How to help children transition to structure: A Review

This is a review of ASG’s Little Learner Pack. Visit their website here.

Tom has been interacting with children and adults for a long time, trying to learn what socially acceptable and appropriate behaviour with others is. I’ve really noticed the need for this increase as he now attends a semi-structured environment that is 3 year old kinder.

Suddenly he is required to ask kids if he can join in a game, be able to express his needs to a carer that is not me if he is feeling sad or hurt. He is also required to follow instruction and rules to ensure the inclusion and safety for all. He needs to organise his bag, hat and drink bottle.

Is this easy for my high-energy, feisty, gregarious toddler? Not always. We are trying. But like anything, it takes practice, discussion, examples, role play and so much more for little ones to get their heads around their ever changing social and emotional development.

That’s where ASG comes in. They have released ASG’s Little Learner Pack to guide your children through how to get along, confidence, resilience, being organised, and persistence and it’s great!


ASGs Little Learner Pack



When we read A Girl called Sally, a story about getting along, Tom was intrigued by the story line but the discussion was the best part of it all. The book really gave us a platform to discuss what it’s like when someone is unkind to another person and how exclusion can make you feel unhappy. Some of the words were beyond him at age 3 but by looking at the pictures and talking the story through we really had a fabulous discussion around emotions and treating others the way you would like to be treated. I was then able to bring it back to him in times when he was being rough with his brother. It really made him stop and think.

Tom and Steve reading asg


The Cat in the Hat DVD included complemented the books perfectly and was much loved by Master Tom. He wanted to watch it every day of the week! It is full of little kid-friendly jokes that kept him smiling all the way through.

The ASG’s Little Learner Pack also comes with access to special offers and membership to MY ASG which is full of extensive e-guides and articles as well as ASG’s membership newsletter – ASG Scholastic. MY ASG isn’t just about education but also nutrition, sleep and toddler tantrums. It’s a great resource to tap into.

The books are our favourite part of the pack and an absolute fantastic addition to our book library that I am sure will be referred to over the years as our children develop emotionally and enter schooling. We will definitely being an eye out for ASG products in the future.

You can buy ASG’s Little Learner Pack, valued at over $180, for only $49.95 including GST and delivery) here.

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