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This is a sponsored post and a guest post by Stephen East.

Dear Fairy Godfather,
Father’s Day is this weekend and with 2 energetic, young boys I am looking forward to all that Father’s Day has to offer: Bacon and Eggs, BBQ, My team playing in the finals and of course some well-deserved family time. However, I’d like to have a quiet word with you. You see, some of my “tech stuff” is a bit dated and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind flapping your wings, waving your wand and ‘Bibbity-Boppity-Booping’ a few gadgets my way to help spruce up the ol’ Man Cave.


Belkin have got a few things that I think would be rather handy.

net cam

1. NetCam HD Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision
Every so often, due to work or study commitments, I find myself away from home for a night or two. Calling and texting home is fine, but I’m a bit of a softy, I’d like to see my family in glorious High Definition when I’m talking to them. With Belkin’s NetCam HD Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision I can! It’ll feel just like we’re the Jetsons or the Thunderbirds! No more pixelated visions of my family crowded around the laptop. And by downloading the NetCam app I can simply pull my phone out of my pocket (or tablet out of my bag) and my family will be there.


2. TuneBase Hands-Free FM for IPhone
Now, I love my car. It’s safe, it’s roomy, it’s reasonably economical and it has a great stereo. What it doesn’t have though is iPod connectivity or Hands-Free capabilities for calls on the go. That’s where the TuneBase Hands-Free FM for iPhone comes in. With this little puppy I would be able to listen to whatever song out of my collection that I wanted to, not simply whatever is on the current CD that’s made its way into the car. Also, by having the hands-free capabilities I can safely take calls without having to find a place to pull over. The fact that it automatically finds the best frequency to use means that I don’t have to get frustrated trying to tune it in. Being portable is a must, so that when you finally come good on that 1974 Dodge Monaco you promised me, it will be able to slot neatly in there too!

belkin wifi extender

3. Belkin N600 Plugin Dual-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender
Like many dads, I like to get out in the yard and just do stuff. After a few minutes of doing stuff I like to sit in my shed and relax. While relaxing I like to pull out my phone and check out what’s going on with the footy or cricket or simply look up funny videos. What I don’t like is when my phone can’t decide whether or not our home Wi-Fi signal is strong enough to pick up out there. With Belkin’s N600 Plugin Dual-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender I would no longer have to worry about that and I’d be able to procrastinate with confidence.

QODE keyboard

4. QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad
Like my forefathers before me I have been blessed with big strong hands. These hands come in handy for opening jars, lifting things and pushing in nails when I don’t have a hammer. What they’re not handy for is trying to type on an iPad. All of a sudden, the ability to type an email, surf the net or make a note grinds to a halt as I have to finger peck around the on-screen keyboard. With the QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad I would be able to once again type with the freedom that my fingers crave. Also the case can hold my iPad in 3 different positions depending on my needs. It directs the iPad’s sound towards me so that when I’ve got my iPad propped up and I’m talking with my family through the NetCam App they won’t be muffled. As well as being a keyboard, a stand and enhancing sound quality, it is also a strong lightweight case which can keep my iPad safe when it’s not in use.

charge up

5. BoostUp iPad and iPhone Charger with ChargeSync Cable
I’m sure that I’m not the only one who can drain the battery of a phone or tablet quicker than you can say “Oh my goodness gracious me, my battery has gone flat. Bother!” With Belkin’s 12 Watt BoostUp iPhone and Ipad Charger I can quickly pump life back into my devices 40% faster than with a normal 5 Watt charger. It also comes with a $2,500 Connected Equipment Warranty so I don’t have to worry if I’m charging my devices during a storm or if there is a power spike. The 4 foot cable is a nice addition which can be used in any charger.

So there you have it, Fairy Godfather, my Father’s Day Wish List. I hope that you can weave your magic and help a poor, tech-deprived Dad become a bit more tech-savvy.



Don’t worry if you have an older IPad, Ipad5, Samsung tablet etc. Enter and Belkin will cater for you if you win!

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40 thoughts on “Father’s Day, Belkin and Fairies *GIVEAWAY ENDED*

  • A busy dad is what we have, one who does extra work in the afternoon.
    A QODE ultimate keyboard case would mean he can work while with us in our play room.
    Daddy is a teacher so he’s very busy you see
    Because even when he’s not at school he teaches me my ABCs.

  • Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad,
    Perfect for my children’s Dad,
    He catches the train to work each day,
    Uses the iPad for work and play!

  • The keyboard iPad cover is perfect for the amazing dad I know. He is a busy academic that’s on the go working while travelling and this is perfect to make his life easier

  • netcam hd would be perfect for my children’s father as when he travels for work he really misses his children and often the children want to show him things (that they do while he is away) so this would be perfect and would make him (and the whole family) happy 🙂

  • My husband would love the netcam, he loves gadgets and always wanted to be a spy when he was a kid, so he could be a big kid with this I’m sure!

