Get Ready to Read and Write Tips: VTech DigiArt Creative Easel Review and Giveaway

This is a review and giveaway
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When it comes to children preparing to learn how to read and write, the process is multi-faceted and filled with a lot of fun. For as long as I can remember I have been an avid reader and writer, and I’ve always wanted that trait to somehow embed itself into my children.

It can actually be pretty hard to tell whether your child will be hooked on reading and writing at an early age. All in all, what’s most important, is creating opportunities to get ready to read and write. 
The new VTech DigiArt Creative Easel does just that. Aimed at 3+, it has been released this week in all Big W stores. We put it to the test with Mr.4 (Mr. 6 had a play too). At $89.95RRP I think it’s fantastic value for money, and it’s perfect for those who are about to enter school, or those needing some consolidation with their letter and number naming and writing, shape recognition, fine motor skills and more!

Here’s what we loved about it:

It’s Dynamic

There’s nothing better than a tool that converts three ways. This is a table, whiteboard easel and blackboard easel all-in-one. The kids started using it as a table first, and the cool thing about that is the electronic part of the whiteboard doesn’t take up the entire space, meaning one could be learning to write his letters while the other was free drawing.

Vertical Surface Writing/Drawing is an Option

Using it together, the table was great. However, when using it solo, I converted it to an easel. Writing or drawing on a vertical surface is actually fantastic for young children who are developing skills like pencil grip and control. When they are writing on a vertical surface their wrist is naturally extended, and it allows them to further develop these essential skills. This is far better than scribbling on your perfectly vertical wall too…

The Panel is Uncomplicated, Simple Yet Effective

You know those toys that are too hard to use, and kids are just pushing random buttons without really understanding what they are doing? That’s not the case with the DigiArt easel. The panel is super easy to use, with each letter easy to press on the panel, the option to have music playing while you create, and of course, the volume button, which makes all the difference to parents who can’t handle the volume levels of electronic toys, i.e all parents.

It’s Engaging

The DigiArt easel provides clear instructions, and positive feedback, which encourages children to keep going. Mr.4 couldn’t wait to practice all the letters in his name. You can choose from more than 100 objects and shapes, and it will take you through the instructions on how to draw/write stroke, by stroke using the magic pen.

You can Use it as an Actual Easel

Obviously it has a digital panel on it so it’s not built to go outdoors, but it still has a clip on it so you can use it as a regular easel too. We found it extremely easy to wipe off any marks with a slightly damp cloth.


Do you want to win a VTech DigiArt Creative Easel (valued at $89.95 RRP) to add another element to getting your child ready to read and write?

Simply comment below telling us: 

how will the VTech DigiArt Creative Easel help you/your child?

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13 thoughts on “Get Ready to Read and Write Tips: VTech DigiArt Creative Easel Review and Giveaway

  • This would be perfect for my daughter who starts kinder next year . It will give her all the confidence she needs

  • As a teacher, I’m always looking for some educational stuff to help my daughter prepare for school. Her fine motor skills aren’t great and she gets frustrated with the normal activities we try to practise and develop them. I think this would make her more excited to practice her writing skills while learning about other essential concepts.

  • Multiple uses, will help my son with his pencil grip and get excited about writing and it isn’t another fire truck or train to step on…I’m sold!

  • An amazing supporting tool in learning how to write. A special artistic friend that will create hours of learnings and adventures xxx

  • I’m a prep school teacher and I have 5 children that are reluctant readers and writers. I think this would allow them to have a go and build their confidence too.

  • My daughter is eager to learn and to draw,
    More so now than ever before.
    This Vtech DigiArt Easel is what she will need
    To be a little girl who loves to write and to read.

  • The VTech DigiArt Creative Easel will help my child with her

    Alphabet and
    Numbers. It is
    Great that she can use it as an
    Easel. This would be perfect for her to
    And be creative.

  • Well Mets face it with something as versatile and entertaining as this I might actually be able to get things done around the house! This would be great for my daughter to use and I know her big brother would love to help and encourage her to learn and play with her. As a teacher and a parent I’m always looking for something that mixes learning with fun and this looks like it ticks all the boxes! I’ve got my fingers crossed!!

    • Oh my goodness as I typed this my toddler was all over me and I should have double checked for mistakes! Mets of course should be lets 😁

  • Learning to read and write has never been easier with the VTech DigiArt Creative Easel 
    Plenty of fun for the toddler as she sings along to pop goes the weasel

  • VTech DigiArt Creative Easel will help me by making my 4 year old son more independent . He will learn to play by himself, will be engaged for a good amount of time and use his imagination to learn and create new things . He will be able to use it in 3 different ways so basically he will have unlimited fun. Plus his grandmother loves to draw with chalk so she will share the chalk board to draw pictures and motivate others in the process.

  • Mr 4.5 loves drawing with textas and chalk but but his little brain does not understand why he cannot draw his masterpieces on the walls , bedsheets and sofas. With VTech he will get a white board easel, drawing table and blackboard for his drawings and this will save our walls and everything else. Plus He will learn millions of things with light-up whiteboard using the magic pen and that too just by playing around with it.

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