Alcatel OneTouch: The Perfect Tablet for School Children *Review + Giveaway*

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This is a review

Most know how I feel about screen time. We are all about it being used in moderation for Tom who is 4.

With this day and age though, there comes a time when your children will be using screen technology at school and their friends will be talking about their own personal collection of ipods, ipads, tablets and the like. Suddenly, your children are more excited about receiving the next best piece of technology for Christmas instead of a toy that gets them outside or something that inspires inspiration and fun. It can be hard to swallow, but like anything it’s all about balance and what suits you and your family!

I’ve been reviewing the Alcatel OneTouch and I think it’s a great entry-point to tablets for school aged children. If you’re considering buying something for your kids but you’re not ready to invest in the cost of an ipad or feel your children are too young for something so costly, then this tablet might be for you!


Alcatel OneTouch – Facts & Features

The PIXI (7) tablet is perfect for everyday use with 3G connectivity, it is compact and lightweight in design, weighing only 285 grams. Powered by Android 4.4 (KitKat), the PIXI (7) comes preinstalled with a selection of useful apps for a great out of the box experience. PIXI (7) is also the ideal TV companion: an Infrared port transforms it into a universal remote control for your TV and Miracast allows you to share content to a TV. The PIXI (7) tablet is available for $99 prepaid nationally from Optus stores and online at

What Stood Out

PRICE – It’s only $99. It’s cheap for a tablet and personally, I wouldn’t want to invest more than that on a tablet which can easily be damaged tossing around in a school bag. It’s a great way for your child to earn your trust and test them to see if they can really look after it!

SAFETY – It is REALLY easy to add parental control to the Alcatel. If you want to use it yourself or have apps on there that they can only use with supervision, then it’s really easy to add a lockable code on particular apps. My first pick would be YouTube by the way, which is pre-installed on the tablet. So much awesomeness on there, but also so much unfiltered things.

SIZE – I really like the size. It’s nice and big, but not so big and chunky that they can’t put it in their pocket, or use it as a mobile phone. For older kids it would have the added advantage of using it for safety purposes as a phone, as well as using it as a tablet.

SPEED – The screen isn’t anything ‘flash’ but, because of that, it’s still pretty fast. It’s cheap, but still just as effective.


Who is it for?

I think this would be a great tablet for school children and upwards. It would also be good for someone who is really looking for an ‘entry point’ tablet that they could use for the simple stuff. Otherwise, you could simply use it solely for the purpose of having a universal remote and Miracast, as mentioned above. The choice is yours really!


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6 thoughts on “Alcatel OneTouch: The Perfect Tablet for School Children *Review + Giveaway*

  • The feature of being able to lock certain Apps really appeals to me. There are so many apps out there with great content but as you said they also have a lot of unwanted material that need to be monitored while my daughter is using it. The size of the OneTouch makes it perfect for school bags that are already overstuffed and too heavy on the kids backs. We have been looking at tablets as a gift but were stuck with expensive types like IPad’s or the cheap ones made for kids that are more game based so not practical for school. Would love to win this. Thanks for the honest review

  • I have a little boy,
    He’s not so little anymore,
    A tablet would be a great toy,
    And it would be great to explore!
    The convenience & fun,
    Creativity & learning to be had,
    When travelling on the run,
    This tablet will help make us all glad!

  • That really IS a great price. I have a 7-apparently-going-on-13 year old son who is just discovering music and top 40 songs etc. His latest discovery is Adele’s song Hello. I gave him some autonomy and ownership and he played it 8 times before i broke. Now I tried to be the tolerant mother, but I broke – OMG JUST CHOOSE A NEW SONG! Something like this tablet would be able to serve the dual purpose of allowing him to have some music (and headphones for the 30 minutes he wants to listen to ‘Hello’ over and over) and the educational bonus of apps on a decent sized screen too *Sidenote: I can remember being a early teen and playing a song on repeat over and over, pining after my latest crush or crying over my latest breakup (we probably held hands at recess for an entire week but it was love dammit!) But I never considered my poor parents! My son needs one of these so he can put some music on it and not drive the rest of us crazy (namely me) Sounds like a great item – thanks for the review.

  • Tantrums and fights and screams of “Give back my Ipod” “Muuuuuuuum” will be a thing of the past as they sit and “share” their new Alcatel Tablet. I’ll save at least 30mins a day not having to find the TV remote.

  • We have our first child entering high school in the new year and so with the increase in homework and assignments and need to access the Internet, we have been looking for a device for him to him with it all. But he is a boy! He throws his bag around, he is known to temporarily misplace things, but this seems perfect, the price (not to expensive for him to replace if he does lose it), the size (not too heavy for the 1km bike ride to school), safety (yep YouTube will be the first thing to be locked, he does like searching YouTube clips for various stuff but has gotten onto some inappropriate clips) and the fact that it can share content to a tv is great as he loves showing us the videos and YouTube clips he makes but 6 of us standing around a small computer screen is very difficult. The Alcatel one touch will find itself a very good home in my sons school bag

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