Do you learn from inspirational mums?


If someone were to ask me today who inspires me, I’d have a list of people I could name.

That never used to be the case for me. Actually I wouldn’t really be able to think of anyone at all some time ago. I always thought that was a bit silly. I don’t follow the lives of celebrities. My friends can inspire me in certain ways, but they are close to my heart. They aren’t people that are ‘out there’.

Then I started blogging, and reading other blogs. I started networking with other mothers, learning about the lives people lead, the way they struggle through adversities, or the way they work hard to build a life their children can be proud of. I met inspirers. And before I knew it, I was inspired.

I know what it feels like to be truly inspired now. I actually think about these people in my day to day tasks. I think about them when life throws me a curve ball. I think about them when I need to pick myself up and find my drive again for the Blog and the business I’m building. And I think of them when I come across something they’ve referenced in the past and it makes me smile.

I hope that doesn’t sound stalker-ish or a little bit odd. I don’t think about them all  the time, but their stories do remain engrained in my mind. They aren’t stories I’ve forgotten.

One is Sophie Bone. She runs Big 4 Bellarine Holiday Park with her husband and family. She helped me with blogging tips when I was just an ‘egg’ on Twitter. She took her time out to talk to me on the phone and made me feel like maybe I could make something of this thing. She also has the most awesome spirit and injects that into the way she runs her business. She’s ridiculously passionate about her husband and family and I love that! She inspires me to stay positive, have fun and strive to be something my children would be proud of. I finally got to meet her briefly at the Digital Parents Conference and had the chance to hear her speak on one of the panels and I was instantly affirmed that she was one clever lady.

Rachel from the blog, Mummy Muddles impacted me with a power that literally blew me away when she spoke at the Blogging Through Adversity session at the Digital Parents Conference. I found it incredibly hard to focus on the rest of the day. I really couldn’t move on from her words, her expressions, her pain. They stayed with me. I put myself in her shoes, tried to imagine my life if I lost my little man. I couldn’t. My mind was blocked. I felt that if that happened to me I would cease to exist.

I won’t lie. I’ve had to put her blog down. Reading it causes me such anguish as I let my imagination run away with me. Her descriptive language evokes a vivid imagery that is enough to cause the deepest of sadness to anyone. But her story of courage stays with me. She inspires me to hug a little longer, be a little stronger and cherish every moment.

There are so many more women that have inspired me over such a short time that I’ve been doing this blogging caper. They aren’t perfect, but there are some things they are doing in their lives, that inspires me to hold my head up high, focus on the good things, and move forward. And who doesn’t want that?

Who inspires you? What do you learn from them?

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14 thoughts on “Do you learn from inspirational mums?

  • Absolutely agree. It’s the everyday people who inspire me, and yes a lot of them are bloggers. The most important thing I have learned is that we are all unique and all facing our own challenges and ups and downs. They give me hope and inspire me to be a better person. They make me laugh, cry and feel a hundred emotions. Yes, the every day people x

  • Thank goodness there are those willing to share. I don’t know where I’d be without all the advice from other mums, as well as this incredible online support that the blogging community inspires. Yes I read Rachel’s story and found it difficult – and I found myself imagining how hard it would have to be to share this story too. I hope it gives her extra support and love she needs under such tragic circumstances.

    • I know me too. Living in such a small town I’ve found amazing support through the blogging world and online in general. It’s an amazing thing.

  • I find I am most often inspired by people I know, purely because I know their stories so well and am still in awe of the things they achieve or the way they live their lives and get through each day. My biggest inspiration would be my Grandmother. She lived through so much adversity and hardship and yet she still dedicated her life to helping others and that inspires me more than anything else.

    #teamIBOT was here!

  • Yes these women are on my inspiration list too. I think a lot of bloggers are also. I’m not a stalker either but somedays I think that I am and it creeps me out lol.

  • I love to be inspired, and often its the closest people to you. My sisters inspired me to kick off an online mag of them, they also shit me because they never do their homework without being pushed… hmmppff sisters

  • It’s a tough question isn’t it? To think of people who inspire you? There was a lady evangelist back in the early 1900’s who I think was amazing. I’ve always loved her spirit

    • It is a tough question. I’m finding it easier to answer these days…I guess it’s because I belong to such a community now, both online and in this little country town of mine 🙂

  • Beautiful post Angela. I am so inspired by so many women around the interwebs. Those connections you make early on are so special though.

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