6 Months Forward

Jeremy is 6 months old today. For 6 months I have been consciously breathing him in, feeling his skin, touching his hair and looking into his eyes. Every day.

Maybe he is a ‘better’ baby, maybe I’m calmer in the storms or maybe it’s a combination of the two, but I feel at ease with Jeremy in a way I never had the chance to with Tom. We connect and interlock. A lot of the time in the early days, when I would feed or wear him or just snuggle him close he felt like an extension of me.

Now he’s growing though and becoming his own little person. Their personalities sprout so young and I marvel at the fact that it can become apparent so early. Sometimes he yells out at me and when I turn to him or pick him up he gives me a big grin to tell me he just wanted the attention.


When we are out and about he rarely cries. He is so alert, something that he definitely has in common with his brother. He will stay awake for hours on end, watching the world from the pram or my arms. Eventually, when it is all too much, he will close his eyes and sleep.

And he sleeps OK, most of the time. Anything that is an improvement on hourly wakes for 5-6 months is a blessing to me. After the first one you count your lucky stars that you are just getting some sleep, any sleep at all. I don’t expect him to sleep through the night just yet, but I’m confident that the day will come, and I do feel it might come sooner for him than it did with Tom.

He used to fear Tom a little, flinching at his (loud) voice or when he got too close, But now he is getting confident. He smiles at him, reaches forward and touches Tom’s face. And Tom snaps that up. The smile spreads across his face too. He picks up Jeremy’s hand and kisses it and copies the little games I play.


It’s always been hard to remember that Jeremy is premature. From the moment he was born (at 7 pound three) until now. He holds his head up high when he is on his tummy. He has rolled over a few times. He sits up really well and he eats like there is no going back.

There’s a possibility he will always be my baby. I try not to dwell on the fact that he is growing up ‘too fast’ or feel sad about it. It’s better to just be thankful that he is here and catch all the moments I can.

How was 6 months old for you?

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