How to find Breastfeeding Clothes! Milk and Love (REVIEW + GIVEAWAY)

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Tom’s baptism was a little different to Jeremy’s. I remember crying, lots of crying. He cried all the way through it and afterwards I rushed out of the church, and locked myself in the car to give him a breastfeed. By the time I was done, the church was closed and we had to take photos out the front.

At the pub for lunch I had organised an expressed bottle of milk for him. He was unsettled for most of it. That’s what Tom was like. He was hungry and that made him very upset. He fed around the clock. He had formula and he had me, and he had a dummy. He had tummy aches. He had colic. It was constant and exhausting.

And still I complicated it further by never allowing myself to feed in public. As if being in a small country town with a high maintenance baby wasn’t isolating enough.

My journey with Jeremy has been so different thus far. He remains exclusively breastfed at 4 months old. He has never had a bottle. And I have been out and about, mixing with other parents and enjoying it.

When I went searching for something to wear to Jeremy’s baptism I was feeling so flustered. I tried item after item on from my own wardrobe and nothing was dressy and allowed me to breastfeed comfortably. Nothing. And did I mention I live in a small town? Yeah, there are no breastfeeding clothes here. And where can you really find them anyway? In the tiny corners of Kmart and Target etc. where if you are lucky, you might find something you actually like and in the right size? I was beginning to think about getting the Medela out and expressing for the day.

Then I had one of those brainwave moments where I remembered the lovely Trae from Where’s my Glow? had featured a maternity website recently. A quick search had me in contact with Corryn from Milk and Love and I was able to receive the most gorgeous Flamenco dress and teething necklace to wear.


As soon as I tried the dress on it felt right. The fabric is thin, but warm. It’s a gorgeous bamboo and cotton mix. I didn’t feel the need to wear a cardigan or a coat which is always awkward when you’re out and about with a baby and a toddler. This gave me the freedom to move around and still be dressy. It also meant when feeding J I was able to be nice and close with no awkward buttons, sequins or encumbering clothing to be rubbing against his soft skin.

The built in crop top is so awesome! I am really not big into the ‘pull down’ to reveal all the cleavage when feeding. It’s just a personal thing. I don’t wear low cut dresses or tops in general. I loved that I could feed and keep myself covered (and warm) too!

Jeremy did not cry during the baptism. He did not cry at all that day really.

I had a moment at one point.

I went into the ladies toilets hoping for a change table. I decided to change Jeremy and then give him a feed. There was a nice, big change table and beside it, one lone chair. I wondered what the chair was for as I changed him, and then a thought came to me – I could just sit here, and feed him, then I won’t have to do it in the public space of the restaurant. I looked at the chair – lonely, in a cold bathroom. And I left.

I went back and sat beside my mum.

“Oh you changed him…did you feed him?”
“No, I didn’t.” I replied as I made myself comfortable.
“Oh you should have he must be hungry by now!”
“Yes, he is. That’s why I’m feeding him right now.”


The dress started to feel a bit more than just convenient then. It was giving me confidence. Because I didn’t need to pull a jumper up and a singlet down. I didn’t need to unbutton or unclip. The movement was smooth and in one. And it worked.

And I liked it.

And I’m probably going to have to save some pennies to shop at Milk and Love because Corryn has such a gorgeous winter range of breastfeeding clothes…and I really, really want to wear them. 


Want to get a little help getting some gorgeous maternity/breastfeeding clothes, accessories and more…yes, of course you do!

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10 thoughts on “How to find Breastfeeding Clothes! Milk and Love (REVIEW + GIVEAWAY)

  • What a beautiful picture of you & your family! It’s so lovely to hear about your different breastfeeding experiences as well 🙂 Glad you loved the Flamenco Dress 🙂

  • I just love the ‘Milk & Love’ Must Have V Neck Breastfeeding Maxi Tank Dress, it is divine! If I won the voucher I’ld be buying that for sure!! Many thanks for the opportunity to win! 🙂

  • My favorite piece from the Milk and Love range is the Faux Wrap Breastfeeding & Maternity Top. It looks so comfy and would be great hiding the post baby bump:)

  • I like to ‘Must Have’ V-Neck Breastfeeding Top. It’d be perfect for winter and makes feeding in a baby carrier much easier when you don’t have to pull up your whole shirt.

  • I love the Cowlneck Breastfeeding Jumper, in winter its always so hard struggling with a toddler who finds everything so much more interesting then feeding, multiple of layers and trying not to freeze! I love the idea of being able to feed in comfort (and warmth!!)

  • Ooh la la-
    Thanks for the introduction of ‘Milk and Love’
    I too struggle to find comfortable and practical outfits for breast feeding…
    If I find something it generally looks daggy!
    I love the look of the Soprano Breastfeeding Dress!
    I would love a voucher towards that one if I won.
    Thank you- loved your review

  • I Love the Slouchy Dolman Knit Breastfeeding & Maternity Top it’s perfect for the cold winter coming, looks easy to nurse in and also looks nothing like a breastfeeding top which I Love.

  • Oh wow! I just love your feeding dress and it would be my outright favourite! I have been long-term breastfeeding my 17 month old and while I adore it, I am over my frumpy body which is always in track pants (on account of that extra fat layer lactating requires!)
    I would just LOVE to win this prize and feel wonderful again in something so lush. It looks so lovely on you.
    New liker here too! I blog at Six Little Hearts and do parenting things over there so please come and visit me too. (I have some great giveaways on at the moment you might want to know about as well ;D.)

  • I like the Comfy Sateen Maternity Pants because it’s always hard to find nice Maternity pants that don’t LOOK like maternity pants! 😛

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