How to Make an Advent Activity Station and Get Organised

In collaboration with Super A-Mart

Don’t craft areas get so messy! I am all for making a mess while crafting. There is no other way! But I like things to be easily accessible and inviting before we start.

I don’t find a big mess inviting. It’s amazing how much more the kids play with toys if they are easy to reach. They’re accessing a variety instead of just hitting the top of a pile time and time again.

Super A-Mart gave me a chance to do some shopping and it was a HARD decision, but with the house on the market, and my incessant need for organisation before Christmas, I went straight to storage options.

We ended up buying two Ollie units and I couldn’t be happier. There are lots of coloured tubs available but we went for just red so that it can become storage at any spot in the house in the future. It also looks great!

Slowly the idea of making an Advent Activity Station was formed and I can’t wait to share the activities with you over the coming weeks.

Ollie Tall Narrow Storage Unit – Advent Activity Station

Advent Activity Station

The main idea is that there is a morning, afternoon and evening activity which Tom wakes up to find each morning. Of course they are flexible and can be done at any time of day…or not done at all if we have other plans. But everything is neat and accessible and inviting!

I’ve attached a grid FULL of ideas for each of the craft stations, but we had to trial it of course! So here is an example.

Craft – Christmas Crowns

DSC_0959 (1)

We went straight to this one from K-Mart. Simple crowns and lots of pretty things and glue. Too much fun.

Activity – Make your own scene

 DSC_0973 (2)

This was fun too. Just add a background page, give them a whole bunch of stickers and let them tell the story of the scene!

Story – Jingle Paws


This was a great introduction to words Tom was unfamiliar with – things like ‘sleigh’ and ‘cranberry’ sauce were a little new to him and certainly not something we talk about every day!

Ollie  3 Step Storage Unit – Get Organised

Ollie 3 step storage

Tom’s room has been a mess of stuff for so long. Baskets that seemed like a good idea at the time, were no longer such a good idea, but just another messy version of storage. With the house on the market I really wanted to streamline everything and be able to clear mess quickly and easily before a house inspection, and that’s where this baby came in. It held more than I imagined, taking in lot of the toys from the lounge room as well. It is easy to assemble and the tubs are a tough plastic.
Someone on Facebook suggested buying extra tubs to store other toys and then just rotating them around which I think is a fabulous idea, and those extra tubs will fit perfectly in the cupboard for later use. It keeps everything fresh and new, allowing for more usage. My next project will be creating labels for these tubs!

Teachers and tubs, must be kind of like teachers and laminating – I’m hooked!


Can you see this type of storage in your house for toys or an activity centre or do you have another idea? Share below!

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