Are MCNs the right choice? **REVIEW + GIVEAWAY**

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This is a guest review by Krystal

When you are pregnant there are a million different choices to make: Will we find out our baby’s gender? What will we name him/her? Public or private hospital? What colour will we paint the nursery? It seems never-ending…

One choice that I made rather early in my pregnancy was that we would trial using modern cloth nappies. This led to mixed reactions from family and friends. Some, usually from the older generation, thought I was crazy ‘Why would you want to do all that work when disposables are so convenient?’  Some were encouraging and told me how their sister/cousin/neighbour LOVED using cloth. All the while I kept in the back of my mind the reassurance that I could trial them for a while and switch to disposables if they were as time consuming and as hard to use as some people seemed to think.

Once I’d made the decision to try cloth nappies, I began my research.  There were a lot more choices in brands and styles than I’d ever imagined and it was easy to get confused. In the midst of my cloth nappy research Ange offered me the opportunity to review the Hippybottomus Trial Nappy Pack, and of course I jumped at the chance to trial such a well-known brand.

The Hippybottomus Trial Nappy Pack contains 6 modern cloth nappies, 2 reusable bamboo wipes, a roll of 100 biodegradable nappy liners, a gusseted bamboo insert and a wetbag.



The nappy’s outer layer is waterproof PUL, while the inner layer is made of beautifully soft bamboo fibre micro-polar fleece.  It’s so reassuring to know exactly what is against my baby’s skin as disposables can cause reactions in some babies and often dry out a baby’s skin. Hippybottomus nappies are a pocket design, meaning the absorbent insert can be removed for better washing and faster drying.  The one-size-fits-most style allows you to adjust the size using snaps along the front to 3 different rise settings ensuring the leg elastics are nice and snug around bub’s thighs. I tried these nappies on bub as soon as we got home from the hospital but as she is such a skinny baby they fit her much better from 4 weeks onwards. They adjust in size right up to toilet training, meaning we’ll get plenty of use out of them. The patterns are super-cute too, there 8 solid colours and 8 prints to choose from. My favourite of the nappies I was sent is Mushrooms but I also love Lady Beetle, so pretty!


Cloth Wipes

I wasn’t sure about using cloth wipes before bub came along. I thought they’d be gross and add more work, but since bub was born I have tried them and come to love them.  They don’t rip like disposable wipes (meaning no poop on your fingers!) and they clean the mess off so much quicker than disposables too! And they’re no extra work, I just pop them in the bag with the dirty nappies and throw them all in the wash together.  Once they’re clean I peg them on sock drier to save clothesline space.

Biodegradable Nappy Liners

These liners serve two purposes, one is to make clean-up easier and the second is to protect nappies from creams, etc.  Since bub is exclusively breastfed her poop has not reached the solid stage yet, so the clean-up aspect does not really apply just yet, but our paediatrician recommended we use a particular nappy cream that contains zinc (which can build up in cloth nappies and prevent them from absorbing properly) so we use nappy liners to stop the cream from touching the nappies.


I love the size of this wetbag, it’s perfect for a day’s worth of nappies. It conveniently hangs on the corner of our change table, ready for dirty nappies or wipes, and it zips closed to contain any mess. You can also pop it in your nappy bag when you’re out and about to bag up dirty nappies until you get home.

Gusseted Bamboo Insert

This can be added to the nappy to boost its absorbency at night when there is usually longer periods between nappy changes.  We haven’t yet needed to use this as bub is only 6 weeks old, but as she grows and begins to out-wet the regular insert, I’m sure this extra insert will come in handy.


This pack is awesome in that it allows you to test out the nappies without a huge financial outlay, with the option to upgrade with the Supplementary Pack at a later time.  As the name suggests, the Supplementary Pack supplements the Trial Pack to create the Recommended Nappy Stash.  I was pleasantly surprised that buying the two packs separately does not cost more than buying the Recommended Nappy Stash upfront, giving you the opportunity to try on a small-scale before upgrading to the larger pack.

Oh, and the result of my modern cloth nappy trial? We’re now full-time cloth and LOVING it! I totally recommend for parents to give cloth nappies a go, because as the Hippybottomus website says: Think of the environment, think of your baby and think of the savings!



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28 thoughts on “Are MCNs the right choice? **REVIEW + GIVEAWAY**

  • I would love to try hippybottomus MCNs because my little man (4 months) has terrible eczema (which he has been hospitalised for) and I believe the natural/light materials used in your nappies could help his eczema.
    With the amount of money spent on eczema products, it would be amazing to win a mini stash to try before I buy in bulk (which if they work I definitely will!)
    Thank you for this chance 🙂

  • I’m wanting to give cloth nappies a go for the cost and environmental benefits. I am due for our first baby on the 12th of November. I’m still convincing my husband that using them will be just as easy as disposables. Using the cost saving as my main argument 🙂

  • I recently purchased 6 hippybottomus MCN and absolutely loved it! Would love to win the mini nappy stash for my sister who is expecting her 1st child soon. She’s not too convinced yet but I’m pretty sure this would convert her.

