Getting the Family Back into the Supermarket – IGA Family Program

This is a sponsored post for Ritchies IGA

When we lived in a rural town almost 2 years ago, IGA was basically our second home. We basically had a second family there. My boys were fed, looked after and doted on at that place. Always known by name and always up for a chat, it actually became difficult to leave that world where you could walk down to your ‘local’ and have a breath of fresh air away from the confining walls at home parenting two young boys.

When we left, Tom made this picture for his favourite person who absolutely had to scan all our goods whether she was free or not! Sometimes the girls would swap registers just so Tom could get his favourite.


Ritchies IGA Family Program

Ritchies IGA has recently started a Family Program to inspire families to eat well, live well and enjoy life!. Now that we have moved to Miners Rest, we still frequent IGA. The workers don’t know our names, but it definitely still has that friendly atmosphere and it’s so nice to know that you can get what you need without your children whinging beside you because the aisles are too long, you can’t find what you’re looking for etc!

We chose our banana mango smoothie from here and away we went.



The boys had a blast and we were able to take our time, so I taught Tom to check things off our shopping list – he looked for the starting sounds of words to figure out which word was which.


When we came home the boys enjoyed making their smoothies and having them in the sunshine. It was such a simple task really, but something that just happens less when we’re so BUSY all the time at the moment. It’s the crazy season already, and we really need to take that time to breathe, don’t we?


What does the IGA Family Program offer?

Crafty Creations is a range of children’s art and craft ideas (such as how to make a kite, cardboard box monsters and cereal box guitars) to enable children to use their imagination, perfect for school holidays and rainy days.

Cooking with Kids helps children understand what ingredients look like before cooking, as well as gaining valuable life skills such as measuring and easy to follow

Paddock to Plate provides children with fun facts and activities about where our food comes from, allowing them to develop a healthier relationship with food. Information will be updated regularly, especially around school holidays, and a newsletter will be sent to members each month. Members will have the chance to win with regular competitions and children aged up to 13 years old who sign up with their parents’ permission, will also receive an exciting free birthday gift from their local Ritchie’s store each year.

Inspiration for the family to eat well, live well and get their hands dirty is always a good thing and I think Ritchies IGA are onto something here with their family program. Be sure to check it out!

Do you frequent a local IGA for a family friendly experience? Why do you choose to go there?

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