Ears – Sticky situations and more! *GIVEAWAY ENDED*

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My little man’s ears are so prone to ear infections and wax build-up that I am constantly paranoid that any cold, water or excessive noise will give him an infection. When we flew recently to the Digital Parents Conference, many readers offered me advice on what to do with my little guy in regards to protecting his ears from the flight!

Now I got the opportunity to interview Dr Deborah Mills. Deborah Mills is the medical director of Dr Deb’s Travel Medicine Clinics in QLD, and one of the pioneers of Travel Medicine in Queensland. She is also a representative for Australia Travel Safe. I took the questions YOU sent me, and put them into general terms. Here is what she had to say!

Q1. My child often has thick, sticky wax build up and the doctor cannot see his ear drum because of it. What is the safest way to remove it?

It is most important to NEVER put anything in a child’s ear except drops. If the doctor is looking at the ear and notes a problem, the doctor will prescribe something appropriate. For most people wax is normal and does not need treatment in most circumstances. If you must do something then a product like Waxsol can be used to help loosen the wax in the ear canal.
Q2. My child is really sensitive to noise – even in a movie theatre! Would ear plugs help and which ones do you recommend?

See your GP to organise a hearing test if you are worried. Your child’s ears are designed to hear well. Adults are not bothered by loud noises – usually because our ears are used to it from being exposed to too much noise as a child. Remember there are ring tones on phones that only children can hear. The most important thing you can do is to keep your child from very loud noises. Movie cinemas often have the noise set ‘too loud‘ to cope with all the people who have damaged hearing from listening to loud music via headphones. Watch videos at home if your child finds the noise too loud.

Q3. My children are prone to ear infections and the GP and Audiologist has recommended keeping their ears dry at all times. This makes hair washing really difficult and they hate ear putty in their ears! They also don’t swim. Are we going too far with this? Do you have any other tips to keep their ears dry at all times?

What is usually meant by keeping ears dry is don‘t go swimming – especially for hours, don’t sit with your head under water in the bath etc. A little water during hair washing a few times a week is not going to be a problem.

Q4. My child puts her index fingers in her ears. Why might she be doing that?

The ears should be checked by a GP to see if there are any abnormalities causing discomfort, but if all is normal, your child is doing that because she doesn’t understand how it could damage their ears. Tell them the only thing they can put in their ear is their elbow, and if they keep doing it, the following will happen ( insert your disciplinary action here. )

Q5. Can too many medicated nasal sprays be harmful or ‘burn’ out your sense of smell?

They don‘t really burn out the sense of smell, but they can damage the mucosa of the nose leading to pain, thinning of the nose membranes and increased sensitivity to infection. Speak to your GP is you need to use nasal sprays to have your nose checked.


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For a bit of fun, tell me what you might like to ‘block’ out with a pair of ear plugs! The most creative answer will win. Don’t forget to add your email address in order for your entry to be valid!

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7 thoughts on “Ears – Sticky situations and more! *GIVEAWAY ENDED*

  • I would block out hubby’s snoring. Now that my 20 month is finally not waking at night, I am being woken up by hubby’s snoring instead.

  • I have to confess that when the girls were small I would have days I simple couldn’t take the noise of it all. So I’d use ear plugs around the house. At the time it was like bliss!! A few hours of only muted noise. My sanity time 🙂

  • I’d block out my 2 year old calling ‘mum, Mum, MUM, MUUUMMM!’ when he’s sitting on the toilet. He likes to have me come in and hold his hands while he’s doing his business. I’d really rather not ;o)

  • I have to keep my ears completely dry as I have a chronic infection – I’d love to just block out water when I wash my hair without leaving my ears feeling iccky and sticky.

  • I’d love to block out the noise from the builders next door who think it’s acceptable to yell, swear, hammer and use power tools at 7am in the morning!

  • Sometimes I’d like to block out the constant “mummy, Mummy, Mummy, Mummy… ” especially when I am trying to have at least an extra half hour sleep in on a Saturday morning and my 3 year old son is calling me to come get his drink cup..

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