Birthday Bonanza Giveaway! **GIVEAWAY ENDED**


Kristen and Jen – LeapPad Ultra

Michelle V – Bread Maker

Kimberly – ID Bracelet

Stephanie – Aromababy Pack

Mel Waight, Rachel, Elisabeth, Lana, Leisha and Selina – Ice Cream Maker

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School of Mum is 2. Can you believe it? I’m undecided if I can. Sometimes it feels like only yesterday I started this blog and other times it feels like it has been around my whole life. It really has surprised me where it has led over the last 2 years. From amazing friendships, travel, business opportunities and just connecting with others.

We have had some awesome giveaways over the last 2 years and this one is going to launch the next blogging year with a bang! Check it out…

1. x2 LeapPad Ultra Tablet (RRP $229.99) + Downloadable Digital Card (RRP $29.99)

33200_PR01 (1)

This is the LATEST in LeapPads and I am telling you I will be excited to get something like this for Tom this Christmas. Designed just for kids, the new LeapPad Ultra is the only children’s tablet with an integrated, kid-safe, Wi-Fi and web experience – and it’s kid-tough! LeapPad Ultra is ready to go right out of the box with LeapSearch by Zui, a proprietary kid-safe web content experience that parents can trust. The new LeapFrog tablet comes at a time of growing concern about children’s exposure and ease of access to content on the web, as well as a rise in accidental ‘in-app’ purchasing, where children unknowingly download content to their parents’ tablets or smartphone devices at a cost, whilst they play. With LeapPad Ultra’s parental controls, these concerns are eliminated.

Suitable for kids aged 4-9 this is an excellent, child-friendly piece of technology that will last for years to come! We have 2 to give away!

2. x1 Kambrook Bread Maker (RRP $99.99)

IMG_20140818_195456kambrook bread makerWell this appliance has changed things in my household more than I imagined over the last few weeks. I have never owned a breadmaker. I’ve never made more than banana bread or pizza dough. Because who can be bothered with the mess and the waiting for it to rise and all the rest!? No time for that!


I look at the ‘nice’ bread in the supermarket. That’s all I do. Look at it. Then I buy the cheap and nasty, because $4.50 for a loaf of bread is crazy to me. But now that I’ve made my own, I’m re-thinking the cheap and nasty. Today we had some fruit bread from the breadmaker and it tasted darn good. Ridiculously good. I was saying to my husband how nice it is to know I made it. And to know that it has next to no sugar in it or any nasty preservatives yet it will still last because it is so fresh.I have a feeling this is NOT going to be one of those appliances that just sits in the pantry gathering dust. When it’s as simple as putting the ingredients in order into the bowl, and turning it on the right settings (you can even choose the crust colour!) I can see it being used often. I’m really excited about trying it out for things like jams and sauces too. Win this and you will not be disappointed!


3. x1 Oh My Giddy Aunt Sterling Silver Bluebird ID Baby Bracelet Engraved (RRP $74.95)

oh my giddy aunt bracelet

A bluebird of happiness to wish someone special a wonderfully happy life! This classic bracelet has all the charms of a traditional child’s bracelet – a heart padlock, a name plaque and a little enamel bluebird. Please note, the name plate is not bevelled like in the image and has a tiny heart cut out.

To personalise it, your Giddy Aunts can hand engrave a single name in a script font for you (approx 12 characters max … they can engrave more, but the letters will be tiny). The bracelet is 16.5mm long and the chain is 3mm wide. This would make a gorgeous gift for a very special baby!

4. x1 AromaBaby Baby Pack (RRP $50)


I wish I had discovered Aromababy while I was pregnant but I’m only just learning of them now. Aromababy is a collection of Australian-made skin care that is rich in certified organic, natural oils and gmo free pure vitamin e. To ensure you find something to suit all your pregnancy, labour, postnatal, baby skincare, baby massage and gift giving needs. Cleanse, moisturise, protect and pamper your growing body and your baby’s skin with the most exquisite, natural and organic-rich baby skin care products available.