  • I have always thought that using cloth was gross, why would anyone wanna do all that work when you can just use disposables ??
    I am really keen to try modern cloth nappies out to be cost effective and much kinder on the environment and baby’s skin …not to mention the cute designs !!

  • The Hippybottmous MCNs look and sound fantastic. I like the idea of re-usable and knowing exactly what goes near bubs skin. We should all be giving it a go.

  • I really wish we’d tried MCNs with our boys but it’s too late now! I’d love to win this so I can gift it to a friend who is having her first baby and really wants to make sure everything is environmentally friendly.

  • I am due in March 2016. I am going to be environment friendly by using the Hippybottomus nappies. They are very affordable and easy to use. I Love the designs they have .they are more delicate on baby’s skin. I even convinced my sister who has a one year old to purchase and try the Hippybottomus nappies . I am Very excited to use the Hippybottomus MCN’s on our new arrival.

  • They look good, wife says they would have been awesome on our little blokes bum. Be great to give them to our niece when her first is born in December, give him/her the best of the best start to life.

  • I would love to see if cloth nappies are the way to go. I have noticed that they can be quite costly upfront and quite gross too! But is it really?? I am curious…

  • I would love to gift this to my little sister, who is due with her first bub (and a little niece for me!!!) in January. As a mum of 3 who did the whole cloth nappy thing, I know just how easy, cheap and rewarding it is to use them instead of disposables. This trial pack would be a great start for my sister to get into it as well!

  • I’d to gift this prize to my bestie of 15 years. She is having her first baby and I need some brownie points to be a god parent. I also want to give her other options apart from disposable nappies so she can make up her own mind of what suits her best.

  • I’ve done half-half with my other kids, and am currently expecting my third. Would love to give it a good and proper go this time, and with a different brand to what I’m used to as well! Those look like great liners as well!

  • I’m five months pregnant and have been tossing up whether or not we will use cloth nappies since we found out I was pregnant. I would like to give them a try because of the cost and environmental impact, but am not sure yet if they will work for us. By winning this pack, it will give us the opportunity to try the nappies when bub comes and make that decision.

  • I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and have been tossing up whether or not we will use cloth nappies since we found out I was pregnant. I know they are better for the hip pocket and the environment, but I’m not sure if I will handle the washing. I would love to win this pack so we can test them out and see if they are for us.

  • After using disposibles with my first three children I’d love to try MCN with my fourth soon to be baby. I’d love to do my bit in helping the environment, plus MCN nappies come in the most amazing stylish colours.

  • I’d love to win the Hippybottmous MCNs mini stash! We’re expecting our first bub in December and I’m keen to see if these work for us. My friends have highly recommended hippybottomous MCNs. Hopefully it’ll be the start of a wonderful friendship lasting for a few more babies in the coming years!

  • Would very much love to win this pack of Hippybottomus nappies. I am a soon to be first time mum due in December and have read many positive reviews about these nappies and would love to try these before I make a large purchase of nappies.

    My aim is to use this style of nappy always and only use disposable if I am desperate. The waste from disposable nappies is terrible.

    Would be a huge help to with all the baby items I am needing to purchase. Fingers crossed 🙂

  • I’m expecting a Christmas baby and would love to try the Hippybotamus nappies. I have always intended to use cloth nappies, the thought of all of those disposables in landfill horrifies me! After a lot of internet research I believe Hippybotamus to be the best choice for me – great reviews of the product, very reasonably priced and to top it off, a homegrown Aussie business.

  • I would love to gift these to my environment loving best friend. Her second is due next month and I know she would appreciate something so thoughtful and useful.

  • As a first time Mum I am completely overwhelmed by the world of MCN… I have read fabulous reviews about Hippybottomus so would love to try the mini stash!

  • I’d love to receive this pack. I absolutely love cloth nappies but due to cost I’ve only been able to go part-time with them. I’d love to be able to build my collection for my little man (7wks old) to use them full time.
    Cloth nappies not only look & feel great but help the environment too. Why wouldn’t you use them? 🙂

  • i’d love to win the nappies for a friend who is having her first in December. She’s really interested in doing cloth and has been over looking through all the different ones I have but feels overwhelmed by all the different kinds I think., I recommended trial and starter packs to her, so to win one would be fabulous!

  • I’m a single mum to an 8-day old and I’ve been using cloth flats from the start. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to manage cloth nappies together with everything else, but so far, so good! Now that I know I’m not going down the disposable path, I’ve started researching options and based on the really positive reviews plus excellent pricing I am fairly convinced Hippybottamous is the way to go.

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