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The most common question I receive is what activities can you do with a bubs who is around the toddler stage. That being either a fully fledged toddler, or a beginner toddler (15 months or so).

My answer is this: You can do whatever you like! Don’t be afraid to get crafty and try paint, playdough, paper or glue! You might not think a child so young would benefit, or maybe you think they would be more interested in eating the glue, than sticking. Their attention span might not be very long either and you might find them soon distracted by something else. That’s all true of course. But here is what they will gain:

* Language Building: As you work with your toddler, you will be talking to them, explaining what you are doing, asking questions and sharing. All this will help build your child’s vocabulary or help them form those first words!

* Bonding: I had so much fun crafting with my little man. We smiled, played and he drew a big grin every time I said “Wow!” at his accomplishments.

* Sensory Development: Learning what the toddler can scrunch, how cotton wool is soft and how glue is sticky all helps to build your child’s sensory development!

* Motor Skills: Pasting, manipulating objects, holding a crayon or texta and using different tools to create their craft all helps little ones develop their fine motor skills.

We created our crafts using products from the Micador Early Start Range. I should note that the Early Start range is aimed at 2-4 year olds. My little man is 16 months, so he had a little more input from me but he was more than capable to use all the items!

This range is perfectly designed with little ones in mind. The glue is completely non-toxic and safe to use. My little man was so amused by the fact that it went on purple, it was like he was painting! It also made it easier to know where to stick things like cotton wool for our bunny and paper for our fish scales.


The chunky markers are perfect! They are short which makes them so much easier for little hands to hold and they are non-toxic and completely washable. My little man got this stuff all over him. I couldn’t get the pink marker away from him after our activities but knowing it was washable and non-toxic put me at ease. If they leave the lid off you can rehydrate them by putting them under some water too!


Now I did let him have a hold of the scissors, but he didn’t really know what to do with them. But that’s ok. I modelled and he watched! The more he watches the quicker he will soon learn. As a school teacher though I’m loving how they don’t open too wide. Safety first! They also have a clever little safety latch attached.


The Imagination Paper (see below) is very cool. There’s nothing worse than not having something on hand to whip out when your child gets the urge to craft. This has everything you need. Shapes on one page to cut out, sticker sheet on the back to make eyes or whatever you like. And of course, coloured paper to cut out, decorate or draw on.




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52 thoughts on “Benefits of Toddler Crafts – Micador **GIVEAWAY ENDED**

  • Oh WOW! Craft, I love craft! We, maybe more me, but my little girl and I love sitting together and making stuff. Finger painting (yes, foot painting too), playdough, colouring in – but the crayons break all the time! Stickers – hours and hours of entertainment of peeling off a sticker and putting in on the page, peel off and put it in another spot! Making birthday and special gifts for special occasions – nothing says I love you like a handmade gift and when it’s from your granddaughter or niece, it’s even more special. And of course cards – she has no choice in that one! 🙂

  • We love making a living picture out of what we find in the garden. Some dirt, leaves, rocks and grass make an interesting creation.

  • my daughter made all our family members and friends Christmas angels out of paper plates last year, they were amazing!

  • Just seeing how young this bub looks in the pictures makes me wonder if I should be starting my 11month old on crafts.

    • You can! Try paints or playdough! My little man is 16 months here 🙂 it’s no pressure for the learning of course. That just happens while they’re having fun!

  • I brought some plain terracotta pots that my little one painted with all sorts of colours and stripes. Then we planted some little daisies in the pot 🙂

  • We love to do tissue paper craft. Let your toddler rip and crumble tissue paper and then glue onto card. Fun and a great way to explore with colour

  • My toddler is mad about glueing things so collage is her favourite craft following closely by creative scribbling (drawing and colouring!)

  • we do painting she loves getting her hands messy play dough is a favourite and she loves to draw and stick things to paper we make our own clag so that if she puts it in her mouth she wont harm herself we use pasta and different things from the kitchen as she could also put these in her mouth so these are harm free we just made grass heads with stockings and dirt and she is loving watching it grow and putting water on it we are painting eggs this weekend

  • Great prize! I often do craft with my six and four year old boys, but haven’t really bothered with my two year old. Even if I don’t win, you’ve inspired me to give it a go so thank you!!

  • Crafting is what we do 🙂 Paining, including hand, foot and all-over-body painting, colouring in, stamping, decorating with stickets, play dough, we love it all. Little Monkey had her first go at heklping me sew the other day. We are about to venture out into messy glueing and decorating crafting – so excited!!!

  • We live in the outback and love making chalk pictures on the machinery shed floor to surprise Dad when he returns home!

  • I’m always in awe of parents who can do all this stuff with their kids. My brain just doesn’t work like that and I was grateful Nick got to go to kindy a couple days a week when he was little to do all that fun stuff! Looks like he loved it! -Aroha #teamIBOT

  • I should do more with my 17 month old, you have inspired me to put him in highchair and let him loose – will get some of those chubby markers 🙂

  • My son loves to make birthday cards for everyone in our family, we use paint, glitter and pompoms, it’s so much fun.

  • Big fan of School Of Mum and Micador. Micador have the best environmentally friendly felt pens.. all my fellow Facebook Mum friends love them too!!!

  • My 1 year old has just started getting into craft, if she can get her hands on a crayon, pencil or texta she just loves to draw.