  • My husband is a super busy man and we have 3 young boys that love to spend time with him, tinkering in his shed and not really giving him any peace. Lol. He has just come to the dark side and got an I phone so maybe the tune base fm or the boost up charge would be amazing. My husband is an amazing father and he deserves a little something special 🙂

  • TuneBase Hands-Free FM would be great . Being a parent of three teenagers hubby is always whinging about their crap taste in music . We don’t have iPod connectivity on our car stereo so the kids tend to blast their music . It makes for a cranky husband & dad so this would make him very happy & he can finally blast his music & pay the kids back with his crap taste in music . I’ll stay home .

  • I’ld love to win this package for my husband for Father’s Day! He’s a great Dad to our two young kids and deserves some new tech gadgets! The iPhone charger would be awesome & so handy (as would all the other items!!) He would be in Dad tech heaven with these goodies!! 🙂

  • The keyboard case for Ipad is ideal
    He’d be so happy he would squeal
    Protection for his very treasured device
    Would be welcomed and oh so nice!

  • You had me at Jetsons and Thunderbirds with the NetCam HD Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision. Staying in touch never looked so good.

  • Would love the Belkin N600 Plugin Dual-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender, our modem is terrible and frequently doesn’t work out of the main areas of the house, frustrating hubby no end!

  • The BoostUp charger will cure Dad’s continually flat battery syndrome. Which, in one way, would be a shame because Dad’s swearing when he the phone dies is quite inventive. (“As useless as a tail on a monkey’s toe.”)

  • My partner would love the iphone charger, his phone is constantly dying at the most inconvenient time. His current charger is all bent up and he swears its ok, but I’m paranoid it’ll start a fire or something (of course he’s stubborn and wont get a new one).

  • Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad would be a massive help to dad who’s always on the run & humps his laptop around everywhere as he can’t cope with no keyboard. Mr 3 & twins 2 would lobs to tell daddy they won this for him 🙂 x

    Thx so much! What a great opportunity!!

  • The Tunebase hands free for iPhone or Android would be ideal for my husband who doesn’t have hands free in his car. Imagine the horror of not be able to communicate with him while he drives to and from work! We both agree that using a phone while driving is dangerous as well as breaking the law. We stick to the rules, so this would be very helpful!

  • We recently moved away and my children and parents miss each other terribly. My Dad would love the NetCam (and so would my kids) so that he can continue to read them books and they can show them their latest materpieces from preschool.

  • The Wifi range extender!! So many people seem to have trouble with their wifi including us! Ours is fine upstairs but very very very, practically non-existent really, downstairs. Hubster would love this. Although not sure I would ever get him back upstairs again …

  • Being on the road full time we spend a lot of time in the car, so the Tunebase FM would be perfect for my hubby! As long as I could secretly program it to play 80s stuff instead of his ancient blues music that is!

  • Our family and Dad needs a boost,
    NetCam HD Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision would be real cool,
    to chat to our family who are on a extended stay overseas,
    to see their smiling face, would put us at ease.
    Would help us stay in better contact, be able to share what’s happening in our lives, feel like they were just in the same room, the distance no longer seems across the great divide. With this great piece of high definition technology it would make us so happy to see our family and know they are safe and sound and loving their experiences you see.

  • A QODE keyboard case would be the best;
    ‘Cause typing on the tablet puts Dad to the test!
    With his big fingers hitting the wrong keys;
    Combined with spell-check, I read & think ‘Geez …!’
    Recently he messaged to ask for some sauce;
    If I could do the shopping, I said: ‘Of course!’
    But when I asked what type, he replied ‘Tobacco’;
    Tobacco Sauce? Yummy, yummy … uh uh, no no!
    I guessed he’d meant tomato;
    But he’d wanted me to buy Tobasco!
    Just one example of how a keyboard for an iPad;
    Would be a benefit for the man my sons’ call Dad!

  • My husband would love the keyboard case for his ipad, not only would it replace the damaged cover badly worn out through our sons love of watching peppa pig and Thomas but it could also help me in my quest to have him work from home more often because he has something proper to type emails on!

  • Oh pretty please, the Belkin Wifi extender! I would love if my kids could give this to their Dad (my hubby) because at the moment they keep coming into our bedroom if they need to use the wifi as they say it doesn’t work down their end of the house. It would mean a lot to me if my husband and I could claim back our own personal space in the bedroom. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my kids but it would be nice if they could play their gadget games in their play room and NOT in our bedroom just because the wifi doesn’t reach.
    My own father lives on a farm and would benefit from extended Wi-Fi too, although I think it would get more of a workout at our place!

  • We sorely need a wifi extender! Our home office is above our garage and just out of reach of our network. We work from home and are making do with sitting alongside our newbie and 2 year old in the tv room. Plus he could use the office as his man cave on weekends by mirroring foxtel go from the iPad to the tv so he can watch football without being told not to shout so much – you’re waking the baby! Lol!

  • NetCam WiFi camera with night vision would be my choice, I am going away in October for a month and it would be great when I make contact with my husband , I could see him and my dog. I don’t know who I will miss the most.? (Just kidding)

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