All The Fun 4 Kids You Need These Holidays is in Warrnambool! *GIVEAWAY*

The Winner of the Family Pass to Fun4Kids is Annie. Congratulations! Stay tuned for our next giveaway!

This is a review and giveaway

Winter holidays can be the hardest ones around here. My children, especially my eldest needs to move. The more he moves and explores the happier he is. There’s so many great things that happen in Ballarat during Winter (can’t wait to go ice-skating again!) but it’s also nice to go somewhere new for a few days!

If you haven’t heard of the Fun 4 Kids festival in Warrnambool, you’re about to. It’s absolutely huge. 5 days of jam packed fun. Your pass will cover you for entertainment from the morning right through to the evening, and your only other expense for the kids is probably food, unless you just pack your own! It’s going to be amazing! I’ve got a 5 Day Festival Family Pass to give away to one lucky person, valued at $375.00. The pass gives you entry on any or all of the 5 days.

When is Fun4Kids?

The festival runs from 5-9th July in Warrnambool’s city centre.

Who is there?

The lineup looks awesome, and you can check the program here to find out days and times of events. Performers include:

  • Jimmy Giggle
  • Frank Woodley
  • Trolls
  • Lah Lah’s Big Live Band
  • The Snor’s Travelling Circus
  • The Spicy Girls, plus more!

What Activities are Available?

The activities look great and I’d say vary to suit 2-12 year olds, but there’s spaces for babies to enjoy too! I love the look of the Nanna Nook, Kid’s Kitchen and Super Box World! Check them all out here:

How Do You Get to Warnambool?

Warrnambool is the largest city in the Great Ocean Road region, located 263km south-west of Melbourne, a cruisy 3 hour drive via Geelong on the Princes Highway (A1) or Hamilton Highway (B140).

It’s about a 2 hour drive from Ballarat.


To WIN just answer this question in a blog comment below:

What will your children be most excited about at this year’s Fun 4 Kids Festival in Warrnambool? 

Fine Print

This is a game of skill. Be creative with your entry!
This is open to Australian residents only
Delivery of winner items is the responsibility of the brand or PR and not Angela Writes and Educates

Entries close 12th June, 2017 at 12pm AEST

Winners to be announced within 3 days of competition ending.

8 thoughts on “All The Fun 4 Kids You Need These Holidays is in Warrnambool! *GIVEAWAY*

  • My little girl would love to see the Melbourne Ballet performance, I’d just have to keep her from rushing onto the stage and sharing some adorably clumsy toddler pirouettes with Red Riding Hood! But then, I might do the same with The Spicy Girls 😂😄

  • My two have been the past few years. The line up this year looks like fun. Miss 4 would be in heaven to see paw patrol and LaaLaa. The work zones also look like more fun, I’m sure we would spend nearly all day in the box zone

  • The Spicy Girls 🌶
    Is it bad my partner will have more fun remenscing the 90’s? 😂
    Or just introducing the kids to the fun songs we grew up with 😊

  • My little ones would most look forward to the kids kitchen for sure! I have two mini masterchefs on my hands and if it means they get to have goody fun without messing up my kitchen, it will be what I look forward to the most too! 😂😂😂
    Please please please let them practice cracking eggs into a bowl! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  • My daughter would be mosy excited about meeting poppy. I will have to remind her that there are other kids that want to meet her too. She just loves trolls

  • Our family will be most excited about Tandem by Gravity Dolls. We’d love to get involved in the show. We already know a little about Japanese game shows since our brother-in-law, sister-in-law and niece live in Japan and we visited there about three years ago. We’ve never been to Fun4Kids, but would love to while our daughter is still young enough to want to go. That way I don’t have to borrow someone else’s kids to experience all the FUN!

  • When my kids say ‘I’m bored’,
    We need something fun in store!
    They’ll jump for joy,
    Going to the ‘Fun For Kids Festival’ will be better than getting a new toy!
    They’ll play & enjoy all the zones,
    Seeing Jimmy Giggle is better than ice cream cones!
    The kids can’t wait to do African Drumming, And see La La’s Big Live Band strumming!
    It sounds like so much fun galore,
    We’ld love to win and see much more!

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