Back to School With Bright Star Kids and Smiggle **Review/Giveaway**

Congratulations to Belinda Baker (BSK Voucher), Jen G (Smiggle Pack) and Fi Morrison (BSK)

I’ve trained myself over the last few weeks to stop clicking on the endless links paraded in front of me on my Facebook newsfeed about going back to school. IS YOUR CHILD READY? DO YOU HAVE THE BEST OF THE BEST OF THE BEST? HAVE YOU MADE THOSE PERFECT SCHOOL LUNCHES? HAVE YOU FROZEN 123408343984 MUFFINS YET FOR SNACK TIME?????? CLICK ME!!!

Sorry about the caps shouting. That’s just what it feels like to me at the moment. Why? Because my little mister, who is starting school very soon just had his tonsils/adenoids/grommets done and quite frankly, I just want him to get through a school day without experiencing pain. I also know that he only has 2 days at school next week and then it’s the weekend. By then, reality will have hit me and I’ll be able to make, maybe, 20 muffins or something.

Everywhere we turn at the moment he has someone come right up close to him and say “And are you excited about school?” For the most part he is, but we’ve underplayed it and a lot of the things we should be doing have gone out the window as we just focus on him being relaxed.

There are a couple of products I’ve picked up though and I wanted to share them with you (literally, so enter the comp below!) These things were important to me, simply because they perked him up and gave him that little boost of excitement he needed. If we don’t chill out about school, our children are going to see right through us and they might be a little less chilled out themselves. Here’s a couple of our favourite things that got him feeling at ease:

Bright Star Kids

It was really important to make T feel like going to school allowed for far more personalisation than kinder did. Although he needs to wear uniform now (not his faourite thing), that doesn’t mean he can’t show his personality and his tastes in other ways. He’s been going to the library regularly since he was 1 year old and the thought of being able to borrow books from school really excites him. What I loved about the Bright Star Kids website is that we could see what we were designing as we went along. He had a great time choosing his picture, font and name to go on his bag. The bag is a thick canvas material and nice and big too.

tom library bag


We also bought some labels which have been on the boys’ drink bottles since they arrived. I Love how you can choose the picture to put at the end of the text too.

The postage was super quick and they’ve got some great sales on now that the school holidays are coming to and end so check them out.

 I’ve got 2 $30 gift vouchers for Bright Star Kids to give away! Scroll to the bottom to enter.

2. Smiggle

School of Mum has been working with Smiggle for a few years and to be honest, Tom’s Smiggle backpack has made it through 3 year old kinder, 4 year old kinder, numerous outings and now it’s going with him to school. His school has ‘school uniform’ backpacks, but honestly, I’m happy to let him have this as a comfort item and I know he can zip and unzip it so well. I also know he has his favourite spots for his hat and sunnies etc having used it at kinder all last year. The durability is worth it, and so is knowing that your child will feel confident in using it and won’t need to worry about a new bag with new compartments year after year. But enough about my Smiggle ramble, their stuff is cool and lasts forever, so I’m giving you the opportunity to own some of it!

Smiggle Back 2 School $50PP BOY MIX mr

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City Magic Bus Pass $12.95

Snazzy Rainbow Pen Lanyard $7.95

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7 thoughts on “Back to School With Bright Star Kids and Smiggle **Review/Giveaway**

  • I find my boys look forward to school time as they really enjoy the routines. I spend the week before school returns baking up a storm also, so that doing lunch boxes in the mornings isn’t a huge effort. and making sure the school bag area is all clean and tidy, all resources and equipment has been bought and labelled, and their after school activity timetable has all been filled out so they know which days are sport, library, OOSH, other activities etc.

  • I try to ensure that I’m as organised as possible.
    I get my daughters to try their uniforms so if in case they are too short, I get their beautiful Nan to fix the hems.
    I buy their school shoes and their supplies and then I label everything!
    I also try and get them to go to bed at ‘school night’ time the week prior so they are in to a little but more of a routine by the time school starts.

  • Having lists! It helps keep me on track with what I’ve already done and what needs to be done. I wouldn’t survive without my planner.

  • I don’t have kids in school yet (my boy is 6 months old!), but I’m a teacher so to keep myself calm before back to school time I make sure I’m as organised as possible, and drink lots of tea!

  • Be prepared!
    Wash and iron uniforms in advance of school returning – ensure they still fit.
    Shop. School books, stationery, uniforms, lunch boxes and school bags. Get them all before day 1.
    Early to bed, a good nights’ sleep reduces stress before a big year back at school.
    Have uniforms and backpacks laid out ready to go, the night before school goes back.
    Check your school’s website to ensure that there are no pupil free days the week you’re due back, and that OOSH is also operating.
    Good luck and enjoy 🙂

  • Practice makes kids at peace with any new situation. We encourage our kids to do things for themselves – from day 1 at school they are expected to carry out tasks for themselves.
    So we are teaching them self help skills eg… how to open their lunch box, unwrap the foil on their sandwich, how to open a small packet , unpack their bags.
    We are encouraging them to do their morning chores by themselves.

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