All You Need To Know – Santa’s Magical Kingdom

I received a free family pass to attend Santa’s Magical Kingdom but was under no obligation to write this review.

Santa’s Magical Kingdom is a sensory explosion. There’s no doubt about that. As soon as you enter you really do feel like you are in a magical world of sorts. The visual elements are amazing – so much colour, lights, rides and decorations. And noise, lots of exciting noise.

Honestly watching Tom’s face as we entered was one of the best parts of the night for me. He was just in awe and so excited to explore it all.



The session was 3 hours which gave us about an hour to explore before the Circus session started. We were a little bit late (which I wouldn’t recommend) but we managed to check out the Lego station, the book store and have a little walk around.

The Circus


The Circus was fantastic. It’s run by Silvers so you know you are getting quality acts. And the atmostphere was buzzing. There was ample space to leave prams outside the circus tent and free icecream was also passed around thanks to Peters.

Tom loved the circus and at he was able to sit through the show without problem – clapping, pointing things out and having a whale of a time! It was all a bit much on baby J though. I ended up feeding him through some of it but when it all got too much I left Tom with his Dad and headed out. It was a perfect time for me to hit the book stand…

DSC_0838 (2)

I was really surprised to find these books, so cheap! I stocked up for Advent and can’t wait to do some craft and fun with them.

The Rides

The rides looked great. I’ll be honest. Tom went on none of them. Much to our dismay. But there was a range of rides to suit big and little kids. It’s just that we were there late at night, had travelled and I was unwell. None of this helped and I’m sure he would have been a lot more keen to go on them had it not been after 9pm!

The Activities

Ohh the snow land was so much fun. I adored watching Tom walk hesitantly into the fake snow, then jump through it with other kids with joy on his face. There’s plenty to do and nothing was left unorganised – from gingerbread making to storytelling, there really was something there for everyone.


Is it worth the cost?

A few people asked me to suss this out for them and I want to say this: It is absolutely worth the cost if you will be able to attend the circus and have fun in the activities. All the rides and activities come included in the cost. And I’ve looked at taking Tom to the circus and it costs a fortune without including all the amazing things that Santa’s Magical Kingdom have.

But if you are only going for the rides and activities it’s probably not worth it. To really get value out of it you need to see the circus show.

It might not seem ‘big’ to some, but it is JAM packed with so many things to do and see, I really thought there was plenty there.

What to watch out for

The food is your typical expense at these sort of things. A bottle of water cost me $3.50. Take food if you can. We didn’t need to buy any as it was an evening session and we had dinner on the way.

The toilets are outside, the temporary kind. Not much space. I saw a few people changing nappies in the pram bay area which has heaps of room though.


I would absolutely go again and really hope Tom can join in on the rides and that we can make a big weekend of it next year (and no gastro for me next time too!)

Tickets are selling out fast. You can buy them here

SMK collage

Have you been? Would you go again?

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