Let’s Get Eggy for Easter! (REVIEW)

This is a reader review. Products were sent in exchange for review.

When the wooden eggs arrived my mind went straight into teacher mode, thinking about all of the educational things I could use the eggs for:
– Counting
– Sorting
– Talking about lifecycles etc.
And clearly my 3yo daughter Amelia had similar thoughts when she started to count them, sorted them into two groups (brown eggs and white eggs) and told me that the groups were the same size.

Over the next few days Amelia and 20 month old, Xavier, explored the eggs.


They pretended to bake cakes with them, served them to us on a plastic plate and they even tried to eat them… I don’t blame them they look so realistic.


Luckily the eggs are well made and toddler proof. However, the package it came in is not. Within 2 days my 20mo son had well and truly demolished the lovely carton – proving that the targeted age level of 3+ years is accurate.

While the eggs would make a lovely addition to a play kitchen/shopping trolley/or shop toy set, we decided that with Easter coming up we would use the eggs to do some craft activities.

We invited my daughter’s little friend Riley over to join in our craft and used sequins, pom poms, glitter glue, patterned hole punchers, foam shapes and more, to create Extravagant Easter Eggs.

While they glued and stuck and experimented I created a chick and bunny with more of the eggs and used these later to talk about Easter…this also kept them busy while their eggs dried.



And what better way to finish off an afternoon of Easter craft, than with an egg hunt.


As a testament to how realistic these eggs really are….When Riley’s mum came to pick him up she asked if the eggs had been hardboiled.

You can buy the eggs for yourself for only $7.99 HERE!

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