And so it was…DPCON13

Thanks to Bub Hub and I was able to attend the Digital Parents Conference. There is absolutely no way it would of happened without them. Check them out!

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When I walked through the gates of Curzon Hall in Marsfield, Sydney there were some things I was not expecting to feel beyond its majestic walls.


I was feeling enormously lucky to be sitting amongst the best of the best over those two days. Bloggers, writers (aren’t we both?), entrepreneurs, inspirers.

Sure, I expected some things. I expected I would learn a lot. And boy did I learn a lot. I took notes, I highlighted, I chatted and asked questions. I walked away with my head so full of STUFF, that in the afternoon I couldn’t be found. I wondered to a corner, sat down with my notebook and wrote down all the goals I could think of that were transpiring from all the information I was gathering.

I expected to make new friends. It was fantastic to finally meet bloggers I’d been chatting to for a long time, and bloggers whose blogs I am yet to explore. I don’t think I met one blogger that didn’t talk…and talk…and talk like myself! While it wasn’t in me to meet and greet every single person there, I took it upon myself to meet as many as I could without undergoing a mind blow at the overwhelming nature of it all.

A few lovely, stylish ladies I met! Mama Stylista, MumChic and Salz Dummy Spit – Credit MumChic for the pic!

What I didn’t expect? I didn’t expect to cry so much. I didn’t expect to be completely shaken to the core by the story of someone who I had sat next to for two days and had no idea that she had a story to share that was so powerful and inspiring! I will never forget when Jules from The Bumpiest Path shared her story. It was equally painful as it was full of hope and brilliantly written.

I didn’t expect to become mates with a ram.


I didn’t expect to be a part of this thing called the Harlem Shake. My husband was aghast when I told him I had no idea what it was. “You’re ALWAYS online. How could you not know?”

I didn’t expect to laugh, cry, think, reflect and miss my little man so much, all in the first day, and just as much in the second day. There is so much MORE that was said and done. All will be revealed over time!

On the third day however, that little man was latched onto me like a magnet. He clung to my hip as we walked through the aquarium and would not go down in his pram until he was FULLY asleep. Thankfully, when he did sleep, we were at the wax museum and my husband and I were able to erm, let loose a little bit!


Beyonce and I go way back and Johnny and I love taking selfies

The Blog is undergoing some major transformations soon where I will be putting all that I’ve learnt to use. It will no longer be ‘just a blog’. I will be grabbing it with both hands and turning it into something I can call my own. Something I can create an income through. Something that allows me to be with Tom, never missing a moment. That’s where I want to be. THAT is my ‘all’.

Fingers crossed it is a success!

7 thoughts on “And so it was…DPCON13

  • It was great to meet you at the conference. I agree with you re the personal stories. The ladies who shared them were all vbery strong and inspiring. Re Jules’ story – I managed to grab some of her time and learnt a little more about her everyday challenges – she’s remarkable.

    • You too Bucky! Did we meet? It must of been really brief 🙂

      I didn’t really think much about the personal stories prior to the conference. I was so absorbed with the information sessions, nerves of meeting new people. I was blown away by all the stories but Jules’ really hit a note with me too. An amazing story – amazing woman, and husband!

  • It was so fab to meet you, Angela! Next time we’ll have to have a proper natter!
    You and that ram…you’re both going places 🙂 x

    • It was so amazing to meet you Grace! However brief. Just that hug was enough for me 😀

      Yep, me and that ram will be as high flying as our good old colleague Beyonce before we know it 😉

  • It really was an overwhelming two days wasn’t it? I find my mind still spinning to be honest, so many things to think about and consider. It was lovely to meet you. I can’t wait for the next one now!

  • I was so pleased that you introduced yourself Angela, so many people to meet and greet. Still didn’t meet half the DP crew!

    Hope we get a chance to talk more next time x x Dani

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