Air of Expectancy

There has been something in the air in our home over the last few days. It is expectancy.

With the festive season over – after numerous social invitations, not one, but TWO Christmases (Catholic and Orthodox) we have been home for a few days and while we are moving slower and without a schedule, things are ticking away underneath the calm. There is a sense that something new and exciting is about to come into our lives.

My husband has been working outside a lot, garden bed built, shed being filled, clutter being moved and organised. I’ve been slowly organising areas of the house, throwing things into the hospital bag as I find them and putting teeny tiny clothes into a chest of drawers.

Having my husband on holidays means Tom is ridiculously content most of the time. He moves in and out of the house with ease, knowing he can help Dad outside, or come inside when it gets too hot for a rest, a snack or a quiet play with Mum. He is tuckered out by the end of the day and is starting to sleep better and loves having both of us around at any given time.

It has also meant that I am not feeling the stress of him being so clingy. When things were busy before the school year’s end, I was getting to a point where it was all getting a bit much. The constant physical attachment when so pregnant was really doing my head in. At the moment though, I’m relishing the cuddles we have, before he dashes off to join his Dad outside again. And when I need a rest from housework, I take a moment to watch them outside, bonding and being together.

Through all this we are expecting something, a change soon. Another big one. I never had the opportunity to take in this air of change coming last time – it was all so rushed and consumed by moving into our newly built home exactly one week before Tom was born.

This time, I’m taking the next few weeks to learn to slow down, and breathe in the air of expectancy. I’m not good at slowing down…or stopping. I’m terrible at it actually. But I want to. I want to take it all in, because lately, every time I feel a movement in my belly or a kick to the ribs, I find myself rubbing it expectantly, knowing it won’t be long before there is a change. A big one. And if watching Tom lately is any indication – it can only be just as, if not more amazing. Tom sleeps with his hand on my belly, every single time. And when he is awake, sometimes he lifts my shirt, strokes my belly and says “See ya” as he pulls my top down.

It goes without saying that I think all 3 of us are getting ready to meet this new little bundle.


Are you expecting? When did it really start to feel like a change was getting close?

6 thoughts on “Air of Expectancy

  • I can totally relate I’m trying to take a step back and enjoy the moment especially with Miss M before we become a family of four! I think this week it has hit me as Obs thinks I’m going to go into premature labour & so what was likely to be four-five weeks away is becoming more real! Wishing you the best of luck and can’t wait to hear the news! 🙂 x

    • Oh boy Becci! Good luck lovely! Thinking of you! I sense this one might come early too but not sure as yet. Everything is travelling as it should be for now.

      Can’t wait to hear your news and see pics! 🙂

    • Thanks Caz. Definitely enjoying Steve on holidays and being able to move a bit slower and not have the stress of being so pregnant with a toddler on my own! Very lucky

  • Oh, love! How exciting!!
    I was heavily pregnant during the summer. It came with mixed emotions but it will no doubt be the most memorable. Good luck with it all and can’t wait to hear the impending good news!

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