GIVEAWAYS: Spread the Lovin! **ENDED**


Kara Beal: Winner of Kambrook mini-urn

Gemma Westacott: Winner of personalised heart pendant and chain

Lindy Lou: Winner of Wicked Homewares throw rug and cushion

Thanks for entering everyone! Stay tuned for PLENTY more giveaways on School of Mum to come!

I’m not really ‘big’ on Valentine’s Day, but I am starting to see it as a way to celebrate sharing and caring with one another, whether it be your partner, parents, siblings, best friends or other!

So I wanted to show that I care for my readers by sharing some of this love. You can see it as my gift to you, or maybe you’d like to win so you can gift it to somebody else, the choice is yours. I had a talk to some of my favourite businesses/brands and here is what I have to offer you!

KUR200_IMGH_20101027_MPVPQQI love Kambrook. Their cupcake maker is still sitting on my kitchen bench and is so versatile I’ve even made mini quiches in it!

If you are sick of having to put the kettle on and then walk away while it heats, well Kambrook have the answer! This cute mini-urn boils up to 350ml of water in under 60 seconds.

It also has a 2L, 8 cup holding capacity and clear view water tank with blue illuminating “ON” light

RRP $79.95




New to School of Mum, Wicked Homewares provides the wickedly magic experience of choosing beautiful, unique items online and having them delivered to your door. Business owner, Heather, is a mum of 3 and only provides her customers with quality that is value for money! I love supporting small businesses such as hers, and am so glad to have her on board!

This gorgeous Benton Throw Rug in Fire Engine Red is teamed with the stunning Lennox cushion in a bold floral pattern. The rug is perfect for curling up on the sofa with your favourite someone or taking on a romantic picnic. The cushion can be popped on your bed or dress a chair in your ‘go-to’ corner for a quiet read!  The throw rug is 125x150cm and a silk/rayon blend. The Lennox floral cushion comes complete with insert and is 45x45cm.

Total RRP: $89.50.

As an added bonus ANY School of Mum readers who sign up to receive the Wicked Homewares newsletter will receive a $20.00 voucher to be spent on any item on their website. Just pop the code SOM on your entry immediately following your name. Free shopping money? Yes please!



oh my giddy aunt

Some of you know Oh My Giddy Aunt is pretty special to me. Their last review and giveaway was VERY popular on School of Mum, and rightly so! I still treasure the bracelet Nikki sent me.

Pure and Simple. Oh My Giddy Aunt’s original design Keepsake Heart is suspended in the middle of a fine chain and personalised… just for you or someone you love!

Custom made in Sterling Silver by Australian Master Jewellers, you choose the way you would like your heart to tell your story.

Engraved with a name or date, or
Engraved with a big, single initial,
RRP – $66.00



Want to try your luck at one, or all of these? It’s really simple!

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2. COMMENT below stating how you plan on spreading the love this week (keep it clean…ish!) and let me know what you would like to win most! THIS is what you are judged so take the time to leave a great comment.

3 people will win 3 items! Don’t forget the best way to keep up to date with School of Mum is to sign up to receive it via email by filling it in on the right column. Good luck!

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40 thoughts on “GIVEAWAYS: Spread the Lovin! **ENDED**

  • hmm, spread the lovin’? Going to get my mum or MIL to babysit and have a nice quiet dinner on our own (we have a 6 yo and 5 yo twins, so it doesn’t happen often!!) and some time to ourselves (wink, wink), followed by a sleep in!! However since Valentine’s Day is a school night, all this is being delayed until Friday!

    I would like to win the kambrook urn the most. I had a similar Item from Aldi and used it till it died. I miss it so much and would love a replacement.

  • Happy V day!!!

    As Grandma I’m happy to babysit on Valentines day and make heart shaped choccy desserts with the grandkids!

    I really wouldn’t care which prize I won as they are all beautiful gifts.

  • I’m going to spread the love by making lots of phone calls to friends and giving my family lots of hugs. I’m a bit partial to the Benton Throw Rug and Lennox Cushion it’s gorgeous

  • I plan on spreading the love into the tummy of my hubby. maybe a nice dinner out to a thai restaurant.

    I would love to win the My giddy aunt keepsake heart.

  • I have a gorgeous little boy,
    Who brings lots of people so much joy.
    We’ll make a card for a friend-not near
    Who lost her Valentine, she held so dear.
    We know a Valentine you can never replace,
    But We hope to put a smile on her face.

  • I’m going to share the love by making some heart shaped cupcakes for the girls at work because we work in childcare, we all need chocolate! I would love to win the mini urn as my kettle is 10 years old and on the way out, love that the urn heats up so fast- bonus! thanks for the great competition- all great prizes!

  • No great plans for Valentines. I’m more about the living and loving the rest of the year. That’s what really counts.

    The Benton Throw Rug and Lennox Cushion just beg for some snuggle time.

    I’ve been wanting to donate our old lounge room blankies to the RSPCA for some time.

  • Hubby is away Valentine’s Day
    So a little cupcake will come my kids way
    Hidden in their lunchbox as a suprise
    I wish I could be there to see their eyes!
    If I had to choose my favourite gift
    The keepsake heart would give me a lift x

  • We will be sharing the love with a media free night, playing board games and cards with family and friends. Background music, homemade treats, fresh coffees and hot chocolates.

    I just love the Benton Throw Rug and Lennox Cushion. Red the colour of passion and heat. Silk the fibre of love and desire. Perfect for my cosy nook.

