Belkin is here for Father’s Day!

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Belkin is joining us for Father’s Day and I am truly excited. We are less on the gift giving and more on the experiences and handmade goods, but I always try to get something that shows that we know who our family man is and we know what suits him best. My husband lives, breathes and works in Music. Belkin has some amazing music tech products in the Rockstar range and just those cool general gadgets that our multi-tasking men need in their lives!

We’re giving away $230 worth of Belkin product to one lucky winner! Check it out.

1. Storage Plus Armband for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s

RRP: $49.95.

160120_Storage Armband Plus (4)

For the fit Dad that loves to workout with his phone, Belkin’s StoragePlus Armband features a zipped compartment where he can store change, keys or snacks. With his phone in the front, Dad can have all his essentials and focus on his goal!

2. MIXIT↑™ Metallic Power Pack 6600 in Gray

RRP: $69.95

160106_Belkin Gold Power Bank 6000_LR

For the dedicated Dad watching Junior’s grand final soccer game, there’s plenty of photo opportunities. Belkin have the perfect solution for when his phone battery gets low and the kid’s about the score the winning goal. The MIXIT↑ Metallic Power Pack 6600 fits in his palm and optimally charges his phone anywhere, anytime so that no precious memory is missed!

3. MIXIT↑™ Metallic Lightning to USB Cable in Gray

RRP: $34.95


Paired with the Power Pack 6600, this stylish USB lightning connector allows you to charge and sync all your devices safely with one cable.

4. Road Rockstar: 4-Port Passenger Car Charger

150813_Belkin RockStar (2)

RRP: $59.95

There’ll be no more back seat arguments about who gets to charge their device next with Belkin’s Road RockStar. The 4-port charger has a 6-foot cable that reaches to the back, so the kids can both charge simultaneously and Mum and Dad can charge in the front at the same time! Essential for any family road trip!

5. RockStar for iPod and MP3 Players

Belkin RockStar for iPod and MP3 Players

RRP: $19.95

The true music-lovin’ Dad’s who are generous enough to share their tunes, Belkin’s RockStar is a headphone splitter that connects up to five headphones! Event better, you can add another device to create a mix of songs.

Want to win ALL of it? You can!


Comment below stating why you want to win this pack for someone special in your life. It is that simple!

Also feel free to like Belkin on Facebook.

Good luck!

This is a game of skill. Be creative with your entry!
This is open to Australian residents only
Entries must have a valid email address
Entries close 5th September, 2o16 at 12pm AEST

Winner will be announced by the 6th September, 2016.

25 thoughts on “Belkin is here for Father’s Day!

  • I would love to win this pack for my husband. He has corrupted my 2yr old into liking Collingwood (my 2yr old thinks they are called go pies!!) and I often find both of them sharing the headphones trying to listen to Collingwood updates on his phone. So the RockStar would be perfect for them!!

  • I would love to win this for my partner, the wonderful father of our two girls. He is an outdoors man and we also love to go bush camping. These items are perfect for our travels to our bush camping destinations and some are even better for when we camp with NO POWER. This Belkin prize could literally be a lifesaver out in the bush.

  • My husband is a great Dad,
    And he’s a gadget kinda guy,
    He likes to go Trail bike riding,
    But no way to charge his phone makes him sigh!
    It’s hard sometimes to keep in contact,
    With the ones he loves the most,
    Winning this Belkin pack would fix all that,
    Whether working away, having fun or at the coast!!

  • A gift for dad that really rocks,
    No more hankies, jocks or socks.
    The Belkin range has the answer,
    Especially if dad is a RockStar dancer.

  • I would love to win this Belkin pack because it rocks.
    It looks so stylish, stylish like a fox.
    My partner would be so surprised if I won.
    It would be like if I had hit a home run.

    (and I love him so).

  • What? You have the tools to make my life easier by getting my husband’s technology simplified?!! This would make him a happy man, and he deserves it. It would make my life much easier too.

  • Dads mind is set on being young,
    sports, gadgets, all for having fun!
    Belkin helps connect to what we love,
    helping inspire dreams from above.
    Fathers day is everyday, Dad, one of a kind.
    A Belkin gift, hes no more confined.
    Freedom for his young mind 🙂

  • Dad may be over 50 but is one of the most tech savvy men I know. A Belkin pack would be perfect for him on the job sites to not only keep his music safe but take all his files with him when hes on the road. Happy Father’s Day dad!

  • This Belkin prize could spoil a few special someones!
    Power Pack charges the sons iPad on the run
    RockStar Splitter lets the teen share her playlist
    Road RockStar, hubby’s calls are never missed
    The MIXIT cable for me, now don’t have to share
    Something for everyone, Belkin can take us anywhere!

  • The Road RockStar and Power Pack, would have saved him getting lost out back and with no phone, no petrol and clue what to do. The RockStar Splitter would have given us all something to listen to as we were out of radio range. The MIXIT cable would be great use at home. Moral is equip with Belkin and stay connected.

  • My husband just got an iPhone for work after having a Samsung phone and just loves it so he would be absolutely stoked to have this accessory pack to go with it.

  • I live with the most technically challenged man in the world. Computers crash at the mere sight of him. With this pack perhaps I could safely leave him alone with technology for a short-time? That would make me feel like a winner 🙂

  • My partner works 12 hour night shifts
    as a security patrolman.
    His company is his music, so this would
    keep him going each night. Not to mention
    it would be a perfect gift for Father’s Day!

  • We think our Dad is a Rockstar! These Belkin accessories would be the best gift for him by far. The armband and power pack perfect for his adventures in PokemonGo and with the headphone splitter he’ll be daggy dancing around the lounge room with the kids in tow!

  • My partner is incredibly generous towards me and my family, more than I could ever explain. From extravagant gifts, surprise deliveries of flowers and the sweetest kisses goodnight. He loves his gadgets and gizmos, anything to make daily life a little easier, so this Belkin prize back would really brighten his day.

  • My dad would love and deserves this cause,

    He never looks for praises,
    He’s never one to boast,
    He just goes on quietly working,
    For those he loves the most.
    His dreams are seldom spoken,
    His wants are very few,
    and most of the time his worries,
    will go unspoken too.
    He’s there… a firm foundation,
    through all our storms of life.
    A sturdy hand to hold to,
    in times of stress and strife,
    A true friend we can turn to,
    when times are good and bad.
    To me he is Superman,
    because he does all that he can.
    One of our greatest blessings,
    the man I call dad.

  • My man travels with work,
    Not getting in touch drives me berserk!
    His phones dies all the time,
    So this pack would be divine.

  • Hubby’s phone battery is quite bad;
    It’s reliability can make me mad;
    When the kids call for a chat;
    And his phone is flat …
    It makes them feel very sad.

    At their weekend Little Athletics race;
    The kids want photos showing their pace;
    But dad’s phone again fails;
    And Dad’s awesomeness pales;
    Because his memory card has no space.

    Winning this prize would be rad!
    It would stop my kids being sad.
    By giving life to his phone;
    And getting him into a technologically reliable zone;
    Hubby will again be a champion Dad!

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