  • I enjoy doing craft with my toddler but find he destroys things but this has inspired me to engage in more craft with my toddler & stock u on my Micador products again – had not seem this great pack before! Thank you ! 🙂

  • I’ve been wanting to get my 16mth old into crafts (I’m a craft nut!) but have been so scared as everything is labelled 3yrs and over 🙁
    I can’t wait to give Micador a try!! First up, easter gifts… His grandparents are Greek, so some red cardboard eggs that he can decorate until his heart is content!!

  • I am so totally NOT crafty, creatively talented or even remotely interested in anyhting crafty personally (i wish i could say otherwise) I would hate to instill my own crafty shortcomings into my boys so I am using your blog as inspiration to do one crafty thing a week to begin with. here goes!

  • My kids love making craft out of anything they find. Just give them some paper, scissors, glue, glitter, textas & a few bits & pieces & let their imaginations run wild.

  • Sounds like great fun!! I’ve been inspired to get the whole family involved! Creativity and family bonding what more could you need out of life!!!!

  • We love all craft at our house, including me, I set it up, give them some ideas and it gives me at least 1/2 hour of peaceful playing. We especially love micador stuff 🙂

  • One of our favorite craft activities is for miss 2 and 3 to lie down while I trace their silhouettes. We then use bits and pieces from our craft box to decorate and make faces, clothes, shoes etc

  • Crafting with my kids is always worthwhile because I can see how much they enjoy it. This looks like good, chunky stuff. ;o)

  • Drawing chalk pictures on the concrete outside – so great because it can be washed away when we run out of space to start again.

  • My 2 year old loves all things craft. Her current favourite activity is using stencils make shapes in play dough. We will be creating lots of lovely things in the lead up to Easter, including painting our own “home laid” eggs.

  • I love crafting with my little ones. I find craft to be an activity that is easy to adapt for all ages. Favourite ones are putting pipe cleaners into a plastic strainer and sticking bits of paper that have been cut into shapes onto a piece of contact paper.

  • We’re a huge fan of gluing over here. Nothing wrong with cutting out the catalogues and sticking them on scrap paper 🙂

  • We’ve started off simple – stickers and colouring in. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I get a good 45 minutes peace and quiet out of my 3 year old when we do this, but most of the time I want to colour in too.

  • Amazing, this inspires me to create a small shelter for a kitten with my little one helping craft it and color it, with a shoebox, satin ribbons, glue and ice lolly sticks for a fence..

  • My children love craft. My 3 y.o loves drawing with chalk on our driveway. A real talking point with Dad when he comes home and admires my sons drawings. I can’t throw away boxes without decorations first.

  • We usually do theme-based craft activities. For example, on Valentine’s Day we made love heart cut-outs and the kids decorated them with glitter, stickers, etc, and for Easter we will make Easter bunny masks. We love crafting!

  • i do a lot of painting with my 2 yr old daughter her favourite is shaving cream and paint prints (clouds) we draw and colour in almost every day she uses scissors with her play dough at the moment have been looking for a good pair of safety scissors for a while and found their website last night i know where ill be spending a bit at in future

  • My son spends so much time cutting into little squares packaging and scraps of paper and then making partly mosaics partly drawing out of them on a sheet of plain A4 paper. He is only 6 and he always talks about recycling all bits of paper into art. He also loves his glue and sticky tape and we go through numerous amounts of them. He could spend hours at his desk and gets highly excited when I come home with a new pen or type of crayons or squiggly scissors.

  • My boys love making their own wrapping paper for birthday presents for the family, using butcher or brown paper, they then paint pictures or use stamps to design the paper. Looks fantastic!

  • I was thinking today what great idea it was to use an old sheet from the op shop to cover the dining table when my toddler paints 😉 I love doing craft with her, she is crazy for glue at the moment, and feathers. I am new to the toddler craft gig as she’s my first but I’ve been saving egg boxes since she was born just about 🙂 I like the spiders out of egg boxes idea, with pipe cleaners. I also like Mister Maker, lots of good idea there, like painting bubble wrap to make the moon’s surface. And The Imagination Tree is a fab source of ideas too. Would love to win this kit for my lil girl 🙂

  • The greatest fun my toddler and I have is with shaving cream. Going onto the verandah to our outside craft table. I lather shaving cream all over it and she progresses to ooze her fingers through it, lovely the tactile sensation. We draw pictures, rub it over again, to start afresh. If I feeling adventurous I even add a little coloured food colouring and we make coloured pictures. Best with gloves though, for that one.

    I love having a toddler!

  • My son loves trying a bit of everything. But he really loves creating things from used boxes. He’s always so proud of his work and I love seeing his mind work.

  • This will be a new thing for my little one. She loves craft just like me.
    We will start cut and paste all the recycle wrapping paper into art. It will be fun.

  • Crafting from the kitchen, pasta shells all difefrent shapes and sizes. When were outside is free for all finger and toe painting hahaha

  • I loved making froot loop (you can use the cheaper brand) necklaces with my kids when they were little because it was fun threading the froot loops and wearing it for a while…then eating it while it was still fresh 🙂 Now I have toddler granddaughters we make them with my 7 yo son…Family fun!! and if we’re not doing that it lots of drawing, cutting & pasting 🙂

  • Here we have a big bucket of textas, pencils and crayons next to a pile of paper, the girls spend hours drawing 🙂

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