How to Create an Awesome Children’s Room

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A child’s bedroom is much more than just a place to sleep; it’s also a play area and a place to do homework. However, creating a space that is both functional and fun for your child can be a challenge. Here’s a list of five tips that will help you create an awesome bedroom for your child that will provide years of fun and functionality.

Give Your Child a Space to Express Themselves

Hang a chalkboard on the wall or place a drawing board in the corner of your child’s bedroom and give them a place to express themselves. Not only will this give your child a place to have fun and create a masterpiece, but it will also (hopefully) prevent them from taking a pen to other walls in your home and expressing themselves that way!


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Create a Comfortable Floor Space for Your Child

Use fun furnishings in your child’s room, such as beanbags, floor cushions and plush rugs. These will provide a comfortable space for your child to play or read. They can also function as building material when your child decides to build a cool fort.

Choose the Right Colours

It’s important that you put some thought into the colours you choose to use in your child’s bedroom. Choose neutral colours for the general colour scheme of the room but then add a few pieces of colourful furniture (or a colourful feature wall) to create a more kid-friendly décor. Stay away from overly bright colours such as red, pink and orange as these can have a stimulating effect on your child, which is great when they’re playing and being creative but not so much when you’re trying to get them to go to sleep!

Use All-in-One Furniture to Maximise Floor Space

If your child’s bedroom is on the small side, then you’ll need to maximise as much floor space as possible. All-in-one loft bunk bed units are great for small rooms as they combine a place to sleep and a desk where your child can get busy doing their homework. Visit the websites of furniture specialists, such as Super Amart to check out the range of loft bunk units available and work out which style will work best for your children’s bedroom.

Manhattan Loft Bed - Super Amart

Manhattan Loft Bed – Super Amart

Design a Kid-Friendly Feature Wall

Hang some kid-friendly wallpaper on a feature wall and add some dimension to your child’s bedroom. Cartoon designs, polka dots, cars or seahorses… your options are virtually unlimited when it comes to finding a wallpaper that your child will love. To go one step further, why not use a chalkboard surface for the feature wall and give your child the artistic freedom to create their own feature wall design?

A child’s bedroom should be functional, comfortable and fun. Put the above ideas into action and hopefully you’ll create a bedroom space for your child that they will adore for years and years.

Do you have any other tips for creating an awesome bedroom fit for a child? Great! Share them in the comments below.

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