Globetrotting to Learn

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Before I had kids. No wait. Before I met my now husband – I had plans to travel. Like really travel. I thought once I graduated I would go overseas to teach, and during school holidays I would jump to surrounding countries from wherever I had initially landed.

I look like someone who has travelled. I don’t know how many times people have asked me if I “have ever been back to Egypt” Except I’ve never even been there. I was born here, and here I stayed for the first 24 years of my life.

Then Steve and I went to Thailand for our honeymoon and it was amazing. It showed me that I definitely had the capacity to get the travel bug. I love culture. I thrive on it. The tourist aspect was beautiful – pristine beaches, fireworks every night, restaurants on the sand and beautiful, happy people.











And then there was immersing yourself in their world – how some lived in the slums while the tourists lived in luxury, how it was perfectly normal to have hardly any traffic laws. How for us it was a holiday and for them it was their life.

I don’t have any regrets about not travelling as much as I had hoped when I was younger. I have so many things to be thankful for. I don’t live in the past or what ‘could have been’. I used to think travelling with the kids would be unheard of and I wouldn’t get anywhere for at least another 20 years! But watching Tom grow up, seeing him wanting to experience everything with his WHOLE self, while mostly staying safe and behaving makes me want to go while they are young even more.

tom window

Last week my parents went to Egypt. My mum has not been home in 30 years. Can you imagine? While most siblings have come out to see her in Australia, she has one sister she has not seen over the entire 30 years.

I didn’t want to fear them going. I knew they weren’t going as tourists. I know that they have family there and they would be looked after. But I still worried a lot. Such a long flight at their age, let alone ongoing political issues over there and the media storming us with the Ebola crisis.

And then they told me they weren’t getting travel insurance. That put me over the edge. How can you not insure your trip? I kept picturing them losing their luggage, or one of them getting sick over there. It freaked me out completely and I decided I couldn’t let them go without it. They thought that everything would be fine, they knew the country and it was ‘just 4 weeks’. I was not convinced!

A quick look online led me to a really competitive rate with Southern Cross Travel Insurance and it was sorted. It was soooo quick and easy which I really wasn’t expecting! I didn’t need too many of their details which helped because I knew if I told them what I was doing they would kick up a fuss and tell me to stop worrying! It took a weight off my shoulders.

It all has got me thinking – would I take my kids to see part of their heritage? Would I take them to have the ultimate learning experience…that which cannot be fully done by reading books or watching a screen. An experience that you indulge in with your WHOLE self.

I hope so.

us and J

 Have you been overseas with kids? Was it worth it for their learning experience? If you haven’t, where do you want to go?

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