Good Parent. Bad Parent.

I haven’t been a good parent. Or that’s what I’ve been thinking for a while now – at least a month. There are things going on around here that is making us SO busy. So busy, in fact, that I am chasing my tail most of the time. There is no downtime. No break. Just fleeting moments to eat, sleep, smile, tickle the baby. They are so quick, these moments, that they seem insignificant. Not meaningful at all. Guilt follows the busyness like a haze. The back of the mind tells me off because I haven’t been taking the kids to their regular outings – Mother Goose, Storytime, trips to the park. Crafting has become minimal and isn’t done together. Around and around, trying to catch that damn tail and be done with it, but I can’t seem to, and so I keep going.

And then yesterday I stopped. “Let’s MAKE something!” I told Tom. And he was all for it. And it wasn’t planned or Pinterest worthy. But we Googled together and then we cut and paste and it felt therapeutic. For me that is.

“Wow! Great job. Let’s write your name on the back”

And then suddenly this happened:

Tom's name

We wrote his name together a few times. I never held the texta for him. Just gestured with my fingers where the lines should go. And he floored me. Clearly my excitement had him excited. Because he wanted to do it again and again. He couldn’t get it quite as perfect as the one in the circle, but do you see that? He is 3 and he can write his name.

I am not a perfect parent. And did you know being a teacher doesn’t make you a perfect parent. And it doesn’t make your kids smart. Because there is washing and laundry, and stresses of family life that are really known only to that family. And things get in the way.

But those minutes. Those tiny moments I was thinking were so insignificant and lacking quality. They’re not. Because you never know when that little moment will turn into that magic moment of achievement, or love or serious understanding of something.

I know it won’t always be this way. This lack of time. But I’ll keep trying to find those little moments in the day. And when they happen I’ll just be still for just a minute – because we will all get something out of it.

Tom the cutie


Is it just me or is this time of the year a little crazy? How do you find those fleeting moments?



One thought on “Good Parent. Bad Parent.

  • I really hear you on chasing my tail at the moment. It’s definitely that time of year. Those simple moments that you don’t plan for and are spur of the moment are often the most perfect. I’m glad you and your little man could share a special moment together 🙂

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