Breastfeeding in Winter: A review and top tips for new mums

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Breastfeeding, for me, has been both a massive challenge and a breeze. Two polar opposite experiences from two very different births, and two very different boys. From shields and no supply to skipping just one feed and getting mastitis, I have seen a fair bit.

One thing for sure? I wouldn’t take any of it back. As someone who thought nothing but “I guess I’ll kind of figure it out as I go along”, I was not at all prepared for the most unique and beautiful bond that came with breastfeeding. It is so special, so personal and so beautiful. Something I’ll always remember and treasure.

There’s so much to LEARN about breastfeeding. It’s pretty overwhelming isn’t it? I was so unprepared for the logistics of it all. Pumping, shields, clothes and so much more.

The lovely people at Maternity Sale, home of Eve of Eden Maternity recently sent me some gorgeous tops to review. It got me thinking about what I would have loved to know about breastfeeding clothes when I was a new mum! There’s a DISCOUNT CODE at the bottom of my top 3 tips.

1. Stay WARM!

Women can breastfeed anywhere, anytime and show/cover as much as they like! In winter though? Look for tops that you don’t need to lift and that have the extra panel underneath for easy feeding. A chilly breeze on your tummy or chest whether you are home or out and about can give you goosebumps! I love longline tops like this mint-green polka dot top because it keeps you super warm and it’s not riding up every time you bend over to put a child in the car, buckle them into the pram and so on.

eve maternity pola dot top

eve maternity polka dot top

2. Stick to natural fibres

Ahhh that soft, delicate skin of a newborn. It’s so beautiful, and so sensitive. Avoid synthetic materials that might irritate it. Keep in mind things with lots of fluff or beads sewn on can be hazardous when a baby/child is breastfeeding. It can also be a pain if you’re trying to move this stuff out of the way of a baby’s face while still figuring out how to get that perfect/comfortable latch for you both. Cotton, bamboo or anything that has a nice feel to it is highly recommended. I really love the look of the Apple/Pear Print Nursing Sweater, so comfy and 100% cotton!

3. Keep your layers easy to unzip or unbutton

I used to hate if I had to go out to an event and I put a nursing singlet on underneath but then wore a high neck jumper! It usually meant having to pull up the jumper to pull down the singlet and it all just got too hard. Cardigans and jackets over the top of a breastfeeding top is best.

4. Buy breastfeeding specific clothes

I don’t know what I was thinking the first time around. I tried to just buy nursing singlets because I didn’t want to ‘lash out’ and buy breastfeeding clothes I’d never wear again! Looking back, I’ve breastfed on and off (but mostly on) for 3 and a half years. I’m pretty sure it would have been worth it for both my confidence and warmth to invest in a few nice, breastfeeding tops rather than walking around clothing racks trying to figure out if a particular top can be layered, will I need to lift it up and so on. This top from Maternity Sale is loose around the belly and has studs to wear on or off the shoulder.

eve maternity black top


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