From baby to boy.

Mr.T is 15 months old this week. I don’t usually blog when he hits a certain age, unless it’s significant, like when he turned one. But there’s been so much on my mind now that it seems like 15 months is as significant as any of his birthdays.

He’s at the age where he should be sleeping, and he’s not. Not really anyway. He’s also at the age where he should start talking, and he babbles all day long, but isn’t really saying any words just yet. His understanding of what I’m saying blows me away though.

Engaging in a seriously important phone call to Julia Gillard

Engaging in a seriously important phone call to Julia Gillard


He’s really starting to look like such a little boy. And he loves to play games and run around like a headless chook, as well as laugh with glee and blow raspberries on my tummy. Oh, and he is still a seriously awesome eater!





He is obsessed with books! I secretly love that I have already bred a little reader. I hope he stays that way forever! As much as I am getting tired of reading Hairy McClairy, I never get sick of seeing the way he can find Hairy on every page!


Convincing him to try something about The Very Hungry Caterpillar?

Convincing him to try something different…how about The Very Hungry Caterpillar?

Now feels like the time to let him stretch his wings a little bit. I want to get him more involved in the local Mother Goose Program this year, which is rhyme and rhythm for 0-2 year olds. I also want to investigate swimming classes, and then there’s the big one….start putting him into care a couple of hours a week.

I see him with other children and how excited he is and how much fun he has, and I want that for him. I also want him to learn to stop patting other kids on the head like he does our dog, Jazz and pulling hair, particularly pretty, blonde hair…but that’s another story.

We’re not ready to have another child yet (sorry family!), it’s going to happen soon, hopefully this year, but not yet. And we need to consider the fact that the baby will need to grow before he/she can really engage in play with such an energetic, full of beans little man. So for now, I need to make the effort to get him involved. No more excuses of living in a small, country town where I don’t know many people with kids. He’s only going to have his childhood once, and it’s my job to give him the best childhood I can.


When did you start putting your little one into care? And did you do it purely for social reasons?

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  • I put Eliza (now almost 7) into childcare a couple of hours a week when she was 2 years old. I did this only for social reasons initially. She loved it, and it was one of the highlights of her week for the next year. It turned out positive for me too, as it gave me a chance to run around and get all those little jobs done that are harder with a toddler in tow.
    Aaron, who is now just over 2 and a half, has not started yet. I am actually planning to give him this opportunity in the next few months. I know he wil love it too, as he is very social. And I look forward to having a couple of hours to myself again.
    Mr. T will gain a lot from it, sometimes it’s harder for the parent. Just make sure you take enough time for YOU to settle him in. Happy, relaxed parent equals Happy, relaxed child.xx

    • Carla I can see Aaron just loving it! I wish we were closer, I could see him and Tom being the best of mates! 🙂

  • I put Miss M into care from 9 months for a couple of days as I wanted to go back to work. Maybe it was a bit early but she absolutely loves it and I think socially it has helped her so much! We also started swimming around the same time and now she is 2 and just a little dynamo in the water 🙂

    • That’s great Becci. I hope to get Tom used to it slowly so that I can allow myself to have somewhere to drop him if I get called in to Emergency teach 🙂

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