Smack Bang in the Middle of Babies vs Toddlers

I don’t know who I am some days. This morning the baby was crying to be taken out of his high chair, but the toddler had hit his head on the table and needed a cuddle and both were crying and I couldn’t reach to settle both things at once. And there was water which had spilled all over the floor. And I hate mess sometimes, and spills on the floorboards.

Have you ever felt like that that with a baby and a toddler? Sometimes their good bits align and the baby will be sitting happily on the floor and the toddler will be making noises at him to make the baby cackle with delight….and other times both kids will be showing off their difficult bits – like not being dependent enough to feed or move themselves while the other one is sneaking frozen yoghurts at 8am when you’re not looking.

A lady at the supermarket was telling me that she has teenagers and she’s quite happy to not go back to them being babies although she told me to enjoy it because it goes so fast.

And she’s right. It goes fast. And I’m horrified at the thought of having 2 teenage boys. MORTIFIED. Have you seen teenage boys these days!? Or any days!? God help us. I’d be happy with my squishy baby forever.

Jeremy is happy, basically all the time, unless he is hungry, tired or wants to get out of the highchair. And when I say happy, I mean you give him one sideways look and he does this.

jeremy's laugh

There is nothing bad in this kid’s world. Nothing at all. He just rolls with the punches. And as long as his nappy is clean, gee he smells good. I don’t want him to turn toddler because the baby smell DISAPPEARS. And I swear smelling a baby’s head is as good as a long hug sometimes. I’m sure it releases the same feel-good hormones. I promise I’m not ‘one of those mums’ but Jeremy’s mouth has never tasted a rubber teat or food from a jar. It just happened that way. And maybe it’s luck that he’s easier than master Tom or maybe it’s a whole bunch of other factors, but he does certainly seem so much more content.

And enter our little firecracker Tom. He has been a firecracker since BIRTH. And he has a personality that you can love with all your might and just want to run away from at the same time. He gives no shit about fitting in. None. If he wants to run around in circles while everyone is having circle time on the mat…then that’s what he will do. If he doesn’t want to join in, he won’t. If he wants to smack that kid in the head? He will. It’s exhausting. It’s toddlerhood at its peak. But then….that energy can be loads of fun. Take him outside or wrestle him and he will laugh to no end. And he is a social bunny. He says “hi” to everyone we walk past. He will chat to anyone on the phone whether he knows them well or not. He blows kisses and gives hugs like they are going out of style. And ┬áhe has a smile that is going to break far too many women’s hearts…

tom cheeky

With one smack bang in the middle of being a baby and the other smack bang in the middle of being a toddler, there are times when I want to smack bang myself in the head and run far, far away….but before I know it they will be teenagers and they won’t have baby smell or blow kisses and give hugs like they are going out of style. So I’ll try to soak it up. Because it does. Go. so. fast.

Are you a fan of the baby days, toddler days, teenage days or all mentioned? Let us know!

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