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Jeremy came into our world (surprisingly) 2 weeks ago. Being 4 weeks early, it wasn’t quite on my agenda. All frozen meal making, packing, organising and cleaning went out the window.

jeremy and tom

With my husband going back to work this week, it’s time for me to implement things that will hopefully save my sanity with a toddler and newborn at home.

I have found with Tom, that it is quite easy to get in a rut where there is not much for him to do and he is bored. Especially in this heat. During those times he often asks for the TV to be turned on or he opens the fridge for the 10th time and after he has exhausted those options, he gets naughty.

The aim of the Weekly Toddler Planner is:

– To ensure I provide opportunities for him to partake in a variety of activities.

– To keep him engaged and occupied during breastfeeds

– To build up a set of go-to activities so that I might refer to them instead of becoming flustered with his behaviour

– To introduce routines, having a space to himself and ‘packing up’

activity planner

There are a few important things to note with this planner:

– I don’t know about you, but my toddler’s attention span is about 10 minutes flat. I will NOT be dismayed if he chooses not to do an activity that day or does it for a minute then gets bored. That’s what toddlers do! Nothing will be forced upon him. It will simply be left out for him or used another day.

– Activities based around the alphabet or numbers will mostly be for the craft and language aspect.  I don’t believe my 2 year old needs to know the alphabet. Most of the activities in my eyes should centre around play and motor skills (eg. outside play, threading, etc). I think it’s nice to expose him to numbers and letters in a fun manner, but not specifically learn them. I know he isn’t ready for that. You will know whether your child is or isn’t ready for it too!

Here is our sample for next week:

week 1

Having a go at one for next week yourself? I’d love to see it! Upload it to School of Mum’s Facebook or Instagram #schoolofmum so we can share ideas!

Each planner comes with a list of ideas and and activities

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