5. x6 Chill Factor Ice Cream Makers (RRP from $16.95ea)

chill_factor_ice_cream_maker_choc IMG_20140817_192855

 After pretty much living off the Chill Factor Slushy Maker when I was pregnant and DYING in summer, I was very, very happy to try out the Ice Cream Maker! It’s pretty similar to the slushy maker. Pop it in the freezer, take it out, throw in some ingredients, shake and squeeze and voila, instant ice cream! I decided to try similar ingredients to what I would put in a cherry ripe slice…and it did not disappoint…

Available in the chocolate or strawberry version this is going to be awesome in summer! Can’t wait to create some healthy sorbets in this baby too. They would also make excellent Christmas presents!






******WIN WIN WIN WIN*******

Winning is EASY. Just fill in the Rafflecopter form below (it makes it easier for us to keep track of entries)
COMMENT stating what your ULTIMATE birthday bonanza would be and what you would like to win the most.

It’s that easy! Good luck.

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42 thoughts on “Birthday Bonanza Giveaway! **GIVEAWAY ENDED**

  • Going on a cruise with my husband (and NO kids!) for a few days would be the ultimate birthday bonanza for me.

    I would most like to win the bread maker because we go through so much that it would be cheaper to buy a bakery than keep paying $4+ a loaf. I know my kids would love the LeapPad but for once I’m picking what I’d prefer.

  • I would love to say that my ultimate birthday bonanza was spending quality time with my friends and family BUT I’M NOT THAT PERSON! Give me first class tickets to New York and a personal shopper for the week (and considering it’s MY fantasy – throw in the cash too!!).

    Of course, a Kambrook bread maker comes a very close second on the birthday wish list!

    Happy 2nd Birthday School of Mum – cut loose and keep up the awesome work!

  • Congratulations on 2 years Ange and well done. Some pretty awesome giveaways. There’s a constant battle in our house over phones and tablets… accessibility to the internet and clever advertising leaves me feeling vulnerable and watching over their shoulders. I’d love a leap pad…. eliminates all those feelings and gives you peace of mind!
    P.s ice cream maker is AWESOME, Matilda just got one for her birthday and we love love love it

  • Ultimate birthday bonanza…. Now you got me thinking….hmmm. With my 30th exactly 3 months away I guess it’s time to think about birthdays and celebrations.
    As long as my cake is chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate and I have my family and friends there it will definitely be a bonza birthday.

    Congrats on School of Mum’s second birthday. I’ve been a fan for almost all of that time. Loved one of your very first blog posts about his and hers view of childbirth etc.

    I’d love any of the prizes for various reasons.
    Aromababy pack as who wouldn’t want their little treasures smelling divine.

    The oh my giddy aunt bracelet because it is stunning.

    The chill factor ice cream makers because homemade chocolate ice cream at my 30th would be fabulous.

    The kambrook bread maker because nothing beats waking to fresh bread in the morning.

    But I would really love the LeapPad Ultra Tablet for my daughter who really enjoys learning and we all know LeapPad have perfected their educational toys.

  • I’d love to win the Leap Pad so the kids could have a tablet of their own, with the bonus of it having inbuilt online protection so I can have peace of mind while they are using it in the online environment.

  • I just want a simple birthday – a candle in a pain du chocolat, courtesy of the Ritz. My birthday would coincide with the Parisian spring, so a million flowers would bloom and welcome me. Aah.

    I’d love the ice cream maker. We’re an hour from town and when that ice cream urge hits in summer and the freezer is bare, the screams are pitiful!

  • My ultimate birthday bonanza would have to include travel to some place on my travel wish list – Rome perhaps. Dinner at an intimate restaurant and a jewellery keepsake. (I don’t want much do I?)

    The Kambrook Bread Maker would be ideal. I’d love to try my hand at making Gluten Free bread for my daughter. Has to be cheaper & tastier.

