Encouraging Little Readers (Lost My Name Review + Giveaway)

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When Tom was growing his limbs and getting strong inside that belly of mine, he was hearing picture story books constantly. Research suggests that reading to your baby that early has proven to be beneficial. I didn’t need to try hard to do it though. Teaching Prep/1/2 meant reading, out loud, every day.

Fast forward to his birth and I continued to read to him constantly. My sister-in-law gave Tom a beautiful set of classic Peter Rabbit books and they were perfect enough to fit in the palm of my hand while breastfeeding. As the nights grew long I started dipping into longer novels. We read the entire BFG and I still remember the first time he looked up at me and laughed when I put on a silly voice.

Now he is almost 4. He relishes reading. He will happily read for an hour, tucked into the crook of our arms. “Another book Mum/Dad?” is a phrase we hear a lot. He points out talking marks, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks. He asks why they are there, he questions what’s happening in the story. Is it real? Could this REALLY happen? Why did the book end the way it did?

Would he have been this way if we hadn’t instilled that love of reading right from the beginning? Maybe! Will he always love it? I don’t know. However, there’s no two ways about it, giving the love of reading is one of the biggest gifts you can give, and the only way is through encouragement, and practise.

Lost My Name is quite possibly the most adorable book to give to a parent of a newborn or toddler. For newborns it could be one of those books that a parent will read to their child time and time again, and one day, they will click and realise their name is in the book. Don’t you love those moments when they ‘click’ and become excited at their new knowledge?

boy who lost his name cover

For toddlers, this book provides the suspense of taking them through the journey of a character who has lost its name and is searching to find all the letters. Little does the toddler realise, that this book was made just for them, and the character has the SAME name as them! When they reach the end they will realise they have the same name and it will give them great joy to see their name in print this way. This is not your average ‘personalised’ book with your child’s name scattered throughout the pages as a character in the story. The paper is beautifully thick, the illustrations are whimsical and stunning. It really feels like the story is uniquely made just for your child.

Tom reading boy who lost his name

Not In Shops offers a range of personalised and handcrafted goodies. It’s a great way to support small business, while giving a treasured keepsake that is unique! The book costs $33.95 (including P&H). Simply fill the order form on the Not In Shops website with the child’s names and gender and then wait for it to hit your doorstep!


Thanks to Not in Shops we have a gorgeous Personalised Book to give away! All you need to is this:

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6 thoughts on “Encouraging Little Readers (Lost My Name Review + Giveaway)

  • Beautiful Your photos are so good. My little one has a copy of this book and she adores – even though she is seven. She took it to school last week for show and tell. So glad your little guy loves his too.

  • There is a book called When The Snake Bites The Sun which is an Aboriginal tale. I purchased it from my very first school book fair. I would’ve been about 6 or 7 at the time. I’m now 36 and read it to my three daughters, and it really brings back some great memories of my childhood

  • A Fish Out Of Water, Helen Palmer. I read that book as a kid till it fell to pieces and truly believed that if I fed my gold fish more than ‘a pinch’ of food he would grow and grow till our house exploded!
    I just adore reading it now to my kids and chatting with them about all the curious questions they have about such a wonderfully creative story line! We have had to buy a new copy of the book to replace my childhood one 😉

  • My father gave me The Paper Bag Princess when i was little. I didn’t understand it at the time, but now i realise that it was such a positive message for a dad to give his daughter- be a princess who saves herself. It has stayed with me and now is something i will teach my daughter.

  • I loved reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and I was transported back into my childhood everytime I read iabout his adventures to my children. They loved it and I believe it helped them to like reading

  • What a gorgeous book! I am definitely putting this on my list for my new nephew for Christmas.

    My M book growing up was Little Women. I adored it and can’t tell you how many times I read it. I think one of the things I loved most about it, apart from the story and the characters was the fact that it was about 4 sisters, something I had in common with the sisters in the books. My sister A and I spent hours debating which one of the sisters each of us sisters was like, who we most wanted to be, etc.

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