Do you need a leave pass from parenting life?

The other day I got this little baby in the mail… DSC_2541 I was intrigued. It was from the lovely people at Polkadot PR who were encouraging me to check out a new website and also to let me know that I should be entitled to a leave pass.   That is a leave pass from my life right? Just walk out the door and have some time off? Yes, pretty much.

Upon investigating the website I realised what the concept was all about. The idea is that you send your partner a request asking for a ‘leave pass’. You send it to them in a pretty envelope, maybe include a gift card and present it to them for approval. It’s a quirky, cute, but direct way of saying “I really need a break!”

I’d like to say you shouldn’t really need to do that. I would also like to say that you should just be able to get the time you need, when you need it, without reservations. And some people can do that. I take my hat off to them. But I can not and it got me thinking. I’ve been quietly bursting at the seams to get away. I haven’t had time away from my little man since before Mother’s Day. Literally, we have not been apart, except for short trips down the street, or the ONE time I caught up in St Kilda with a friend. Even then, he wasn’t too far away.

I can’t really blame anyone but myself. I put it off, social commitments merge with my husband’s social/work commitments, and then finally, if there’s a weekend free – then it’s a good opportunity to get a few things done around the house. But in the back of mind, I’m so concious of the time dissolving before my eyes. Before I know it, I will have a beautiful, hopefully breastfed baby clinging to me and the opportunities to do my own thing will then need to be postponed. So I really don’t want to feel guilty about it anymore. I don’t want to make excuses, like my son is too clingy, how will they cope without me, etc etc. I want that leave pass. And to be honest, I want the gift card that goes with it! I’m pretty sure my husband would I agree I deserve it…This is someone who lives in the sticks, NEVER gets to shop on my own, really needs maternity clothes for summer and well, needs to leave. Just for a little bit, just to regroup, refresh my mind, be with friends perhaps.

In that space of time I would like nobody to hug me, cling to me, lean on me. I want to feel a barrier of independence around me. And in that time I’ll probably miss those hugs and kisses ridiculously, but man it would feel good to miss them.

Do you need a leave pass? What would you do with it?

*PS: This is not a sponsored post. Just intrigued with the concept! You can check out the website here –

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