  • A quiet day spent with hubby would be idea. A nice meal, maybe a bushwalk. Just a peaceful time spent together would be ideal for me!
    Would love the leap pad for my toddler who is obsessed with computers and “typing letters”. Although the bread machine would be pretty awesome too!

  • It is too hard for me to pick my ultimate birthday bonanza! Part of me would LOVE a day at a spa, facials, massages and the works followed by an amazing meal at a fancy restaurant. But I know if I were to get that, I’d spend the entire day wishing I was back home with my precious little munchkins climbing all over with with their happy faces covered in food. So how about someone come to my house and clean everything while my little family can enjoy a picnic outside in the sun? Too many choices to say the least. Honestly, I know I am already incredibly lucky with what I have so anything else is quite simply icing on the cake.

    For your birthday bonanza, all the prizes look amazing – too hard to pick! I think either the LeapPad tablet for my little 2.7 year old or the ice cream maker (for myself!). Thanks heaps for this opportunity! Hope the next two years of your blog are just as exciting as the first two.

  • Yaaaay Happy Happy two years to you!
    Thank you for all your fabulous reads and reviews 🙂
    I hope you still have many more to follow!

    My ULTIMATE birthday bonanza would have to be a day celebrated in a spa and salon (I’m very overdue for some pampering love)
    I am the one who does all my family and friends hair make up and massages.. Would love a little time to relax myself.
    If I could sneak a nice little afternoon snack of tapas in their too I would!

    You have some amazing goodies that I have loved reading your reviews on,
    I personally would LOVE to see what everyone is raving about with a ‘Leap Pad Ultra Tablet.’
    I have heard amazing things about these babies and have the perfect little man who would definitely benefit from all it’s amazing features!

    Can’t go without mentioning his mum would like a little rest from reading his favourite book over and over an over again.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win some fab prizes, please continue to keep us entertained with ‘School of mum’

    Lana x

  • My birthday bonanza would have to be a day of pampering while the house was being cleaned (by someone else) and then a night out for dinner with my husband and a babysitter for the kids. A yummy chocolate birthday cake too!!

    A hard choice between bread maker and leappad ultra but would choose the ultra for the kids (it will give them something to do while I’m out being pampered and having dinner 😉

  • I would love to win an all inclusive holiday for my family including lots of fun pre-paid experiences so that we can make amazing memories.

    PS. If I couldn’t get that I would settle for a Thermomix 😛

    • And my ultimate birthday bonanza would be a sleep in and to go back to the old kiddy partys like fairy bread pin the tail on the donkey your only as old as u feel lol

  • My ultimate birthday bonanza would be time spent with family where I didn’t have to do all the work for my own birthday, so a cleaner, a cook and a gardener would cover it. :O
    I’d love the Leapfrog Ultra because then I’d have my own tablet to use without constantly being asked “can I have a turn now?”.

  • Family is spread far and wide. I’d love to have everyone come together and enjoy a trip on a riverboat in Sydney with a 3 course meal, drinks, followed by dancing the evening away. A special family get together in an ultra special surrounding. And why not finish the evening off with some fireworks.

    And I know this prize will be the most popular but with three children who are striving for technology but failing to experience it at home, the LeapPad Ultra Tablet would be perfect. Two already at school and being influenced by their piers and their technology experiences, and a nearly 4 year old who wants nothing more than to compete and join in with her older siblings. Wishes maybe do come true

  • Would love to be able to escape to getaway holiday with my family and friends and enjoy some special moments captured and treasured. To win a device so these memories will remain long after the holiday is over.

  • My birthday bonanza would be to spend a few days with my sisters at a health retreat so we can spend some quality time together as we don’t get to see each other very often…once a year if we are lucky!
    I would most like to win the Bluebird ID Baby Bracelet. My best friend has recently had a baby girl and I am the proud god mother! I could not think of a more beautiful gift for my god daughter.

