Facebook Whingers.

I think everyone gets it. Parenting can be hard. I guess it’s my own fault for being part of so many parenting pages, businesses etc on Facebook. But it’s not just them. Even if I deleted all those I would still be seeing a lot of parenting downers on my newsfeed.

I’ve been there. I remember when I was so sleep deprived with Tom, that I would often have a Facebook whinge. Sometimes people had helpful advice, mostly I just wanted to roll my eyes and say “Do you think I haven’t tried that!?” but I had no right to say that. I put it on there. I should expect some kind of response. That’s sort of the whole point.

But to be honest, I’ve moved on from that. I might have the occasional vent, but I am not there to rant and rave about my children all the time. I will not fill every status update with negativity. And if you don’t like my cute photos and my happy tidbits about my kids and family then that’s fine. I can scroll through the negativity if you want to scroll past my positivity.

Parenting can be hard. So can plenty of other things in my life – housework, finances, health, relationships. If I focussed on the negative aspects of all those things in my life, then I really need help. And that’s valid too, if life is bringing someone down, and THAT is why they continue posting these things time and time again then I feel for that person. Because maybe when I was posting those things in my sleep-deprived state I needed help too and I just couldn’t find it.

Sometimes people might be surprised when they see me and I’m having an off day. Or maybe Tom is being an absolute terrible, terrible toddler when online all you see is the cuteness. But that’s because I prefer to shine a light on my kids online. Because this is what is going to last. Online is forever. And let’s face it – in 20 years time I’m not going to be still dwelling on the rough days, that time he wouldn’t sleep for months or when he lashed out at other kids or flat out threw tantrums all day. I’ll be reflecting on the good things. Life as a family, his beautiful sweet face, the bonding moments with his brother and being fortunate for all we had. For all the things we HAVE.


I can’t define what Facebook is for in general, but for me, that’s it.

What is social media for you?

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