Review+Giveaway: Give Your Children the Gift of Independent Reading with LeapFrog’s LeapStart System

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This is a review and giveaway of the LeapFrog LeapStart Interactive System

When you have a child in Prep/Foundation, it’s usually one of those times where you get to see the magic moments. Do you know the ones I mean? When their face lights up because they read an entire book on their own? How about when they realise they don’t need to ask you what that sign says because they can read it themselves? It’ll happen for all children at different points in time, and some will need more support and time than others, but all children will find their own magic moments and they are so fun to witness…now that I’m a parent, I have found watching magic moments happen to my own, even more special!

Mr T has found his reading mojo through the Fly Guy series. He has 3 of the books so far, and I’ve got a couple stashed away for his birthday and Christmas. Before these books, he was pretty certain he couldn’t read anything without help.

It’s especially tricky, in anxious children to motivate them to make the switch from reading with you, to reading ON THEIR OWN. You don’t want to ever pressure them, but you also want to gently build their confidence. It’s a fine line to tread for kids who might run the other way and choose not to pick up a book at home for months, simply because it’s “too hard”

We’ve found the perfect thing to build this kind of reading independence. It’s interactive without being a screen (hard to find these days!) and it has turned our 5 year old into a kid who is in the corner reading.


How Does it Work?

The Leapstart Interactive System opens to contain books children can interact with using the stylus pen attached. The books are really detailed, with both basic and advanced games on each page to encourage fun and comprehension while reading!

The device itself is book-like so it folds up when not in use. It’s easy to take in the car or on the go and children can plug in headphones while travelling or feeling the urge to read in a noisy environment!

What are The Pros?

There’s some big pros of the Leapstart interactive system, and if you’re sick of your children doing all their learning through screens, then this is an excellent option. The pros of the Leapstart system include:

  • It’s actual reading as opposed to just tapping of a screen
  • It encourages independence
  • It is thorough and full of specific teaching and learning experiences
  • It would be an excellent tool in primary schools for reading groups

What Should You be Mindful Of?

  • Buying the books could get costly over time (but it’s worth it)
  • It runs on batteries

LeapStart Interactive Learning System (for 2-7 years), RRP $79.95
is available in September from Big W, Toys R Us and selected
toy retailers.


1x LeapStart Interactive Learning System

1x Learn to Read 6-book pack



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12 thoughts on “Review+Giveaway: Give Your Children the Gift of Independent Reading with LeapFrog’s LeapStart System

  • The very Hungry caterpillar 🐛 I just loved all the holes in the book. I use to stick my little finger in them and pretend it was a worm. I loved the beautiful butterfly at the end too.

  • I loved the very hungry caterpiller when I was a child. When mum would read it to me, my favourite part was when the VHC turned into a butterfly – mum would make the book flap around and fly like a butterfly! I do this for my son now too, and he laughs and laughs!

  • The Famous Five by Enid Blyton….I read one of her books in 3 days. Even at night with a torch under the quilt! I love her books so much I collected all 100 from the rewards series for my little one.

  • I used to LOVE the magic faraway tree, Mum dressed me up as silky the fairy and the actual tree for bookweek in primary school! My son would love this prize (he’s going into kinder next year) and I’m going back to work next year and teaching reading intervention so would be extremely handy!

  • I must have been a sadistic child coz I loved the book 10 Loopy Caterpillars. It’s a lovely story where one by one the caterpillars meet their fate except for the last one who becomes a beautiful butterfly.

  • The snowman. Although it has no words I loved to use my imagination and I love reading it with my kids now and coming up with different ideas with them each time we read it.

  • The Cat in the hat , who wouldnt want a giant cat to turn up at their house on a boring day to entertain you . I’m now reading Dr Seuss books to my grandchild and she loves them just as much as I did .

  • Rabbit on Bear Mountain by Carla Stevens. I was short and skinny growing up and I felt it was a disadvantage but after reading this book it taught me that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. The rabbit not only made it to the top, he did it easily, to the surprise of his friends. It’s still my favourite children’s book and I have passed it down to my kids.

  • My dad use to read “Caps For Sale ” for me in a fun way with actions of the peddler and the monkeys. I use to love it so much because dad made it super fun and he use to tell me that we should always lead by example to get the desired results.

  • My mum used to read me “Baby Dear” when she was pregnant with my sister. It was about a little girl who looks after her doll the same way her mum looks after her baby sister. It was our special time together before my sister arrived.

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