waiting until children are developmentally ready. All true. For me though? Bed sharing has not been fun. Tom spent about a week in his own bed before he started the midnight pitter patter across the floorboards and into our bed. He would clamber over me, plant himself in the middle and proceed to kick me in the back in some kind of weird way to get himself back to sleep.

It was a pain in the neck (and back). As he got bigger the space where I slept grew narrower, and I got so sick of waking with a sore shoulder and being too scared to roll over in case I woke up on the ground. So he would come into our bed and I would go into his. Bed hopping and interrupted nights became the norm.

One day, I lost my mind momentarily and got sucked into buying some high gadget thing that was supposed to help my child sleep through the night. You would think I was a seasoned parent and would know better! I bought a sleep training clock and it cost a fortune. It also didn’t work in the slightest. He liked it, then he hated it, then he exiled it to the top of his cupboard.

So then, Master T decides to tell me that he will stay in bed all night if he had a clock that was blue, with a car on it, a bell and a light. Yeah, right is what I was thinking. He kept talking about it and would look for this magical clock every time we went to the shops and I was starting to look for it too. Like a unicorn I knew I’d never find…I just really wanted sleep

One day we get nice and cosy on the couch and head to ebay. I think maybe…just maybe…and we go looking. He settles on a clock that has everything but the car on it. I cave.


Tom's clock

I buy. He waits and waits for the postman.

When it finally arrived, he was so excited. He displayed it proudly in his room. He reassured me he would not leave his room until the alarm goes off at 7am.

It’s been a month. Kid stays in bed. Unbelievable. He now refuses to leave his room unless it’s 7am.

Cost of fancy sleep clock – $50

Cost of ebay clock – $13

Sleep – So very priceless!

Lesson? Give them ownership on their stuff. It costs less and it just has a better chance of working!

Are you loving co-sleeping?

Did you get rid of the kid in the middle successfully? How’d you do it?

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