How to: Make Your Man Wash the Dishes (And a Palmolive Review and Giveaway) – ENDED

This giveaway has ended. Thanks to all those that entered! Congratulations to REBECCA BAKER, SAMI K and Megan! You are the lucky winners of a Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid Pack. For everyone else, stay tuned – A lot giveaways coming up!

I seriously hate the dishes. Really and truly. I love to cook and I hate to wash up. Furthermore I despise when the kitchen is a mess. It’s not just the heart of the house, it’s also a reflection of my brain. If the kitchen is messy, my brain gets all messy too and I get really cranky.

When I was offered the new Palmolive dishwashing liquid range to review and giveaway I thought, how am I going to make this exciting? I mean, seriously, dishwashing liquid is not something that really floats my boat.

But as I washed the dishes I started wishing someone else was doing them. More to the point, I wished my HUSBAND was doing them. And then I thought of all the ways I could use this Palmolive review as a way to get him to do some washing up. Here is what I came up with…

One: Talking to my husband through the child. For example: “I think Daddy is going to do the dishes tonight Tom! Isn’t he such a good daddy?” Always looking at the child, and never making eye contact with the husband (but making sure he is in earshot)

Two: Telling him he is conducting a scientific experiment for my Blog. For example: “Do you want to try using this amazing liquid? Apparently all these cool chemical reactions start happening right in front of your eyes!”

Three: Bribe with…well, you can use your imagination.

Now, I’m not that lucky. He did them for the sake of this Blog post. And he decided to try the Palmolive Ultra Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid with Lemon Extracts because it claims to fight germs on the sponge for at least 24 hours. And he knows he never cleans the sponge after he’s finished cleaning the dishes or wiping the bench. So after he did the dishes, I gave the sponge the ‘sniff’ test the next day, and it was pretty good! A success. What’s the point in washing dishes with a sponge full of bacteria!



I’ve been giving the Palmolive Ultra Pomegranate liquid a try for a while now and I have really noticed how long the Pomegranate has lasted. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now (my dishwasher is broken too) and it is so beautifully bubbly, that you don’t need much to get your evening dishes done. I also love red so it looks perfect on my kitchen bench. It leaves all my dishes nice and smooth and sparkling. As a Morning Fresh kinda gal, I was really happy with the results and am thinking a change of brands might be in order! I don’t bother with gloves either and I found that it didn’t dry my hands out like other dishwashing liquids can.


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25 thoughts on “How to: Make Your Man Wash the Dishes (And a Palmolive Review and Giveaway) – ENDED

  • I get my hubby to do the dishes by giving him an alternative.
    In Winter when it’s raining and cold I say he either has to walk the dogs or
    Wash the dishes (in nice warm soapy water in a warm house).
    Or I tell him he has to tidy all the toys up from the days playing. Washing dishes is always quicker!

  • I’m like you and HATE washing up! Love a clean kitchen (as long as I don’t have to clean it lol) I’m very mean to my husband, I just tell him it’s his job- I cook 99 times out of 100, so use that as my excuse. I also busy myself with jobs he can’t or hates doing himself i.e. breastfeed baby, fold washing and if he complains I tell him I’d happily swap and he will always choose the dishes!

  • At our place the choice is either wash and dry the dishes or wash and dry three boys aged 5 and under… Given the choice I actually prefer doing the dishes. Sometimes its the only downtime I get!

  • Two ways
    First – I place a takeout menu on table and give option 1. I Cook meal and u do dishes 2. You order take out. Of course he always ops for 2.

    Second – he says he washes them better than me and I prove him right!

  • My husband doesn’t need too much encouragement around the house to help out – even with the dishes. He works hard but particularly on his days off he enjoys cooking and doesn’t shy away from household chores like washing the dishes.

    The Secret? Well in all fairness I think it would be wrong for me to take the credit. His mother obviously taught him young that being a male doesn’t get you out of doing the dishes or any other household chore for that matter.

    So now it’s my job to teach our son that MEN DO DISHES so that one day he’ll grow up to be a capable dish-washing man too!

  • I remember that time I made cocktails for the first time…….making a HUGE mess and having you clean up as I go. I see things haven’t changed :p. Well for me, im pretty fortunate hobby does the dishes…..but….boy is there a lot of water around the sink….but in saying that he’s taken on my whinging and now wipes around it when he’s done. On the flip side, we have no kids and it will be interesting to see what happens, what changes when we do!

  • I obviously need to swap men or at least take note of how everyone else manages this miraculous phenomenon. I doubt my Mister would know where the sink is.

    (Good thing I actually don’t mind doing the wash up.)

    FB: Mary Preston

  • I don’t have to, he is a clean freak, hates dishes on the sink, he washes as he cooks, won’t even sit and eat a meal until it’s all done, I even had to tell him off once because he was washing everything up while my Mum was still eating her dinner!!

  • Washing up time is quality time for the washer-upper and for the dryer-upper. Especially with boys and men who aren’t good at face to face conversation! But when they are doing something … suddenly they open up. Great excuse ooops reason to get the hubster washing up!

  • Sadly, there isn’t much I can say to hubby
    For his hands to plunge into water that’s bubbly!
    Once or twice the good old ‘period pain’ would do the trick
    But I mostly do the dishes, even when I’m sick!
    I’ve tried to bribe him with chocolates and sweets
    But he’s a grown man, he just buys it and eats!
    Now you might be thinking that he’s really unkind
    But he works very hard, so I actually don’t mind!! 🙂

    PS I am a liker of your FB page 🙂

  • The more you nag the less they do,
    Asking nicely might be the answer,
    You could say that
    Cutlery and crockery comes out shining,
    Allowing time for wining and dining,
    Snuggles in bed and alot more.

  • Lucky enough for me,
    My hubby is an awesome bee.
    He cherishs me & the ground I walk on,
    But All my friends think hes a con.
    I say Jump, He replys how high,
    And does the dishes like a great guy!
    I surley am a lucky ,

  • He only has to do the dishes on the day I go to yoga, and I allow him just to rack the dishes to air dry. No criticism for the way he does things is the key.

  • D unk
    I n
    S oapy
    H ot
    E ffective
    S uds
    of Palmolive is the mantra of my husband. When it is his turn cleaning up the dishes.

  • Simple – whoever cooks, doesn’t wash up. Since he has a history of cooking everything on high, I do the cooking, he does the washing up!

  • I let hubby know if he isn’t going to wash up mans we will have time to go visit my mum, for some reason h loves washing up & takes his time

  • doing the dishes in my house is not a happy time my hubby was brought up to believe that dishes are a women job which causes some good arguments in our home now my son is the same and i just carnt win so i decided that they can use all the dishes but when there are none left they will have to wash them well it sort of worked but i have a lot of dishes so i run out of bench space to put them while there all over the place i wont cook or even bother this seems to get them washed straight away by the kids hubbys moto is i work im not doing dishes so now he has to do his own dishes and washing cooking ect after a week or two he will do a load or two but then we are back to square one again he doesnt think he should have to do dishes full stop and its rubbing off on his son grrr ill work this out one day

  • A good question because it’s never verbalised in our house. It’s an unspoken undertsanding that I clear and wash up and he helps but gets in the way. I get him to do it by simply not getting up then it becomes a battle of wills which sometimes lasts till the next day even! But if I’m not well then he’s an angel 🙂 Palmolive is my favourite brand as it’s gentle and comes out the bottle nicely.

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