All Things Back To School – Major Giveaway!

Congrats to the winners!

Ziptales Pack – Melissa
Smiggle Packs – Trish W and Karen Edwards
No Nits Naturally Prevention Pack – Selina and Kelly Jones
No Nits Naturally Prevention Sprays – Cate and Lousie.T
NFM $50 mystery pack – Caro
LASER Bluetooth tracker – Chont
Not in Shops Personalised labels – Jen G

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I am as nervous as I am excited about the return to school this year. My husband made the move from Primary to Secondary teaching last year. As such, he has had a MAMMOTH break. It’s been wonderful, and I’m not sure how I’ll handle the smack down to reality once he’s back at work! We also have the big move to 4 year-old kinder and Master J going to daycare once a week for the very first time. The excitement bit? Free time! Time to pursue more writing, and focus on me. It’s been a while!

Before that though, we need to get these kids prepared right? So I’ve been checking out the latest bits and bobs for back to school, and you know I like to share…so enter to win these awesome prizes! Here we go:

1.Ziptales subscription

Ziptales can really be your yearly ‘app’ budget for literacy covered. It is an online library FULL, and I mean packed, with 500+ literacy modules. That includes stories, poems, puzzles, games and more. In the Foundation-2 section alone there are 250 texts. It’s great value for money. Ziptales also has accompanying worksheets, targeted grammar activities, feedback for children and so much more. You can learn everything you need to know about Ziptales on their website.


2. Smiggle Mini-Pack

We love Smiggle over here, not only for its cuteness in design, but also functionality and how much they are built to last. We don’t need to have a million school bags jammed in cupboards, or lunchboxes overflowing the pantry, because Tom’s school supplies are still in mint condition, despite being dragged to 3 year old kinder and day trips over the last year. We’ve got a mini-pack to give away to you, including an aqua puppy pencil case or pink tiger case and these gorgeous glitter pencils with star rubbers on top.

smiggle cases

pencil eraser want

3. No Nits Naturally

No Nits Naturally are a local, Ballarat business. I really dislike bugs, or insects of any kind, and I have had a fear that this will be the year I experience nits in our home for the first time! I’m thrilled to try the preventative spray made with 100% natural ingredients and essential oils, as well as keeping the treatment and comb on hand just in case. I’ve got a host of prizes from No Nits Naturally for you! Check out their webpage or Facebook too.

No Nits Bundle

4. Nude Food Movers Range

 The Nude Food Movers Range is very cool! We’ve already taken our packs to the park, swimming pool and library and we haven’t even gone back to school yet! You don’t realise just how much you gear yourself towards ‘packet’ food until you own one of these lunchboxes. Suddenly you’re looking at fresh, healthier alternatives to put in the compartments and you’re no longer carrying rubbish around and searching for bins. They’ve been fabulous. Prices for the range start at $3 and are available for purchase at Coles, Big W, Kmart, Target and Officeworks. Check out the full range here



5. LASER Bluetooth Tracker RRP $19.95

Never lose the things you need for school with LASER’s nifty Bluetooth Tracker. Attach it to your school backpack, keys, phone and more, and then access it via the free app to find it. Handy for students on the go, you can track where your item last was and be alerted if the two ever become separated. Available in colours blue, pink, orange and green, check out


6. Not in Shops Personalised School Labels

Not in Shops have such a gorgeous range of gifts, and they also provide some really unique and quality back to school products. IdTee provide labels from their Not in Shops store that are perfect for labelling lunchboxes, drink bottles and more. They are dishwasher safe, waterproof and super cute!
idtee labels




1x Ziptales Subscription $50 RRP

2x Smiggle Packs $20 RRP

2x No Nits Naturally Product Bundles $40 RRP

2x No Nits Naturally Double Pack Prevention Spray $24 RRP

1x Nude Food Movers MYSTERY PACK $50 RRP

1x LASER Bluetooth Tracker $19.95 RRP

1x Not in Shops Boy or Girl Label Pack $16.40 RRP


***Simply comment below telling School of Mum what you would like to win and why***

This is a game of skill. Be creative with your entry!
This is open to Australian residents only
Delivery of winner items is the responsibility of the brand and/or PR and not School of Mum

Entries close 25th January, 2o16 at 12pm AEST

57 thoughts on “All Things Back To School – Major Giveaway!

