A Change is Coming: Attending Digital Parent Conference, 2013


I have officially managed to gain 3 sponsors to attend the Digital Parents Conference in Sydney. It’s causing me to reflect on how far I have come since I started School of Mum in August of last year. Not just as a ‘blogger’ but how far I’ve come as to where I want to go with School of Mum and my hopes and aspirations for building something from the ground up.

I feel ridiculously lucky to have been contact with SO many inspirational women through my Blogging experience. Being a part of this world has allowed me to see how amazing some entrepreneurs out there are, juggling their businesses, children and busy family life.

The Digital Parent’s Conference is huge. When I look at the guest list I’m amazed that I’ll be surrounded by these people. There are so many I want to meet, so many questions I want to ask. I just want to be around like-minded people and I want to be inspired to write better and build School of Mum up to be something that people want to Google search, tweet about or talk about on Facebook.

During March and beyond, I will be talking to you more about some of my sponsors, the conference and all its happenings. I’ve been very lucky as each of my sponsors have been an important part of helping build School of Mum and they’ve really supported me from the beginning so I’m thrilled to have them continue to help me and support me as I develop and hone in on my skills as a blogger!

Sponsor, Bub Hub

Bub Hub

Bub Hub has held a little part of me for quite some time. When I was pregnant I trawled their forums and when Tom was born I trawled through them again. I was so lucky to have asked to write for Bub Hub at a time when they were just about to re-invent their Blogger section on their website. I was thrilled when editor, Rebecca said “yes” and it really motivated me to start School of Mum.

Writing for Bub Hub has been an honour and getting to know Rebecca via email has been so great. From emailing eachother about blog posts to emailing eachother about our lack of sleep. It’s been so nice to connect!

I’m a bit nervous but so excited to know that Bub Hub will be at the conference and I can’t wait to meet everyone!

Sponsor, BabysitterSearch.com.au


I’ve been connected with Babysittersearch.com.au for a while now but it took me a while to officially get on board and start blogging for them. That was no problem to them though and they have been fully supportive, and I of them. I love watching a small business work its way up. Particularly ones that are Aussie and started by Aussie women. I find it so inspiring! That’s exactly the case with Babysittersearch.com.au.

BabysitterSearch provides members with a comprehensive babysitting directory service and puts you directly in touch with child carers, nannies, babysitters and agencies.

They also put babysitters and nannies in touch with parents looking for help.

I live in a small town where babysitters are limited and I can’t just ‘turn to someone’. I think this is a fabulous service. Sometimes you can’t find a sitter, and sometimes there’s some out there but it is very hard to know whether they are reputable or not. I love the security that a site like babysittersearch gives.

DSC_0713You may see me sporting one of these!

Sponsor, nameless

Now, sponsor 3 is going to remain nameless…for now. Mostly because I’m not sure they, or I, want to reveal it just yet. It does involve me doing a bit of work behind the scenes and I’m proud to say, that they too, have been with School of Mum from very early on.

SO! 18 days to go and the whole family will be jetsetting to Sydney to help me pursue what has now become my dream!

If you haven’t heard of Bub Hub or Babysittersearch.com.au why not check them out their Facebook pages!

Are you going to the conference? I hope to see you there!

4 thoughts on “A Change is Coming: Attending Digital Parent Conference, 2013

  • That’s great Angela! You have come so far in those few months. Your success is well-deserved. I remember those early emails with you…you are proactive, and enthusiastic – all good ingredients! I am sorry I won’t be going to the conference. Hope you have a fabulous time. Zanni x

  • Very well deserved Angela!!!! Hope you have a great time at the conference!!! I can’t wait to hear all about your experience!!!!

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