Autumn with EziBuy

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The weather is finally cooling down. The nights are getting crisp and the early mornings are fresh. There is a hint of a sun that slowly shows us its warm face as the day goes on. The night rolls around and we come back to that cool, crisp air.

Night feeds with Jeremy have changed. They are no longer the two of us clammy with eachother’s bodies so close together. I no longer have to worry about the air-conditioner making him too cold, or turning it off making him far too hot. We cosy up on the couch. I feel his warmth and even though he is so tiny, he manages to keep us both just the right temperature.

During the day we have been walking. Last week I walked with Tom and Jeremy 4 out of 5 days in the week. The sun is still a little strong at times during the day, but coupled with the breeze, its never too overbearing.

I love dressing the kids in cooler weather. It’s great to see their beautiful, chubby arms and legs out in the open, but when it comes to boys, there is only so much you can do with shorts and a t-shirt. There is not as much variety as there is in layers!

I’ve been shopping on EziBuy since they first launched. They were my first online shopping experience. I am absolutely loving their outfits for the boys and have a couple to share with you for my two little terrors…I mean munchkins 🙂


Next Slim Leggings 2 Pack ( 0-18 months) – $14

Next Monkey T-Shirt (0-18 months) – $11

Next Jersey Monkey Trapper (0-12 months)

I love newborns in a matching outfit. Tom lived in jumpsuits, but it’s hard to find some cute ones with a bit of variety. And to be honest, I don’t change Jeremy’s outfit day and night on a daily basis. It is far too much work and completely unnecessary unless he has gotten himself dirty (oh the joy of poo explosions). I love that this could double as comfy pjs and a cute outfit at the same time.


Next Engineered Lined Jeans (3 months – 6 years) – $22-24

Next Suede Hi Top – $33

Next Long Sleeve Gas Tanker T-Shirts Three Pack (3 months – 6 years) – $24-$28

Bold colours suit Tom so well. Reds, yellows and bright blues bring out his skin tone and his uber cuteness. I really love cute jeans that have elastic. They can be hard to find in his size (3). If you have lived in maternity jeans before you will probably know how much comfier they are then those with a zip, button etc. I like that these sort of jeans don’t dig into their soft skin.

And well those shoes, are super trendy and CUTE. I can see them kicking around those rustic coloured Autumn leaves.

What sort of clothes do you love on your children in Autumn?

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