  • I’ll be taking my beautiful husband to our dining room and give him his favorite meal Garlic Prawns he just loves the way I do them. I also know he will buy me a long stemmed Rose (it doesn’t have to be Valentines day for him to do this) As for the gifts I love the beautiful Throw Rug & Cushion from Wicked Love those colours.

  • I’d love to win the Kambrook urn you’ve got pictured above – that way I could spread the loving with my husband when the poor fella is up at 4am in the morning getting ready for work – he always needs a coffee first thing!

  • I am going to share the lovin by allowing my husband to look after the kids while I go out and get a manicure, pedicure, facial, massage,watch a movie and then have drinks with friend!

  • This Valentine’s Day I’ll be spreading the love in a different way, we are having a degustation dinner with 8 of our friends and my house is first up with delicious hors d’oeuvres to fill up our hungry hearts. I really love the Kambrook urn, it is something my heart has been yearning for as our kettle has broken and is here no more, it has been thrown out the door.

  • Heart shaped biccies are in order for Valentines day
    Iced with pink and red icing. As they eat,
    I’m sure my boys wont realise the love I put into them,
    But I will know and will enjoy watching their smiles as they gobble them down.

  • If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then I’ll be spreading the love with my man’s favourite meal, and a very special dessert. 🙂

    I’d love to win the Kambrook Mini Urn… there are times when I need my coffee NOW!!!

  • It’s my sister in laws birthday on v day so I will try to make her day special, and seeing as tho it’s also shrove Tuesday this week I’m planning on having special “breakfast for dinner” with heart shaped pancakes with some cereal with my kids

  • Valentines day is my eldest sons birthday so he will be getting spoiled. 😀

    The Kambrook Mini Urn would be great for my cups of tea, not so much waiting…

    Thanks for the competition 😀

  • No lovin for me this Feb
    no way to make a cuppa
    it’s dead
    may be hope
    with my mini urn
    sippin my cuppa
    layin on the floor
    throw rug galore
    with special keepsake
    happiness in wake
    all together
    spreadin the love

  • In our first years together there would be chocolates, flowers delivered to work and a romantic dinner.
    By the time we were married it was down to take-away and a card.
    7 years on and I’ve come to expect a card created at kindy and a peck on the cheek from hubster. In return I’ll make his favourite dinner (which incidentally I loathe) which is rissoles, mashed potato and corn on the cob.

    I’d love the Kambrook mini urn or the Wicked Homewares pack x

  • Unfortunatley I will be working all day and then doing overtime to make it even better!! I’ crossing everything that my husband will have cooked me something nice to eat when I get home! Very romantic, huh? That’s what 17 + years of marriage and two kids will do, but who knows, he might surprse me yet, (I am too tire to surprise him!)

  • Would you believe that I was looking for an URN and ended up on Kambrook and when I saw this competition I thought it was a it a sign?

  • Turning off the tv, radios, mp3 players, gaming systems etc, and actually talking to my family, listening to what my children have to say & what my husband wants to tell me. There are lots of distractions around me and I feel like I am only half there for my family. Really focusing on my family to show them they are loved, thats what I would really like to do to share the love at my house this week.

  • I am going to spread my love and joy of having a bubbly toddler by allowing my newly wed buddy a chance to babysit and ‘SHARE’ the JOY! (hehe…)

  • Well my husband’s birthday falls on Valentine’s day and we are expecting our second baby next week. I have appreciated how he has looked after me through my second pregnancy, but with money being tight, I hand made a valentines gift by filling a jar with jaffas and 1 malteser. On the gift card I wrote ‘You are one in a million’. To me my husband is priceless!
    I would LOVE to win the Wicked Homewares pack – the Benton Throw and Lennox cushion.

  • My husband and I have ‘Spread the Lovin’ to a Mum of two by helping her rejoin the workforce this week! It is such a satisfying feeling to give someone the opportunty to get back into the workforce after they have been home looking after their precious kids for the past 5 years.

    To welcome her to our travel agency I would love to win the Kambrook Urn to help us make our morning and afternoon cuppas. Plus with an 8 cup capacity we could share the lovin with our clients too!

    The Wicked Homewares prize also looks AMAZING. How generous of them to give SOM readers $20 with a newsletter subscription – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this generosity.

    My husband and I am not big on Valentines Day, although he did buy me some flowers! Instead of buying each other gifts we donated money to a charity that helps disabled children in our local area. It was so much more satisfying then buying or giving ‘things’ to each other. I recommend it to others for next year, especially if you think Valentine’s Day is overrated anyway…Cheers xx

  • I’m going to sponsor a child and spread the love to a child who lives in a community where people cannot afford as much as we!

    I would love to win the mini urn =) Thanks for hosting a great givewaway for us!

  • Spreading the love by spending time with my nephew whilst he spreads his food all over his face, clothes etc.

    I’d love the mini-urn for 2 reasons:
    1) I’m a male and hence have no patience for kettles
    2) I love the idea of having something called a ‘mini-urn’ in the kitchen

  • Family budget a little stretched,
    So big romantic gestures have been benched,
    Instead we’ll focus on the little things,
    A cuddle, kiss or whatever a shared moment brings.
    And hubby’s belly I will line,
    With a delicious roast that is cooked with love and time.
    While with little miss I’ll make chocolate cake,
    A big slice for lunch they can both take.
    And when the kids are tucked in their bed,
    I’ll make sure many a ‘I love you’ has been said.
    As its the simple things that show the most love and care
    Holding hands, a huge smile or gently stroking ones hair.

    • Would love either the Oh My Giddy Aunt Keepsake Heart or my daughter, or the Wicked Homewares set for us to all use uddling on the couch!

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