  • I would love to win for my 4.5 year old Madison. Madison is starting kindy this year and sees her big sister getting lots of goodies for big girl school. This prize would help me get Madison on track for big girl school the following year. The Ziptales sub would be a fun way for Madison to get started on literacy alongside me ( and be a perfect addition for the Alcatel Pixi OneTouch) The Smiggle and Nude food movers prize would be perfect for her first year of kindy and nice to not be hand me downs from her big sister. The No Nits would be great as kindy is generally where the dreaded nits start making their way home. and for me the Laser bluetooth Tracker will help me keep track of my car keys so I can get the kids to school/kindy on time.

  • The ziptales pack! My 3 oldest boys are amazingly avid readers and as such, have pretty much read all the books in their small school library and in our towns library so to access some different books as well as to challenge themselves with the different activities and puzzles would be a great item for them. Needless to say, consequences for poor decisions, in our family consists of taking their books away from them or cancelling a visit to the library.

  • The LASER Bluetooth Tracker would be invaluable. The cost of lost property does add up. (I wonder if I can get the Mister to wear it around his neck when we hit the shopping centre. No sense of direction or timing.)

  • Want to know my idea of torture? It’s combing the dreadlocks out of an angry llama with a nit comb. My daughter has long, thick, curly (often dreadlocked) hair and the temperament of an angry llama. And she has nits. It’s driving me BONKERS. The nit packs would be an unvelievable prize for us – we’ve been fighting this battle with her for the last three weeks. The constant washing and combing is making us an entire household of angry llamas.
    Mama Llama

  • Nude Food Movers products are smashing, Nude has attitude, original design-driven, functional, affordable and environmentally friendly. Nude takes ordinary to extraordinary, kids love showing off their Nude collection. With kids at school , their lunches need to be cool. Nude is the one that makes it fun, the colours rule.

  • I’m a Rudie Nudie! Ahem. I mean, I’d love to win the Nude food movers pack. Love their stuff. Top quality, well designed. Have one starting prep this year and it’d be super handy. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  • Since I have started working in schools, I think that the no nits pack would be the way to go for my children and for me. So many of the little critters are getting around the classrooms, this would be a blessing to get rid of them before they become a problem

  • Who doesn’t love smiggle and my son is forever going through name labels continually! We haven’t had the joyful experience of bits yet (touch wood and any other magical item) but we would be prepared!

  • The Not In Shops Labels would be just great,
    I used to have a hundred bottles, lunch boxes, treat packs but now only 8!
    I write their names back on everything every single day,
    but after a big day at school or childcare it just wears away.
    Some labels with “Freeman” would help me no end,
    I’d save on money, my texta and the kids lunch boxes would be so on trend!

  • I’d love the Bluetooth tracker to track my autistic son who is a flight risk. I’m not joking either! He has left school grounds & often doesn’t return to class after lunch & recess breaks & they have to search for him.

  • The no Nits Naturally prize…it was a never ending battle at school last year, I’ve never seen it so bad! Getting a product like this that really works would be a godsend for the year ahead!

  • We could really use the Nudie Food Movers. I send lunch for the kids as well as myself and hubby and never seem to have enough containers. I hate using plastic bags so I always need containers!

  • The no nits prevention pack please. My son has gorgeous locks and I don’t want to have to cut them short. I once caught nits off my friend’s young child and the memory has scarred me for years!

  • LASER Bluetooth Tracker – only I need two to find my child’s shoes every morning – I swear they go walking by themselves at night!

  • The Ziptales subscription is my pick! We can give some of our tatty, torn books the flick! Perfect for growing little minds & sparking imagination.

  • I’d love the Nude Food prize because my daughter lost 3 sets of lunchboxes last year so I need to get some more! And I know her school encourages Nude Food lunchboxes because they only empty the school bins once a fortnight.

  • Ziptales, I have a very keen learning and when he’s so eager to learn this program seems suited to his learning needs. I would rather encourage him to use ziptales than watch the TV after school

  • I would love to win the Nude Food Movers MYSTERY PACK, I’m hoping it has an awesome lunchbox and bottle, haven’t got them yet for school, fingers crossed.

  • Nude Food Movers! I always use reusable containers but these are so cute the kids wouldn’t dare leave them at school so I have to keep replacing them!

  • Love a mystery and don’t mind a bit of Nude Food in the bargain. Crunch and Munch time at school is the best way to keep energy levels up…I think I need to do this at work too!