  • Congratulations Ange. The blog is always great reading. They bring back pleasant memories of motherhood and having little children around.

  • My ultimate birthday bonanza would definitely include my 3 amazing children. Maybe a lunch with some amazing friends and family. Then that night be whisked away by my husband, child free to have night just the two of us. The next morning go to the airport, pick a flight, be spontaneous jump on a plane and see where we end up. Hopefully somewhere warm 🙂 would love a leapfrog prize please

  • firstly, happy birthday too u. secondly my ultimate birthday would be in a luxurious hotel, which never happened before and i have to work. lastly LeapPad Ultra Tablet please.

  • My ultimate birthday bonanza would be having a party along the shores of a beautiful Queensland beach, any one, I don’t care. As long as there is sun, and my family, and good food and music. My birthday actually falls in autumn so it is never sunny, so a tropical birthday bash sounds divine!
    I would love to win the bread maker as my 4 yr old has a recently diagnosed bowel condition and I am in the process of altering her diet and this would allow me to make some healthy options for her. Thanks for the opportunity to win, and congrats on a great milestone!

  • For my birthday I would love to go to Vegas with my husband and stay in a fancy suite.

    I want to win the Leapad Ultra Tablet the most because I have three boys (5, 6, 8) that would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to have one!

  • Ultimate birthday would be an around the world holiday visiting all my friends and loved ones spread across the world. I would love to win a leap pad for my daughter. We are lucky enough to be visiting family in the USA at Christmas and this would be wonderful for the trip!

  • My Ultimate birthday will be in Fiji with my family next April if all goes well. It will be our first family holiday overseas for a while and everyone is looking forward to the break and lots of fun.

    Leap Pad Ultra for the kids would be awesome so I can finally have my iPad back please 🙂

  • My ultimate birthday will be flying back to visit my parents and family. It would be the best present to see my family members and celebrate with them. It would be unforgettable birthday.

    LeapPad Ultra Tablet is a great product for my little girl to learn things.

  • My ultimate bonanza would be an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas, including spa treatments and shopping sprees!!!

    I’d love to win the leap pad please

  • My Ultimate Birthday would be a Holiday away with my family somewhere the kids love as there is no greater gift to me than seeing them Happy and being showered with luxury gifts from my Husband would be lovely too. Its my Birthday in 2 days so my husband better take note lol.

    I would love to win the Aromababy Pack as my baby girl has sensitive skin and a natural and organic product such as Aromababy is perfect to keep her comfortable and clean.

  • Congratulations Angela!

    I’ve spent the last two birthdays in bed sick, so good health would definitely be the top of my list, lol.

    I’m pretty easily pleased, I would love a sleep in followed by a shower on my own, someone to do my hair and make up and a new outfit for the day (it would be warm, so something pretty and whimsical). I would like to go out for a BIG organic cooked breakfast with all of my family and friends and then spend the rest of the day wandering around gardens, antique shops and eating & drinking! All with an unlimited budget of course 😉

  • For me the ultimate birthday bonanza would be – my parents visiting me from overseas and spending time with me on my birthday.
    I would love to win a Kambrook Bread Maker because i am sure home baked bread would be preservatives and chemical free and super fresh and i want to see how it tastes…

  • My Ultimate Birthday Delight,
    Would be going on a Mystery Flight!
    For a day, I’d leave the kids at home;
    And to a mysterious place I’d roam.
    I’d travel with my best friend;
    Having a day we’d wish would never end …
    We would explore the cafes, markets and bars;
    And eat birthday cake alfresco, under the stars!
    Time to talk, to party, to have some fun …
    A birthday to remember for years to come!

    ** Happy 2nd birthday School of Mum! **

    I’d love a breadmaker, my kids would love the LeapPad or ice-cream maker. x

  • I’d love to go to Hawaii for a month long holiday for my 40th birthday bonanza , kids club , family activities , cocktails & spending quality time on my own & then with the husband & the kids .

    I’d love to win the breadmaker .

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