A Big Thanks s the year draws to a close

This is probably going to sound like an awards speech. It’s not. The intention is to¬†publicly acknowledge all those people who have helped me build up this Blog over the last few months. They’ve given me more than what they will ever know. Before I started blogging I was seriously consumed with the trials and tribulations of motherhood. Living in a very small country town has had its pitfalls. My little man was sleeping hardly at all and it was all I could think about. I was obsessed with sleep and the lack of it. I needed something else. I needed a distraction.

I honestly started punching things like “Writing product reviews” into Google. I thought it might be fun to get some freebies, and write reviews for businesses. I never considered, or knew about all the mamby pamby politics that surrounds it all. I just thought it would be something to do. I also thought perhaps I could do some educational writing and started looking into that. I came across Mumgo and was in contact with them for a little while. They didn’t want me in the end though and I was ready to give up but a friend encouraged me to go on. Before I knew it I was delving into the world of Blogging, and in a few short months, I’ve established a fully working, busy Blog. I’ve been able to network with people and form relationships through email, phone, social media and in person. It has been such a blast and I have learnt so much!

Yes, I write product reviews and I host giveaways for businesses big and small. I get to keep what I review and sometimes I even get paid. What I write about products is usually going to be positive because I’ve done my research and comparisons and am pretty sure I will like the product before it gets sent out to me. I don’t want to recommend or write about crappy products. That’s not the aim of this Blog. I really don’t care if people use words like ‘mummy blogger’ ‘sell out’ or ‘soft vote’. I’m not here for the politics. I’m just here to write, try out cool products, meet people and maybe get some little perks along the way. The end.

So here is my list of thanks for 2012 (in no particular order)

Heart Mama:
I found Zanni through Mumgo and she was the first blogger I ever contacted. I couldn’t of picked anyone nicer to contact first. She was amazingly helpful and supportive. And she gave me the best advice. Link up with Jess and Grace. Which brings me to///
Essentially Jess: IBOT has been invaluable to getting readers to the Blog as well as a fantastic way to find new bloggers and get some inspiration.
With Some Grace: Grace is someone I would love to meet one day. She seems to have this awesome energy and cheer about her. If it wasn’t for Grace’s Flog Yo’ Blog Friday and Facebook Lovin’ Sunday, I think I’d still be scrambling around with next to no readers.
Salz Dummy Spit: Salz has been my bloggy buddy for months now. She fixed my hopelessly poor-looking Blog and we’ve supported eachother both publicly through eachother’s blogs and behind the scenes through just chatting to eachother online. I can’t wait to meet her in March for the Digital Parents Conference!

There’s so many more that have inspired me or made me laugh or had me floored with their writing skills. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet and greet Dad Downunder, Kristen Lea, Caz, and so many more.

Keep Left PR: Keep Left PR invited me to my first blogger’s event and from there, a relationship with these guys was born. Kat, Erin and Lauren are all amazing to work with. They brought me the opportunities to work with Bakers Delight, Tassal Salmon and STIHL this year and I can’t wait for the opportunities in 2013. They are seriously lovely in person too.

Crossman Communications: Lea from Crossman Communications has been amazing to bond with. I’ve been so thrilled to work with and try all these Leap Frog products this year. I am ridiculously happy to promote and endorse such educational products. Brilliant stuff.

Rebecca Galton from Bub Hub: Bub Hub has meant so much to me. I used Bub Hub’s forums a LOT when I was pregnant. I trawled through their for advice and help both pre and post pregnancy. So I was so excited when Rebecca accepted my request to write for them. Rebecca has been so ridiculously patient with all my newbie wordpress experiences too. I’m so fortunate to have Bub Hub sponser my tickets for the Digital Parents Conference and can’t wait to meet Rebecca soon.

The little guys: Sure, I’ve worked with big companies but I’ve loved working with smaller businesses too. While She was Sleeping gave me the chance to hold my first ever review and giveaway on the Blog. Then there’s Oh My Giddy Aunt, Lullaby Creations, Pawmark and many more. Through discovering and trialling these inspirational ladies handmade products, I’m now confident in starting my own business in 2013 and can’t wait to get started.

Where would I be without them? I don’t mind if you’re here because you’re a friend, family, blogger, competition addict. It doesn’t matter to me. It just matters that you take the time to pop onto my blog and read, like, comment, share or anything that you do. It’s very much appreciated!

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