  • The Nude Food Movers Mystery Pack would be fantastic. Love the compartments and the fact that they are microwave safe.

  • 4. Nude Food Movers Range prize please! We have our second child going to school and he eats like he’s starving so we need lots of food containers for him to keep him full at school!

  • i would have to go the nude food pack as thats what i use for all 3 of my kids and they are a great way to send my kids with a no wrapper lunch and they get lots of house points for my effort. thank you

  • Both my girls love Smiggle. I love them too. Bright, fun and colourful and I know they will get plenty of use out of them

  • The nude food movers range! Not only are the products affordable, the quality is great. We spend a lot of time camping so the nude food movers would be excellent at helping us enjoy healthy snacks on our travels, as well as school.

  • I would love to win a Smiggle mini pack because they love stationary and always seem to loose some so they are in need of some more.

  • We had the ‘dreaded nits’ in our house last year for the first time-an experience I don’t want to repeat anytime soon. We would love to win either of the packs-especially the prevention pack. As we all know, ‘The prevention is better than the cure’!

  • A Ziptales subscription is for us,
    Games and texts without the fuss.
    250 texts in one spot,
    Is something my prep daughter would like (a lot).
    What a help this app would be this year,
    I kick start to prep….reading without fear.

    While it was hard to choose just one prize, as a teacher myself, it is hard to go past an educational resource.

    Hope your husband enjoyed his change to secondary education….it’s definitely different to primary school (I’ve done both too).

  • The smiggle pack would be awesume for my daughter we go through so much of this type of stuff between school and home she’s always working hard on her mini little projects I’d think she would be super excited to get some more accessories to keep creating her masterpieces

  • The Not In Shops personalised labels would be a great way to personalise my daughters stationary and school items and hopefully reduce things being lost!

  • 2015 was my year. My (first) year of Nits, (I forgot what a nit free day felt like by the end of it). The year of “where’s your school Jumper?” forever visiting lost property to no avail! And the year of broken lunch boxes. I am yet to find that elusive perfect lunch box that doesn’t crack, and keeps all sandwiches, fruit and snacks in their respective designated area! Will 2016 be that year??

  • Nude food movers prize pack would be great to win because my son is starting school this year and this colourful and trendy lunchbox will encourage him to eat healthy homemade meals at lunch break to stay active & ready for learning throughout the day.

  • I can count backwards!
    8- seats in my minivan ?
    7- years since I left work to go on maternity leave
    6- the age of my oldest daughter
    5- the number of days until my daughter returns to school and I return to work as a classroom teacher (did I mention it’s been 7 YEARS!!)
    4- the number of kids I have ?
    3- pets in our household (what was I thinking??!!)
    2-kids in daycare this year $$
    1- the age of my bub ?
    0- the number of snack boxes in my plastics cupboard that don’t have missing lids or bases. My own fault for not labelling…
    Soooo… Needless to say I’d love the nude food pack or the name label stickers, please????? Xx

  • Nude Food Movers ANYTHING is always wonderful. They always have unique and practical sizes and shapes and you can certainly rely on no spillage. We all use these products.

  • My kids have issues with birds stealing their lunches.
    For real!
    It’s not like the old ‘The Dog Ate My Homework’ excuse.
    The crows really know how to steal lunchboxes, and flip the lids!
    I’d love a Nudie pack for my kids, something with a zipper to foil the birds.
    Or – a Laser Blue Tooth tracker would be super handy;
    To locate the lunch box after the birds have carried it off into the playground.
    Or even name labels, so after the crows have had their meal, my kids can get their lunch box back?
    Any of these prizes would be fabulous!!
    Thank you – and hope you have a great start to term 1 :o)

  • The nude food movers – you can never have too many lunch containers (especially with my two, who love to pull off name labels and leave their belongings behind!).

  • My little one would love the Smiggle pack. He goes into the Smiggle store and giggles and is in awe of all the colours and the creative items they have. He would appreciate it so much!!! Thank you and good luck everyone 🙂

  • Definitely need the Not in Shops Personalised School Labels, we end up with so many odd socks, random undies and jocks that belong to unknown people… we even manage to loose a shoe here and there! Might actually need the LASER Bluetooth Tracker to help track down these missing but hopefully labeled items 😉

  • I would love to win the Nude Food Movers pack because our containers are constantly being used and go missing occasionally.

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