Exploring Macarthur Park Wetlands

We braced ourselves, donned our coats and headed to Macarthur Park Wetlands today.

While the playground was too wet for us to explore we did find plenty to chat about…

ducks macarthur park

“Some birds like water, and some don’t” Tom said. “We didn’t bring any bread! They must be hungry” which caused us to discuss what else they might eat when we have no bread to give!

There was talk of the reeds, and where the water comes from to fill a running stream and where it might go next…

stream macarthur park

“Why does that tree have lights Mummy?” That one made me smile, as the water droplets pooled perfectly at the end of the branches.

lights macarthur park

What a strange looking chair. I wonder what this stuff is growing on it? “Grass” Tom said, sprouting another discussion.

moss macarthur park


Macarthur Park wetlands is located within the Macarthur Park Estate at Miners Rest. If you’re in or around that way it’s great for a little environmental exploration plus has a small playground and BBQ facilities.

Watch this space as we feature more Ballarat places and spaces for learning in our new Ballarat for Learning section! We already have a few lined up 😉

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