Getting Juicy with Sunraysia Juice **GIVEAWAY ENDED**

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I’ve been on a juice rant before. Juice for infants that is.

In general though, I don’t have a problem with juice for children. I stress the word children, not babies. I would much rather see juice in a child’s lunchbox over fizzy, coloured, ‘mineral water’, coke or iced coffee. And yes, I HAVE seen all of those, more than what you would think, in primary-aged children’s lunchboxes. I have even caught some with it in their water bottle!

Sunraysia Juice is 100% just juice. The fruit is certified organic fruit and there’s no artificial colours, flavours or any of that nasty stuff.

This is why, it’s not overly sweet. None of the flavours are. I really liked that about them as super sweet juices are such a giveaway for sugar and chemical overload.

I gave Mr.T a taste – that’s it, just a taste. It was his first ever taste of juice, and probably his last for a while, as I don’t feel as though he needs juice just yet…but he enjoyed it anyway!


Sunraysia Organic comes in a convenient and durable 200ml pouch with straw attached, making itย the ideal inclusion for any lunch box, sports bag or when the busy family is on the go. The pouch isย 100% recyclable too!

I like the foil pouch. It’s easy to put into a lunch box or the freezer and it stays fresh. It looks like it would tip over but it doesn’t. It stays up when you set it on a table.

My favourite was the apple and blackcurrant and the orange was popular in our house too!

So…how would you like to win $70 worth of Sunraysia Organic Juice for your Family? That’s 40 pouches of different flavours and an eco friendly shopping bag too! It’s easy! Fill in the form below and don’t forget to COMMENT telling:

Where and when will your family get juiced up with Sunraysia Organic Juice?

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42 thoughts on “Getting Juicy with Sunraysia Juice **GIVEAWAY ENDED**

  • My big kids will freeze these for school and little man will get one when the big kids have a drink he can’t have, he’s only one ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • We will take this and ‘juice it up’ on our first ever camping trip at Easter! We are so looking forward to the trip and these would be great with some damper in the mornings!!!

  • I’d love to get juiced up for a big day trip with the family to Sovereign Hill in Ballarat, Victoria.

  • we get juiced up every morning at breakfast and again after school and we always have juice in our lunch box’s yummy juice is apart of our everyday diet and we love it

  • When we Visit places like the Zoo Sunraysia Juice would be Perfect to bring along with us too.

  • With weekend soccer matches starting again tomorrow I’d love to be able to take along some chilled Sunraysia Organic Juice as refreshing after game drink for all the family. I love that the juice is served in convenient pouches and know that the whole family would enjoy getting ‘juiced up’ at soccer with them!

  • We love to go to the beach and get some hot chips and have a picnic, these Sunraysia juices would be a fantastic addition, it would help take my guilt away, because at least the drinks dor the kids and us would be healthy and tasty!!

  • Thanks to Michelle Van Schouwen for letting me know about this recent comp. I am so lucky to have great comping friends who keep me up to date, I am surprised no one thought of marketing these juice packs a long time ago.. we’ve had baby food, and yogurt.. what else could be put in a pouch???

  • My kids would get get juiced up at school,
    With Sunraysia Juice so cool,
    Packed frozen to keep their lunch chilled,
    I’m sure they’d be thrilled,
    And I’d know it was a healthy organic brain fuel!

  • these look awesome, my kids have to travel 180km round trip each day for school, these would go great frozen in lunch boxes for them ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks

  • These would be great for trips to the park when always decide they are super thirsty, great for day trips too like the zoo!

  • When out and about. My children have food allergies so getting them drinks at the shopping centre as a treat is difficult. This would be the perfect soloution and would be much more special than their drink bottle of water. I love that they won’t take up much room either!

  • I can just see myself shopping in leisure (for once!) as I let lil C enjoy her pouch of Sunraysia in the shopping trolley or her pram! Oh what bliss! ๐Ÿ™‚ The 200mls pouch is just the perfect size for her little hands as well! Taking it on the next plane trip will just give mum and dad some peace and maybe a movie or two?What more, it’s organic and healthy!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • We would use this on our weekend car trips instead of having to bring bottles and buying drinks to share between them

  • My kids don’t often drink juice at all; firstly cos they are only little and its not needed; and secondly becuase I hate all the flavours preservatives etc even in what appear to be ‘healthy’ choices – I’ll be interested in having a look at these pouches based on your blog. If they come up to scratch they will be a useful addition to the school lunch box as a treat once my eldest starts school next year ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Honesty, I’m not too keen on the idea of juice for little ones like you are. But these do seem like a great idea for a treat when on the run or even travel. The little pouch with the straw is a great idea. It wouldn’t be an everyday thing but great as a treat.

  • We get juiced up while waiting at gymnastics, while driving to work, walking to school, at the shops, at the park and at grandmas house.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! This juice is our family favourite.. we love to freeze them and take them to the park and have slushies after a big play!

  • We get juiced up in the mornings with breaks, gives everyone the energy they need to start the day ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love to take these along with us when we are travelling. So easy to slip out of my travel bag and pass over to the kids. No concern about spills. They love them so much the contents are emptied in no time. Also during summer we freeze them and the kids happily travel in the car munching away at the yummy fruity ice. The trip passes quickly and no arguements. Peace!

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